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  1. Many

    Guild BR Recrutando

    Passando as magoas do tópico, para os novatos e perdidos interessados, continuamos aqui de pé e inclusive com o plantel para a WoE, todos são bem vindos com exceção de figuras conhecidas por nós e histórico de certa forma que podem prejudicar nossas metas.
  2. Many

    Guild BR Recrutando

    Talvez a bandeira em prontera mostre que é "tudo isso"? Sinceramente cara, não somos um serviço ao consumidor xD, se não atendemos o seu "pedido" é porque estavamos ocupados com outras coisas e não por desfeita, caso tenha interesse é só mandar mensagem novamente ou postar mais detalhes como nick name e abrir um chat no point, todos os assuntos da guild também estou responsável.
  3. Many

    BMD Card Expansion

  4. Hello, I'm here for ask to implement the reposition in colored jack bat castle, we have 7 colors for low and 7 colors for mid, but today only the original color can be reposition. Ty anyway ^^.
  5. Many

    Wanderer's Role

    I know is late for this but, MAYBE i disagred xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD just look my sign and some people have kinds of fear xD.
  6. Many

    WoE/BG Titles

    Nah, I mean if you wanna make something great, do for Saturday WoE, in the Draft we already have a good reward, we can do just a lil thing like a BG dailies (with GC for example) but if we HAVE to make something for WoE, this is gonna be for Saturday Only. Plus the red aura is something i think for the onored PvP Tournament Players, is not fair the champs only stack with white aura and "F**k you receive this", i don't think this is fair and for the way i know the champs neither they like this idea xD. Shalteado for example don't seems confortable with this "decision"...
  7. Many

    WoE/BG Titles

    Well... Maybe, just maybe, can have something progressing in draft, not necessary woe track and so on but something like the BG Dailies, dunno a NPC ho give something for participate the war just for pump things up, woe track HAVE to be reserved only for Saturday WoE. In the other hand we have to "pull" people up for Saturday as well, maybe a variant of prizes can atract more people for the default woe?
  8. Many

    Summer Festival Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Emboava Spirit I don't...think this...yic...drink is...yic...thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...greeeeeeeeeatttt...yic...yic
  9. Duno man's, i rly don't think is solved solution to change Doram to Demi-Human just bc the dmg atm, you guys can concidering in try Hodremlin for example to try overall dmg reduction, but ragnarok was changed a while back and rly we don't HAVE TO GET a full tank-full set to everything, i think if you guys considering nerf Doram them: Considering do a 2Sec CD of GoH like official servers. Revert the animation for Hell's Plant. Implement new gears. i Don't desagred in changes for better arenas, but i just don't think this is the right way...