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  1. Hey friend this is a secret quest and we do not allow public help or spoilers~!
  2. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    There has been no game breaking issues, so there will not be any wipes at all. You can expect no wipes at all.
  3. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    Well then don't do it, sir~!
  4. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    Right now, yes.
  5. This is a question you need to ask kRO, if and when kRO decides to update expanded classes we will too.
  6. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    We have not decided that, but as far as this first run goes you can likely expect a full wipe before we launch any type of reward system for hardcore.
  7. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    As stated this is the first iteration of the mode, so we can find abusable cases like the eden mark. So yes that will be removed for the next iteration.
  8. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

  9. Panic

    Hardcore Mode

    As said in the original post. If you do not wish to partake in Hardcore mode with no rewards then that is fine, feel free not too friend~!
  10. Some people just want to see the world burn. ):
  11. I mean there isn't much we can do about this issue, as all the textures are in our grf and working fine. I can not fix what I can not reproduce. If a fresh install did not fix the issue then you have something on your computer that is tainting your install.
  12. Because, we don't want to spread our attention between multiple servers. Most servers that have more than 1 server end up with an inferior product in my opinion. I'd rather devote all my time to a single server and deliver a much better product to our players~!
  13. We do not intend to make that information public at this time.
  14. There is no such thing as white listing. As long as you are both getting your rewards on separate PC's then there is no issue. I'd suggest collecting your rewards before you go around trading which PC you are using. Outside of that there is nothing more we can do.
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