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  1. 1. I'll leave this for someone else to answer 2. You can use the market page on our website to keep track of price history for items. 3. Not sure what you mean by limited but they are an extremely low drop chance. 4. Nope.
  2. No, it works like a halter lead. Basically replaces the Rebel peco halter for the bike.
  3. Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  4. Welcome friend, I hope you enjoy your time with us~!
  5. Panic

    2-Star Monster Hunting Quests

    It will not be changed. Sorry friend.
  6. I'd suggest checking out the #lfg channel in our NovaRO discord, there are some guild advertisements there~!
  7. Panic

    Chibi Mode

    Same sprite just downscaled.
  8. Panic

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Please file a support ticket, thanks!
  9. Panic

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Algiz rune was designed for WoE not BG.
  10. Panic

    New Year's Teaser

    Those dungeons came after Bio EDDA, those came in around the time of the 200 level expansion. So I am not sure what you mean. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=241&curpage=1 http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=233&curpage=1
  11. Panic

    New Year's Teaser

    No, this requires a new client which is being worked on at the moment.
  12. Panic

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Christmas Event The Christmas Event is here! Speak to Santa in Prontera to participate. Santa's Gift Delivery now has a new Hard Mode with a new set of rewards: Green Eremes Scarf Gold Eremes Scarf Gold Ribbon Scarf Snowball has returned with a few changes and a new twist! The event will still run every 6 hours, at 5:30, 11:30, 17:30 and 23:30. (A portal will open in Prontera) Players will now get 2 Jolly Socks straight to inventory per knockout instead of 1. There will be no more Jolly Socks dropped on the floor. Players now drop a Naughty Coal when knocked out. Naughty Coals can be used to buy the following items from Antonio in the staging area. - Antonio's Snow Shoes - Increases movement speed inside the Snowball Arena. (Expires after each round) - Antonio's Ski Jacket - Reduces damage taken by snowballs in the Snowball Arena. (Expires after each round) - Festive Lacrosse Stick - Increases damage your Snowballs do in the Snowball Arena. (Expires after each round) - Medicated Snowball - Throwing it at a team member allows you to heal them. - Antonios Trap Tool - Allows you to place a freezing trap inside the Snowball. (One time use) - Big Snowball - A snow ball that hits harder and in a 5x5 area. (One time use) Every 35 seconds supply crates will be dropped in the middle, left, and right sides of the Snowball arena. These supply crates contain Jolly Socks, Naughty Coals, and the Golden Snowball which can be used to one shot an enemy in the Snowball Arena. Snowball now has it's own set of achievements. Snow much fun! Participate in 150 rounds of snowball. Title: Snow Much Fun Points: 100 Abominable Snowball Knock out 500 players in snowball. Title: Abominable Snowball Points: 100 Don’t go around BRRfooted! Equip a full set of Snowball gears (boots, weapon, armor). Title: BRRfooted Points: 50 Gimme Gimme! Open 5 supply crates during snowball. Title: Unwrapped Points: 25 You're Snow Joke! Win snowball 100 times. Title: Snow Joke Points: 100 Practicing Snowbalist Heal 100 team mates using the Medicated Snowball. Title: Snowbalist Points: 100 Ice to meet you! Freeze 100 players using Antonio's Trap. Title: Jack Frost Points: 100 Secret Santa Gifts have been revamped, with a few new hats and some new consumables. - '19 Red Secret Santa Gift - '19 Green Secret Santa Gift Add 3 new hat limited time hat quests. Gingerbread Beret - manuk,169,268 Gingerbread Stoll - lighthalzen,99,124 Gingerbread Bow - xmas,112,128 The Shelter Supervisor has returned and has 3 more kittens that need a good home! Smile the Milliner has arrived and will take your jolly socks in exchange for recoloring some Christmas hats. - Noel Set Box added to the Nova shop for 15,000 Nova Points - Frosty Pet Egg added to the Nova shop for 2,500 Nova Points All existing Christmas Nova shop boxes have made their return to the limited time section of the Nova Shop! Event Ticket Manager now has a new limited time event egg - - Sweet Event Egg for 10 event tickets Features The Training Chamber now has a Monster Hunter setting toggle. The Run For Your Life event now gives out participation rewards to all players that manage to stay alive for 30 seconds. The Fall of Glast Heim Normal and Hard instances have had their cooldowns separated. The [Hard] Friday Instance boss can now be summoned after defeating 200 mobs in the map, without having to wait 30 minutes. Currently bugged. The @battlestats command will now display the new Short Attack Range modifier. Item Fixed Black Wing's refine rate bonus requirement. Fixed the HP/SP regen bonus when multiple bonuses are applied at the same time. Fixed the Fall of Glast Heim's new enchants combos when login. Color-coded Schmidt Insignia's to match their Temporal Boots counterparts. A new shipment of items has arrived to the Weekly Coin Shop. - Shining Defense Scroll - 1 Weekly Coin - Gin Potion of Energy - 1 Weekly Coin for a box of 3 - Gin Rejuvenation Potion - 1 Weekly Coin for a box of 3 - Guard's Cap [1] - 4 Weekly Coins - Spirit Crown [1] - 6 Weekly Coins - Smokie Transformation Leaves [1] - 6 Weekly Coins Skills Fixed a bug where Shadow Form was not being removed by Hunter's Detect and Archer's Attention Concentrate skills. Algiz Runestone can now be used outside of guild castles. Swap Gear will now keep the Autoguard status. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners The BG Happy Hour at 6:00 has been moved back an hour to 5:00 so that it can be played prior to the War of Emperium. Siege Commissioners Barricades can once more be healed by Warmer in Battlegrounds. Siege Commissioners Silvervine Root Twist effect duration is now halved in Battlegrounds. Siege Commissioners Draft War of Emperium siege reduction will be increased from 50% to 65%. (Experimental Change) Siege Commissioners Implemented Guild Flag skill: Setting the flag: 5 second cast time, 5 minute cooldown. (Same as Emergency Call) Flag will last for 5 minutes, after which it will be automatically destroyed. Flag cannot be placed behind any Barricades. If Barricades are erected in front of a Flag after the Flag has been set, the Flag will be destroyed. Each flag has 50 HP and takes 1 damage per attack. Recalling to the flag: 2 seconds interruptable cast time, 2.5 minutes cooldown. Cooldown is only applied when the skill is successfully used. Can only be used when there are more 12 guild members around the flag Cannot be used within the first 20 seconds after dying. Can be used in towns and outside of the castle. Flags placed by the defending guild can be destroyed by any other guild. Flags placed by attacking guilds can only be destroyed by the defending guild. Guild-wide announcements will be made when a flag is placed or destroyed.
  13. Welcome, friend. Enjoy your stay with us.
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