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  1. Panic

    Patch Notes (crash) #149

    Features Please note that after this patch you will need to patch in order to log in, if you do not patch you will not be able to connect to the live server. If for whatever you're incapable of running the patcher please download the following zip file and extract it to your NovaRO folder: NovaRO 2020 Client This patch notes include changes from the reset on 2020-11-15, indicated by an asterisk (*). * Weekly Quests will no longer be available to characters under level 175. * Added 'Treasure Hunt' and 'Item Hunt' to the Utilities' menu on the Cell Phone. Items from the Item Hunt Weekly Quest are now storable. Items from previous weeks will get deleted every Tuesday Weekly reset. Added a 7-day Cellphone to the Novice Pack. Training Chamber changes: Defaulted all stats to 1. Merged Element and Element Level displays. You can still change both separately. Added Damage Variance option to the Support NPC. Allows you to set your damage to always do maximum, minimum or average. Community Suggestion Added INT and Monster Level to the Monster Creator options. Community Suggestion Added a custom input option for every applicable value. Developer's Note: We removed some previous set values from the menus, as they became redundant with this new option. Items * Added the - Instance Pet Egg to the NP shop for 2.5k NP. * Added the - Instance Pet Egg II to the NP shop for 2.5k NP. * Added the - Novice Pet Pack to the NP shop for 6k NP. * Added the - Pet Hoarder's Pack to the NP shop for 13k NP. * Added the - Pick 10 Pack to the NP shop for 22.5k NP. * Added the - Toupee (Invisible Upper Headgear) to the NP shop for 2.5k NP. Skills * Fixed Gate of Hell having more delay than intended outside PvP maps. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners Changed the way the grace period works in BG. Players will now have a 3-second invulnerability window where they can move until they attack, use a skill or use an item. Siege Commissioners * Enabled Soutanes in Siege game modes. Their enchantments (Stat Blessings) will remain disabled. Str Soutane Agi Soutane Vit Soutane Int Soutane Dex Soutane Luk Soutane Siege Commissioners * Enabled the new batch of GC/Endeavor Token hats on Siege game modes. The fixed cast time reduction will remain disabled. Chung Cap Antiquity Cap Stripe Cap Clark Sidecap Ceremonial Crown Celestial Coronet Red Coronet
  2. These are not implemented, sorry friend.
  3. Weekly quests in essence are not designed to be new player friendly, though I would argue we've made at least a few BSBs available for newbies (collecting dailies 4 days in a row, etc.) The fact that MH is part of the weekly quest is already a testament that these quests were not created to be newbie friendly, they were designed for endgame. As when the new MH monsters come the quests will be updated to be them rather than Nysori and Garronath. Weeklies are a system that will constantly change as time goes on, but they are not and will likely never be tailored to new players. So I'll leave this discussion be, but it's unlikely we will go the route of reducing weekly difficulty for newbies at this time.
  4. Panic

    Patch Notes #148

    All Halloween shops will remain for a week, then they will be gone until next year.
  5. Panic

    Patch Notes #148

    I'll be fixing the eyes to better fit with the classic eyes.
  6. You can simply @ii it in game. But it is a cosmetic item.
  7. There were tests for CTK before it was released this year, yes. DDA is our attempt at balancing a game that gravity has failed to balance without us needing to have a list that is 5 miles long of disabled/nerfed skill behaviors. DDA is to target one of the biggest complaints about MH which was the fact that we had to target and nerf/alter various class kits and abilities. To the average player it might not seem it but, DDA is a pretty important tool for the future of MH. So it is very much something we (more so the MH team rather than me) are going to put time into it to make sure it works in a way that is both best for the player and best for it's intended content. As for overlapping mechanics, well I'm sure you'll see more things like that in the future. But only time will tell.
  8. This isn't possible, or else I would. Sorry friend^^
  9. Well, this is an interesting topic, but we do not add custom classes, but it seems like people are interesting in at least discussing the matter, but as this is not a suggestion we will ever be applying to the server I will be moving this to the Discussion board instead.
  10. Because that is a lot of work for a single maint, I will be releasing them in waves. But the plan is to to hit them all eventually. ^^
  11. I don't have anything to say about your other notes as those require discussion with the team, but we have reloaded the CTK fight live and Yggdrasil Leaves should now be usable during the fight.
  12. Yeah, this is why we are trying two different methods, the second method will be introduced at a later date. Thank you for the feedback though, all feedback on the DDA system is very appreciated and helps us try to come up with a proper system!
  13. Panic

    Halloween Patch Notes #145

    This has always been the case. We will not be reducing the amount to craft the wings as it's been this way for the past 2 years and many people have crafted them thus it would be unfair to lower now.
  14. This is not an enchantment system, this is an enchantment reroll system, you can only reroll existing enchants. This system is so you can re-roll the enchants of a weapon that is dropped pre-enchanted. Simply put you cannot enchant a clean Gigantic Bow, you need a Gigantic Bow that was dropped pre-enchanted.
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