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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, but this is not something we will be doing at this time.
  2. Hello and welcome! Most people don't really make intro threads anymore when joining, as we have a pretty active Discord and it's easier to just drop a message there~! https://discord.gg/KDYMcR As for NP rates, you need to log into the game server at least once to be able to see the page.
  3. This is something we have plans to do, but no ETA on when we will add such a system, but as stated in our AMA we do have some plans for the pet system in that regard~! So I am going to move this to pending.
  4. Sure, I've made most of the normal mobs from the Savage Pet Egg normal sized, a few like the Volcanic Golem I increased their size a tad but left them somewhat small as they are larger mobs. Just patch up and the sizes should be corrected.
  5. I'm moving this to rejected as it's not something we will be doing at this time.
  6. This is not something we will be changing, as the only reason the Alchemy bag can be recolored on both of it's [M] and [L] versions is because it is a cash shop hat. Additionally, adding the [M] option to recolor there would cause some strange behavior with the achievement where you must get Gold Happy Balloon.
  7. Sure thing, I'll make this change for next maint.
  8. There is an issue with a node between us and a lot of players which is causing some connection issues, we ask that players be patient as there is nothing we can do to fix this issue outside of waiting for the node to be fixed.
  9. We do not have any changes in mind as of this time.
  10. Anyone that missed it, there is a wiki that is being worked on by a few players and myself (mostly the players). https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Portal
  11. Indeed! They were all commissioned.
  12. They are the only method.
  13. For notes about Illusion of Labyrinth see this topic below:
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