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  1. We do not, gold coins were designed to be a one way currency and will remain that way.
  2. I can agree to this but I also think it goes both ways there are people who don't want to post they dislike something in fear of getting banned (which I can say for myself I would not ban someone for voicing their concerns) but at the same time there are people who don't want to post that they like something in fear of getting witch hunted by players who don't agree. I'm not going to pretend to have the numbers on how many players dislike or like something but I personally feel Polls are easily circumvented but you are free to conduct your own polls and I would happily look at them. And I don't have any doubts about players disliking things. I would remove posts from anyone using multiple forum accounts to push their own agenda good or bad.
  3. We only load live backups to Nova labs when we think it is needed for testing the content. I can see us importing a more recent live backup once we fully release everything for 4th jobs and expanded on labs.
  4. As someone who can see the back-end of the forum I would argue it's the opposite way around. And as such have removed posts from people who are using multiple accounts to make posts.
  5. Panic

    NovaRO Merchandise

    We went as reasonably low on the pricing as we could, as Teespring does take a sizeable cut. If we could have gone lower we would. You can find more about shipping here: https://answers.spri.ng/article/shipping-costs/?_ga=2.147507902.804514583.1615896434-1280053433.1615896421 And we definitely do intend on adding more designs and collaborate with players and other artists in the future.
  6. It was an emulator bug thus all those servers have the same bug.
  7. Panic

    Card Update Patch Notes #174

    It was designed to cut down on inventory usage, that is all. If you do not care about saving inventory space then you don't need to purchase the shining potion. As per this suggestion: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/14841-merging-endevour-tokenweekly-potion-consumables/
  8. Panic

    Patch Notes #173

    This is not possible due to the way these items interact with the client, sadly. ):
  9. I circle back to what I said friend, All official kRO items are on the road map, and have always been on the road map~!
  10. All official kRO items are on the road map, and have always been on the road map.
  11. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Make a bug report for the first and third one. Turbo is not working because with 4th jobs comes a new client that players are also testing on Nova Labs which means novaext will not be working.
  12. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Haha, no worries friend! This is only the first iteration of 4th jobs there will likely be many changes throughout our beta test~!
  13. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    You can already play 4th classes on the test server, friend.
  14. Panic

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Remove any custom GRFs you have.
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