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  1. It annoys me to see this but most of all, someone is going to have a hard time clicking Gramps if any chat rooms are in this space I suggest we block the space off possibly others around there, or at least do something to encourage players to refrain from doing this with passworded or even guild chat room adverts , especialy since theres already the guild board.
  2. Lu7ky

    Bubble Gum Event missed

    That would make this a suggestion not a bug, a bug implies something is wrong in the coding
  3. Lu7ky

    NovaRO Names Thread

    cool ty @Yaku will put those up
  4. Lu7ky

    Bomb Me

    Currently on an order for 500 banana bombs
  5. Bumpin, Tokens are accumulating
  6. Lu7ky

    NovaRO Names Thread

    Use this to suggest names for others rather than use them yourself. Obviously follow the naming rules and do appropriate names only please! Please let me know if a name is taken it will be removed from the list. Hope this gets pinned one day! Universal: RK: RG: WL: Sorc: Ranger: Mins: Wandy: Mech: Gene: GX: SC: AB: Sura: Kagerou: Oboro: Rebel: Doram/Summoner: SN: SR: SE:
  7. Lu7ky

    Lurn 2 Farm, with Lu7ky!

    ya i can 1 shot those verit for sure, hell i can 1 shot the minorous/majorous
  8. Lu7ky

    Palette Colors for new classes on nova wiki

  9. Lu7ky

    Bomb Me

    Making and selling you fruit bombs! ID # 13260-13264 Make requests to buy my bombs! Buy 50+ and you can reserve the right to throw some at me! (This will require you to have the sling item skill which is used to throw these bombs (Genetic skill)) Keep in mind Apple Bombs are super easy to farm > Banana Bombs kind of easy to farm> Pineapple Bombs not really a problem to farm> Melon Bomb kind of hard to farm> Coconut Bombs take forever to farm. I usually like to go batches of 100 of each ish (coconut can be a lot less) (500 total bombs to an order makes it worth your while!) I charge 25k per Banana, Melon bomb 20k per Other bomb (Price on Apple may change later) Please leave a message here so I dont have 100 discord private / direct messages These are great for WoE apparently (Banana and Melon being favorites) Apple Bombs > Inflicts damage Banana Bombs > Inflicts damage, reduces LUK Forced Sit Pineapple Bombs > Inflicts damage, 1 Cell AoE Melon Bomb > Inflicts damage, Reduce ASPD + Movement Speed Coconut Bombs > Inflicts damage, Stun + Bleed Current stock: A:125 B:0 C:43 M:0 P:53 I already have at least 1 regular customer so again Make the request and leave how many you need!
  10. Love Key is a new garment from Valentines day which is a large golden key on your back. The current offer is 50m It is yours now if you pay 100m but anything above 60 is the current bid Forgot my discord : Lucky #0471 new current offer> 15k NP SOLD 150m!
  11. Lu7ky

    Palette Colors for new classes on nova wiki

    This is something that should really be put on the #wiki channel in discord instead
  12. Lu7ky

    Lurn 2 Farm, with Lu7ky!

    Part 4: Fruit Bombs Farming + Creation
  13. Lu7ky

    All about Zeny

  14. Lu7ky

    Ninja Gear NPC's speed up

    The ninja gear npc that makes weapons such as mikatsuki and raksasa daggers is quite thorough although super inefficient The guy needs about 7 button presses of the keyboard to make a mikatsuki or a bit of mouse work (down, enter, down, down, enter, down, enter) If we could create a new npc that is maybe easier to get to or at least change the one that we currently have to have the options of : enter , enter , enter type of thing OR (probably best solution) be able to create multiple of these items at once that would be a great QoL improvement IMO. Have not tried the armor npc but its most likely the same situation there
  15. Lu7ky

    Have AB Buffs on training chamber

    Unfortunately already suggested by me at one point and turned down.