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  1. Ary

    Valentine's Day Event

    Hi, will te quests stay during March too?
  2. Wow, that's a big update, thank you so much :3
  3. Ary

    Community Gala Patch Notes #131

    Why do all equipment need a RNG wall to be gotten? That's such a bad game design...
  4. Ary

    Level 200 Patch Notes #129

    Please add these maps to the warper
  5. Gz staff, now all the hard work that i had developing a build to get 193 aspd was ruined by a patch that wasn't even announced ¬¬

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    2. Munbalance


      The 3 top DPS in PVM are Doram, Star Emperor and Rebellion (desperado)

      There are unique cases where warlocks jump in (like TTK) but generally absurdly high mdef prevents them from doing anything in the actual game.


      Genetic and GX also contend with the bio 5 update but need a crazy amount of gear to be competitive with these top 3 and need to spend a lot of consumables (AD and Poison Bottles) to keep up.


      There is a huge falling off at this point and almost nothing competes with these top tiers.


      @Tokeiburu Doram is very much the strongest single target DPS, just because Arias can do it faster on a genetic/sura combo with a handful of mvp cards does not mean that is even anywhere close to what the average player experiences. Single target is king in bio5 since no one but arias can pull half the map to AOE them with bugged cart cannon.


      Many missing gears which is mainly shadow gears would solve a lot of the current problems with our PVM imbalance as it introduces things like obtainable mdef pierce to deal with the 80% mdef resist monsters kRO is making, obviously with these shadow gears in mind. And that's just one example of many, if you need more you can PM me.

    3. Tokeiburu


      I feel like I heard that before...!

    4. Ary


      Well, it was a 50% reduction @Dyfer... If it's not huge, i don't know what it is '-'

  6. Did you notice that Sucsamad and Damascus are mirrored words?

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    2. Asterios


      Woah calm down. Save some pussy for the rest of us!

    3. Miko^Hon3y3a3y
    4. Premier
  7. Ary

    Soul Reaper & Star Emperor #89

    Donwload -> extract to Nova's folder -> run the client -> be happy
  8. Ary

    Soul Reaper & Star Emperor #89

    I was running fine yesterday... Basically warm wind + Eske -> Esma is still relevant for dmg and souls gathering (because of the skill Soul Reaper) and you need all soul gathering skills maxed to make using the new skills viable. Eshwoo is the main AoE of the class, because it's endowable with warm wind, but needs to be used after Espa, what was somehow expected to happen... About survivability, Kaahi is your best friend and you can heal your sp with items and skills, but don't forget that SR is a mage class., so you won't be able to be tanking many mobs... The curse dmg skill is shadow element, so i wasn't expecting it to be good PvM-wise... The cast time became ok with temporal DEX boot. Well, i think that SR requires gears and practice to really shine, but there is a potencial for sure.
  9. I usually don't open MCA's... Just sell them to people. Today i decided to open one... Can you guess the card that i've got?

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    2. Ary
    3. Erzegarde


      Make Undead hunter Battle Priest great again

    4. Sward


      I'm going to gather 10 MCA and open while I stream, just to be ashamed in public :th_e32:

  10. Ary


  11. I just realized that... I dispelled my party's Sura many times and didn't notice /ene

  12. Ary

    Tomb of the Fallen Patch Notes

    "The following skills are disabled: [...] Phantom Menace" I just noticed that... But why disable a revealing skill? '-'
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