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  1. yay i can buy something cool with my valor badges now
  2. Finally scarlet rose is more obtainable ty.
  3. Lu7ky

    Patch Notes #96

    Dont forget snow fox and the Princess tiara
  4. Lu7ky

    Monster Hunting Teaser

    aww no rudra wings (pink)? is ok
  5. I made a zeny guide for farming i dont think they are included in the rewards/ main page thingy if they are lemme know!
  6. @Ranick I think my guide is ready for an inspection when you are ready (Soul linker guide I may need to rename the page and have a forward done) https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Lucky's_Soul_Linker_Guide I could try to explore 1 more build but not sure what that would be atm
  7. ya again trying to figure what to use theres lots of rods I did forget about the merc rings Did i really forget mad bunny shield? i know its in the matk portion as end game Thank you @Kousho for your advice yes it is still a work in progress on equipment especially.
  8. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Lucky's_Soul_Linker_Guide Just finished a rough draft of my SR / SL guide I Know it needs more equipment but I'm exploring. @Carmin @Renata @Ranick
  9. Lu7ky

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    IGN Lu7ky I eat eggs in the raw, live in the north and am always cold when no one else is, need this.
  10. Lu7ky


    Ive got like 3-4 sgs and about 10 sl
  11. Lu7ky


    if only i haddnt sold my +15 crimson bible neutral and +15 vm book
  12. Lu7ky

    Patch Notes #87

    TY to Ranick for the mora suggestion leading to this great update! :)
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