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  1. Tenta dar uma passada no draftcord que lá sempre tem GL recrutando guest/core pra woe https://discord.gg/z8gqddC
  2. enjoy :^) Link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZuXoszmzWtEQgQ03mltlWN8mcYQsKKft flat map not included
  3. I agree with these, cant u guys make another way to get demonic ashes? It's extremely frustrating to spend all day looking for a party that can kill the mvp, just to have a minimal chance to get wings (in my case I don't have an fixed party, so I need to look for another one everyday). i'm making an effort to log every day, look for a party that can kill, AND THEN have a chance to get the ashes it'll be extremely frustrating know that all this effort i made for one wing, and in the end finished with 2 trickster box pls noba :C
  4. GG, было весело
  5. it's very easy, even I who have little knowledge with grf I could do without any difficulty.
  6. If nova wants I can pass, my grf has these and other icons. sunset/gypsy's kiss/bragi/idun
  7. = > > . gg
  8. i'm looking for an woe guild RK DB build gears I'm just trying to start going woe now because now I have time to play on saturday
  9. B> +6 Temporal STR Fight / Lucky Day [1]
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