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  1. Panic

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    As much as I sympathize with the want for a weekend launch due to real life schedules I do not see us releasing earlier, sadly.
  2. Welcome friend! You'll be able to fine all sorts of information on our Wiki! And you can hop into our active Discord and find some buds to play with.
  3. I believe this to be a description bug as currently the card still compounds onto a garment, I will update the description and send a patch in a few moments. Edit: Patch has been sent.
  4. Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy your time with us, if you ever find yourself lost you can check out our Wiki page for information or join our discord and ask the community! Also feel free to contact anyone on the staff if you ever have any questions or need assistance~
  5. Panic

    Patch Notes

    We have temporarily disabled the Ashura Fairy hat quest until we fix a few issues with it!
  6. Hey friend, thanks for your suggestion but the suggestion section isn't for suggesting single pieces of equipment. We ask that you use this link instead https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/113-unimplemented-item-submissions/ I will be moving this to rejected.
  7. I can assure you that when this is released on kRO we will bring it here to NovaRO as soon as we can( all the changes kRO announced today will require us to get a new client).
  8. Panic

    Patch Notes

    I've sent a patch to fix this description issue above.
  9. Panic

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    That link details most of the info as for values and formulas we will not be sharing that info at this time.
  10. Panic

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    If you mean mean the performer changes we were postponing until now then you can views them just about anywhere as they were official changes. https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/
  11. Panic

    FE Draft WoE

    Fire Emblem Draft WoE Three Emperiums Edition.
  12. Panic

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    At this time we are not confirming any specific updates for any particular jobs. Correct this update will include increased job level to 65.
  13. Panic

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    At this time we are not confirming any specific updates for any particular jobs.
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