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  1. Panic

    Game Crash when Arclouse Dash

    Changed Status to Fixed I've sent a patch to correct this issue.
  2. Panic

    Shinobi Sash missing stat in desc

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. It should be pretty up to date friend.
  4. Click the minus button.
  5. Panic

    Forum Suggestion: News

    Yeah, not much we can do about showing the latest post as the way the news is handled. But that is what we have the RSS feed widget for. But I figured having the redirect on the index would atleast make it easier and solve part of the issue.
  6. Panic

    My planet needs me

    I'll miss you Reno-chan Come back soon!
  7. Panic

    Constant Lag and DC

    I suggest following the steps here: Once you do that we can better help you!
  8. Panic

    Forum Suggestion: News

    I made some changes to the news board, I made it just a plain redirect to the actual news index.
  9. Panic

    Forum Suggestion: News

    I'll take a look into it in a bit.
  10. This isn't possible, as Star glad and Star Emperor have separate files for Union where as TK boy and girl do not so it's not something we can do at this time.
  11. Panic

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    It is official content it will come to NovaRO, we do not have an ETA as we're busy working on the update announced in this topic. One thing at a time, friend.
  12. Panic

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    The plan is to add gear before we add the performer part of this update, as stated in the original post.
  13. Panic

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    To make it known to the players that the MH2 update will come with the reload set.
  14. Panic

    Increase the number of mob spawn

    Thank you for your suggestion, friend. But this is not a change we will be making at this time.
  15. Panic

    Patch Notes

    Let's not argue over patch notes friends, cleaning up the thread and locking. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.