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  1. [ These changes have now been implemented ] Beginning with the upcoming PVP Tournament (Sunday, 20th Jan.), we have added new rewards. First Place Rewards (Per Member): 10,000 Nova Points x1 Vicious Mind Aura x5,000 Valor Badges Second Place Rewards (Per Member): 5,000 Nova Points x2 Aura Essences x3,000 Valor Badges Third Place Rewards (Per Member): 2,500 Nova Points x1 Aura Essence x2,000 Valor Badges Players will be able to exchange 3 Aura Essences for 1 Vicious Mind Aura, or 1 Vicious Mind Aura for 3 Aura Essences. Aura Essences and (uncolored) Vicious Mind Auras (Item IDs 20132 and 30102) will not be bound. Ten new colors of Vicious Mind Aura have been added. Black Item IDs: 32005 [L], 32016 [M] Blazing Item IDs: 32006 [L], 32017 [M] Blue Item IDs: 32007 [L], 32018 [M] Brown Item IDs: 32008 [L], 32019 [M] Green Item IDs: 32009 [L], 32020 [M] Orange Item IDs: 32010 [L], 32021 [M] Pink Item IDs: 32011 [L], 32022 [M] Purple Item IDs: 32012 [L], 32023 [M] Yellow Item IDs: 32014 [L], 32024 [M] Red Item IDs: 32015 [L], 32025 [M] Players who have won at least one PVP Tournament can unlock new aura colors at a cost of one Vicious Mind Aura per color. Auras can be freely recolored once colors have been unlocked. Recolored auras will be account bound, and must be set to the default color in order to be traded with other players. (Item IDs 20132 and 30102). All previously obtained Costume Vicious Mind Auras will be unbound.
  2. We won't be going with this specific idea, but we will be exploring other ideas and considering other solutions.
  3. We don't have any plans to customize this skill in such a way in the near future as it would have a major impact on its power. In the future please try to keep all replies constructive, I have removed the offending posts.
  4. Coming into the development of the Bio 5 reward system, we were faced with a difficult task. The original design behind this reward system was quite daunting, and typically, players expect behavior as close to official servers as possible. It was with this in mind that we developed the first version of the Tomb of the Fallen, which was released 3 days ago now. Since then, we've gotten a lot of comments that have made it quite clear to us that the average player does not want us to just follow the official implementation of these systems. Many vocal players have previously criticized us for the customization of any official content reward system simply because it's "not official". Moving forward, we will be placing a lesser emphasis on keeping everything "official", and instead place our efforts into developing fun and fair systems for all players to enjoy. With all of this in mind, and after many discussions, we've arrived at a new system which we feel is a large improvement over the old one. Thanks to this new system, the amount of mob kills required in order to progress will now be significantly lower for players in parties with 3 members or more, all the while promoting large party play rather than discouraging it. The following changes have now been applied to the live server: Drop System Updates: Drop rate of costume hats have been increased from 1% to 2.5%. Drop rate of Sentimental Fragments have been increased from 3% to 5%. The following drops are a separate chance for each player, with each person receiving their own loot (similar to the Summer Festival Grotto). Bubble gum applies to these drops normally (As long as killer has the effect, it will apply). Class Souls - 2.5% drop rate. Fallen Energy Particles - two 50% drops. Cursed Fragments - 5% drop rate. Players who multi-client will have a reduced drop rate for Class Souls, Fallen Energy Particles, and Cursed Fragments. Example: Three players, Players A, B, and C each have a single client, and one player, Player D, has 4 clients. Players A, B, and C will receive full drop rates, while player D will receive 1/4 drop rates on each of his clients. Enchantment Updates: The initial cost to enchant headgear has been reduced: Enchant 1: 100 -> 25 Enchant 2: 100 -> 25 Enchant 3: 100 -> 50 The Cursed Fragment cost of upgrading Special Enchants has been reduced by 10% across the board. Old Cost New Cost 200 180 400 360 500 450 700 630 1000 900 1500 1350 2500 2250 5000 4500 10000 9000 -The NovaRO Administration
  5. I'll be working on this in the near future.
  6. Jack

    Christmas Patch Notes #68

    Here is a preview for Fluttering Angel and Winter's Gift respectively. They work slightly different from normal hats, and cannot be previewed in-game.
  7. We don't have any plans to implement this item at this time.
  8. The main issue is the ticket system did not really reduce the number of requests to be returned to instances. Players would use their tickets to go back to town, etc, then later disconnect or crash. At which point they have no more tickets, and come to us asking to be returned to their instance.
  9. Making Kafra Cards and Token of Siegfried more accessible is a reasonable suggestion to me, I could see us possibly making some changes there. It has been an option on the table for some time, unrelated to the ticket system.
  10. As others have pointed out, the scope of this change is for the weapon attack and STR/DEX. Other topics are not part of this change.
  11. Seeings as this was answered, I'll move it to keep the suggestion forum tidy.
  12. Welcome to the server, I hope you enjoy your time here! I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends here if you put yourself out there, we've got a lot of friendly faces.
  13. Well thank you for expaining your position. We like to hear player opinions, and we do keep them in mind.
  14. Jack

    WoE Expansion (+Refines!) #51

    Primarily because not every new guild can organize 30 people to compete during first WoE. This change is chiefly for the groups that cannot attend first WoE, or are still building up their numbers. You won't be able to AFK for rewards in the near future, either. Misunderstanding a change doesn't make it poorly thought out.
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