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  1. Dang, it's been a year, but Inktober is starting tomorrow, if you wanna share your art with us, the gates are open
  2. Soul Expansion can't kill outside of Intense Telekinesis BG/WoE wise, even if you're wearing GR. Warlocks don't use it unless they're on IT so don't bring up that argument. Either you have bad reductions or you don't pot fast enough to resist the damage. Warlocks are very, very strong in the majority of pvm content, however, they're also one of the most expensive classes to gear due to some of their skills needing a lot of After Cast Delay reduction gear, which is pretty relevant after the Performers' update. The people saying that Warlocks need a buff almost lead me to believe that they main Ranger and Star Emperor, or don't see what a Warlock is capable of in MH2 or BG. You don't even need FBH as long as you have a good Vicious Mind Rod and gear that increases magic damage and Magic Defense piercing, because of how Tetra Vortex works, as well as how much support Crimson Rock has. Even then, in pvm you can get instant fixed cast if you get a Bio5 hat with Magic Essence 5 or higher. On the sura side, no.
  3. This is the mentality we pvpers are against. I understand the basic points of what pvm is (the most important aspect of the game), and I also understand that you don't want to get involved in the PVP scene; I mean, after all it seems like you're not fit for it, but this is not what the topic is about. The quest (which is also 100% optional, as you just stated it on your own reply) requires you to participate only 10 times per week. Besides getting valor badges and other free things, you also get your 10 weekly coins but you can totally choose not to, yet I see some people saying that Nova is "forcing" people to do BG. A happy hour is approximately 9 BG rounds on average, but on how the PVP scene has sped up lately, you can get this quest done within only 1 day. I don't see where the complaints from pvmers come from, honestly. They're getting access to free Consumables (ygg berries) and other stuffs by playing Battlegrounds. Lastly, I believe changing participation to actual wins makes more sense because it is true that people who are just in BG for the quests don't do anything: they get killed on purpose or are just outright useless to spite on those who actually try to win. But I think it'll have a negative effect because they will just try to get carried by the veteran pvpers. However I have seen some other pvm players that try hard enough and have fun at it. I would like to see this suggestion implemented and I think everything important has been discussed already.
  4. Like I said in Draft discord. The #recruit channel is literally the reason this discussion has no end or beginning. Most guilds are looking for players to fill up as any required job, the WoE population is currently quite lackluster, and some guilds don't even play with full attendance because there's just not enough people to fill in the slots. Increasing the guild cap will not only lead to disaster but will make smaller guilds even weaker since they will have to settle with literally whatever person who wants to try out WoE and not change a single thing in their manpower. Looking at the WoE stats there were a lot of breaks, there is no dominant guild and it's pretty much anyone's game. The cap used to be 30+ before (I used to play when cap was 34 or 36? I don't really remember what the limit was), because WoE was actually active with a bunch of guilds fighting each other, and it was pretty much balanced. I'm pretty much repeating what Shalltear said but you seem to have ignored what they are trying to tell you: it won't work. "Elitism" is just a poor way to put things. Like what Cadu said, people want other people who are worthy, not dead weight, not people who are trying WoE for the first time, that is what we have Draft WoE for: for newbies to try out the WoE environment and learn their roles according to the classes they chose for WoE. Insulting and belittling people won't get you anywhere, either. Have some respect and fundaments before arguing.
  5. While the skill can only be used on others if the Soul Reaper is linked, it becomes a win condition on many situations as physical damage has always been a big factor in BG. As we know, Kaite is treated as a buff that reflects magic and increases physical damage taken, but the problem in this particular skill is that is so spammable and has no delay at all that it becomes a problem against all kinds of physical classes since you get one shotted 95% of the time. I wouldn't go as far as to ask for a disable but currently the skill cannot be removed by ways other than Dispel, Clearance and by taking any sort of magic damage do their reflect status wears off. So my suggestion is as follows: - Make Kaite be removable by Freedom. - Make Kaite have a 5-10 seconds cooldown. The skill is too strong to have it not be removed by Freedom and the way it can easily be spammed brings an unbalance in BG as the team with the linked Reaper wins the game most of the tiem. Edit: taking phys damage doesn't remove the status
  6. I'm shook by the insane character development brought to us in one single screenshot. I can't help it but feel amazed at how is Roseroth handling all that stress. Looking forward to part 2.
  7. There is a chance that this suggestion will be rejected because it may (or may not) require to modify the client itself or some server setting. However I do agree and I support your suggestion because most people are very social and while Discord is a good alternative to keep in touch with other players, the friend list has some other uses besides just contacting friends, like using skills straight up on the list (such as devo or buffs).
  8. This thread is about asura strike. Keep your snap nonsense out of it as it will derail the topic.
  9. Sorry man weren't you the one that quit a draft woe team just because you didn't get bragi? Kinda ironic sentence right there. On topic though, I believe the Asura Bonus is too much to handle for support/tank classes. While it is designed to be an OHKO skill, it kinda feels a bit too powerful that a sura with only a +9 gfist or +9 vclaw is able to kill a fully defensive geared sorc or chaser with 1 asura strike. These kinds of skill changes only incentivize dps classes, wonder why there's a lot of suras lately in BG? If the bonus is 100%, why not lower it to 50%? Wouldn't that be better?
  10. After the latest experience I've had in BG, now I do agree with Shalltear's suggestion, and while it sounds extreme, I believe 5 seconds of immunity could actually work in a defensive way considering Freedom's cooldown is 2 minutes. It's not spammable and can't be abused in any way. This issue becomes big when against a Shadow chaser or a sorcerer, considering masquerade skills have an overall higher success chance than crystallize, the moment you use freedom 1 second doesn't even pass after that and you're already masq - igno'd again, and that is very frustrating. Wasting a 2min CD skill to get rid of a status effect just to get inflicted with that status again (because chasers are 130 dex anyways for an apparent 90% success chance) is pretty frustrating. Using Freedom makes you lose momentum already, and not only you could be masqed or crystallized, you might also be stripped off your gears and that slows you down while you're trying to move. You're not becoming immune to damage, only immune to status effects for 5 fair seconds in exchange of a 2 min CD skill.
  11. Currently, the BG Repair Scrolls have an incredibly slow cast time. Presumably being 6 seconds, it doesn't make up for the current state and speed of BG, gradually losing relevance. Lowering the cast time to 3 seconds could probably make it more desireable and people would actually spend their badges for it.
  12. Adding a bundle or singles of Concentrate, Awakening and Berserk potions in Telma (for a reasonable price each) would be pretty good for classes that constantly use them.
  13. En

    Monster Hunting Blog #3

    So you're telling me we can finally have PROPER boss battles without ridiculous one shot skills between both parties? Sign me the fuck in!! Great job bois!
  14. i just want Shard on any other team that isn't Nova's to hear him say no mames
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