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  1. I have no issue with this. I encourage you guys to do so~!
  2. I circle back to what I said friend, All official kRO items are on the road map, and have always been on the road map~!
  3. All official kRO items are on the road map, and have always been on the road map.
  4. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Make a bug report for the first and third one. Turbo is not working because with 4th jobs comes a new client that players are also testing on Nova Labs which means novaext will not be working.
  5. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Haha, no worries friend! This is only the first iteration of 4th jobs there will likely be many changes throughout our beta test~!
  6. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    You can already play 4th classes on the test server, friend.
  7. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Remove any custom GRFs you have.
  8. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    This is something we will be doing in the future, but as for right now our main focus is 4th jobs as whole, once they are more tested and more stable we will then release a 24/7 WoE environment that can be used to test. Remove or rename your NovaExt_202007.asi file located in your NovaRO folder. I suggest keeping a backup of this file as you will need to re-add it to use Novaext on the live server.
  9. These are not released on kRO yet, so we are unable to add them, when kRO adds them we will add them.
  10. Panic

    Patch Notes #165

    Patch and remove your greymap.
  11. This was a bug that was fixed. The ranked pvp area is supposed to be BG rules.
  12. Third place winner
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