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  1. List of items that can be stored inside the new currency wallet are as follows: Gold Coin Sentimental Fragment Cursed Fragment Energy Fragment Valor Badge Siege Token Dream Fragment Silent Energy Particle Weak Energy Particle Unstable Energy Particle Sinister Energy Particle Fallen Energy Particle Soul of Swordman Soul of Merchant Soul of Thief Soul of Mage Soul of Acolyte Soul of Archer Honor Token Schwarz's Honor Token Shattered Magic Stone Grey Shard Shard of Gigantes Token of Hero Seagod Anger Rock Ridge Coin Illusion Stone Mora Coin Splendide Coin Manuk Coin A Class Coin B Class Coin C Class Coin D Class Coin E Class Coin Monster Coupon Monster Hunter Ticket Event Ticket Charleston Component Huge Metal Scrap Old Fuel Tank Tooth of Jitterbug Geffen Magic Tournament Coin Contaminated Magic Corrupted Spell Temporal Crystal Weird Part Thanks Invest Ticket Unrefined Energy Crystal Refined Energy Crystal Pure Energy Crystal Sapha Certification Blank Card Will of Warrior Blood Thirst Ghost Chill Bloody Coin Silvervine Fruit Decard Voucher Decard Voucher (EVT) Storage Voucher Enchant Scroll 16.1 Enchant Scroll 16.2 Items that can now be stored in the Character Storage are as follows: Summer coin Rainbow Gemstone Deepwater Pearl Golden Pearl Pouring Key Obsidian Shard Steel Shard Halloween Coin Lost Soul Spirit Shard King's Essence Organic Agriculture Pumpkin King's Stone Chromatic Stone Great Chromatic Stone Jolly Sock Summer Ticket Deeps Coin Octopus Moss Blue Tentacle Stolen Red Gift Box Stolen Blue Gift Box Stolen Green Gift Box
  2. Patch up and try again, I sent a patch that should correct this.
  3. Panic

    Illusion of Luanda Patch Notes

    it's +32 and +36 instead of +36 and +40, we reduced the requirement. I will update the places where it still says 40!
  4. Panic

    Illusion of Luanda Patch Notes

    No changes were made to PvP other than bringing back the unranked arena.
  5. I'm going to move this to pending as it's something we want to do but haven't gotten to it.
  6. I'm going to send this to rejected as we do have the alternating tournaments and the time was voted on by the community.
  7. Maybe next V.day! But as OXD has shown there is a topic to suggest recolors such as this.
  8. http://ro.gnjoy.com/support/inquiry/inquirywrite.asp You'll need a basic understanding of Korean as the Dev's are Korean and likely only take inquiries in Korean.
  9. Sorry this is not something we will be exploring at this point in time, sorry friend.
  10. I'm for this idea, but I would not do it per event and would instead make it a universal achievement that can be earned by winning GM events. So a single title/achievement for winning GM events. Or a system like the BG tiered achievements where you get a title every x wins.
  11. With today's server restart this should have made it to live.
  12. I added an effect to this, the character will now get the Angelus visual animation when the marionette casts her ability on them, for next maint.
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