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  1. Time to dust off the doram Thing is what to do with the original doram support stuff ex Superior Tuna Talisman [1] set
  2. I am planning on a video where I need to know (loose or detailed) Lore on some instances Here are the ones I have remaining Post your findings here Also feel free to post a joke version ONLY if you can give me the right one as well Sara's mems FWM Ghost palace Devil's tower GMT Airship assault Sarah Fenrir Bakonawa Bangungot and Buwaya Bio (Edda) BMD Central Lab Charleston Dreams n Shadow / Nightmare jitter ET/EC/IS Fall of glast Friday Half-Moon In The daylight Hazy Forest HH warbase HTF Kings Heels Last room Malangdo Culvert / Octopus Cave Nidhoggur's Nest OGH Orc's Memories Room of conciousness Sealed shrine Sky Fortress Werner's lab
  3. yw ty for having me I now have my crimson booster too!
  4. Just for a more LIVE chat Lucky#0471 on discord @AnnAnna
  5. cool ty will look forward to it
  6. Need someone to take me along on their guild run or some sort of guaranteed successful run of Endless cellar so i can do the awakening final part for headgears please. I am coming as Doram (Tanky/Magic or Phys DPS build).
  7. Hi, I have not tested all of the reproduce-able skills (from third class) but I believe no third class and no un-copy-able spells can be auto cast on an SC.
  8. Stunning Maps! GJ to whomever made those.
  9. currently fixed confirmed @Prozak666 I got vit blessing after 1 roll from weapon master
  10. Thanks for the refund Tokei and team!! 17 rolls oh even more! i forgot i rerolled on my doram and ab , they also got some 22 total refunds
  11. completely forgot to upload this video to the forums: Short version (look for the long version in my channel)
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