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  1. I'd rather get nerfed than having to deal with more reflect, that shits cancerous.
  2. Indeed it affects ranger more than the other classes I played before, but the armor breaks were still really annoying even then. And no, I'm not selfish enough to ask for a change just for me, because unlike certain people I actually care about a balanced environment. Nice try though.
  3. Crystallize is indeed cancerous as well but at least it fails a lot, mandragora isn't nearly as lethal because you can just run away and wait the duration. Restless Dead isn't a good trade-off because of all the one shots in pvp right that you even said it yourself, no they are not fine but if you wanna have any hope of tanking them you need your armor card to help mitigate it. Gr/angeling/titan/gazeti and elemental armors are too important to replace. Acid Terror, Demonstration, Meldown and Hagalas rune got buffed. It's not as cancerous as sropho but it's still overpowered. Anyway if you guys are fine with annoying crap being added to BG so be it, I just think it would be healthier overall to have them happen less often.
  4. Yes this is the BG suggestion section. Acid Terror is also strong, I just didn't want to mention every break effect and the ones I listed are more problematic. BG rarely has enough genes to FCP and even if they do, it's not like you will always have it every time you respawn so you still gotta deal with gear breaking most of the time. Restless Dead card is a decent solution but unfortunately the damage right now is so high in pvp that it's basically suicide to run that instead of a reduction card on armor slot. Did you even read the post? you rarely get FCP and repair scrolls don't do much good when everything breaks right after repairing it. Thank you for your input His Irrelevancy arias, but saying "it's part of the game" isn't much of an argument, as when something gets too cancerous to play against it can get custom changed to relieve the issue, like with Sropho card. The Stone Curse example you gave doesn't come even close to breaking effects power, so that's a very poor comparison. It's not because I don't like, it's because I believe it reached a point where it is just too much as many of these effects got buffed in recent times. Once again, I'm not suggesting them to be removed, I'm just suggesting the break chance to be reduced in BGs as I believe it would be a positive change for everyone.
  5. There are too many strong gear breaking skills / items nowadays and very few gene players to counter them with FCP, the speed at which stuff breaks is astounding, even bringing repair scrolls doesn't do much good because it will often just break again immediately after. The particularly troublesome ones from my experience are: Hagalas Rune(Stonehard skin) - This one got changed recently where the buff doesn't end after a certain amount of damage taken anymore, increasing its uptime in battle. While it only breaks the weapon and only if you attack the person with the buff, it's rather problematic because it has a very high break chance and it can be passed to the whole team through Lux, especially in KvM, in which case good luck hitting anyone on the enemy team with a breakable weapon. Meltdown - This was kind of a forgotten buff, but got updated recently so that mechanics became allowed to use it in madogear. This is perhaps the worst of all, because it has a high chance of breaking both weapon and armor and is difficult to avoid since mechs have very long range. Basically if you get targeted by a mechanic for a couple seconds you can kiss goodbye to your weapon and armor. Charleston 3/Spider Chariot cards - I don't know how powerful the break chance on these are on most classes, but it's really strong when used by a Minstrel / Wanderer casting Severe Rainstorm due to the multi-hit nature of the skill, giving it a chance to break gear with each hit... It's also strong on Invisibility SCs since they can auto attack you from afar at max aspd while being tricky to kill. Pinpoint Attack - This skill reaches near 100% break chance and can break helm/shield/weapon/armor depending on the level used It's extremely powerful in BGs although rarely used. I don't think they need to be completely removed because sometimes the only way to kill a tanky player with a random group is to strip/break their gear, I just think the speed at which these breaks effects occur should be toned down.
  6. I'm all for disabling every MvP card on BG, but If I had to choose just a couple really troublesome ones, they would be FBH and GTB.
  7. Red Eruma card or Spirit Enchanted Box card
  8. In a future WL update you can use the book directly to memorize its spell. Just wait maybe a year or so and it will happen.
  9. And give it a confirmation window before it's consumed just in case you missclick them.
  10. The guild cap is bigger than regular WoE, so there is already more incoming damage than usual during GvG, and with the recent bio5 hats also boosting damage by quite a bit, I'd definitely like to see it toned down in some way.
  11. I find 5v5 chaotic enough already.
  12. Then how about putting the option between the primary and secondary storage in the first dialogue with the kafra? Right now we have: Use Storage -> Primary Storage / Secondary Storage What I'm suggesting would be just: Primary Storage and Secondary Storage under it.
  13. With the addition of a secondary storage, we now need to do an extra key press to open the main one, which is a bit annoying. I suggest getting rid of this rather useless window so that we are back to the 2 key presses that we are used to.
  14. +1 Going through them one by one multiple times is a chore.
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