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  1. Looking to do 6 runs of Infinite Space, C.Crisis and King's Heel each daily, PM Lucky#0471 I'll join any group anytime I can so please also leave messages here to know who is willing to go when I am not available.
  2. Just a tip, put the Cart inventory under your clicking box so you dont double click and move.
  3. As the title states: Buying a badly enchanted +15 VM Rod or one that is suited towards a Soul Reaper in PVM (Dex+x is my preferred 3rd enchant)(Matk+% if anything for the 1st) I currently have a little over 300m zeny, +7 RG shield and a +13 crimson bible [earth] to trade with (among small other items) +15 only! I can always buy a Crimson rod at +15 cheap now
  4. Arias is right while they are hard to sell your statement above is a silly one. While 2 b vend may not be bad, we already have people selling crap items at 999,999,999 and no one carries 2b on them at all times those items will be imo harder to sel.
  5. Ok ty for looking into it
  6. Lu7ky

    S>Illusion staff

    Illusion Staff of Bordeaux (Price unknown but offer at or around mace price)
  7. Lu7ky

    Illusion Dungeons Patch Notes

    yay i can buy something cool with my valor badges now
  8. yep, get em to +7 then break em again going high refines on illu I personally have a +9 one, prepped before the news we needed +7s
  9. @Colours Thats a typo from IRO translation i was told by Tokei RMS says it is and the old one is so..
  10. at least it wasnt my 23 or 24 +7^ abusive robes
  11. As shown here the City Map and Shining Holy Water have [1] Meanwhile all the actual equipment here has a slot, it is a little confusing and off-putting seeing this if you are new to them I suggest what is hopefully a simple fix and change the text here to say [1] (also inside the confirmation page)
  12. guess what i stayed up all night doing
  13. @Proix That one i think is part of a different KRO illusion of teddy bear https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3068-update-illusion-of-teddy-bear/
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