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  1. Leave offer <3
  2. Gz staff, now all the hard work that i had developing a build to get 193 aspd was ruined by a patch that wasn't even announced ¬¬

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    2. Munbalance


      The 3 top DPS in PVM are Doram, Star Emperor and Rebellion (desperado)

      There are unique cases where warlocks jump in (like TTK) but generally absurdly high mdef prevents them from doing anything in the actual game.


      Genetic and GX also contend with the bio 5 update but need a crazy amount of gear to be competitive with these top 3 and need to spend a lot of consumables (AD and Poison Bottles) to keep up.


      There is a huge falling off at this point and almost nothing competes with these top tiers.


      @Tokeiburu Doram is very much the strongest single target DPS, just because Arias can do it faster on a genetic/sura combo with a handful of mvp cards does not mean that is even anywhere close to what the average player experiences. Single target is king in bio5 since no one but arias can pull half the map to AOE them with bugged cart cannon.


      Many missing gears which is mainly shadow gears would solve a lot of the current problems with our PVM imbalance as it introduces things like obtainable mdef pierce to deal with the 80% mdef resist monsters kRO is making, obviously with these shadow gears in mind. And that's just one example of many, if you need more you can PM me.

    3. Tokeiburu


      I feel like I heard that before...!

    4. Ary


      Well, it was a 50% reduction @Dyfer... If it's not huge, i don't know what it is '-'

  3. We can't use expert rings... Sarah earrings (rip PER), Heart Wing Headband, Excellion Set, Chimera Card (i can't remember the full name) and also one of the faceworms cards
  4. Maybe allow them to choose where to set the shop, or to choose the line close to the warp point could be a nice idea...
  5. It will proc, but the damage will be yellow
  6. Sir, i do not agree with your suggestion. What would be the point of Miracle after all? Just ao apply Stellar hatred? By the way, i think the bug is actually that we should hit 50 times/s. Also, using plants/traps to proc miracle is not a bug abuse, it's a technique.
  7. Wich is the higher, because the bonus formula also takes STR in consideration: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Stellar_Wrath
  8. That doesn't sound as a feasible suggestion, but even if it's programmable, i don't see why to... What if a player wants to read the broadcasts while in TTK? We have commands to remove them, so you can talk to your party members about that... Also, why don't people use voice chat for important group content? '-'
  9. Oh, i forgot to recommend a Incubus Pet to help with sp drain (or Succubus for the HP drain) and Cenere will give you more DPS than Brown Rat (because of more ASPD) while you don't have other ASPD gears. I do the eden board quests, also Verus/RockRidge/16.1 daily quests are good to lvl up (the best way is to complete many quests and pop up a field manual from dailies and get the exp of them). https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/1203-character-cards/
  10. Oh yes, a temporal STR boot with HE should help with your damage if solar (temporal DEX is better for Lunar, because of the fixed cast time reduction).
  11. Are you going pure lunar? Decard the bible (you can get a better upgrade too, but let's assume you keep it for now) and replace one HF for a WK card, also get a cursed knight shiels and put in a KK card. For the garment, consider a +7 HBP with WakWak (for just ATK) or Brown Rat (for ATK and ASPD). These gears should cost around 100m ^^ On the skill side, you can have a dual Soul Linker to give you TKM Spirit and use union to ignore DEF (just don't use auto attacks neither heat while in Union's state).
  12. At the moment, getting 193 ASPD is really good for your DPS, because it changes how many times you can perform Solar Combo per second. If you manage to get 193 ASPD without CK (with stellar protection when miracle is procced, or stellar days), so we could argue that mad bunny would be bettter when we refer to attack. However, CK gives 7% all properties resist + 10% aspd + 3% ATK and a chance to recover HP and SP at +0, what makes it a better option if we take the overall situation. If you get it at +9, it will add +1 ASPD (also 10 raw ATK for the +7 bonus), what makes it even better
  13. Excellion is the best for monsters with DEF < 400, otherwise Abusive is better (with DEX/LUK enchants, because of hatred). Crimson Bible is the best weapon atm... I was doing fine with a +9, and keep trying upgrade it till +15
  14. Man, 10% aspd at +0 makes it already much better than mad bunny
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