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  1. i am not Sushi

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Because RKs need more buff. :^) #nokappa
  2. Yo, I'm looking for a PvM/PvP/WoE guild. I'm a geared warlock. Pros: instant-bro active af can be your wingman will not steal your girl can help you with your math homeworks (who even does that) awesome Cons: none HIT ME UP IGN : i am Sushi
  3. Selling : +9 Oni Horns +15 Crimson Dagger (Holy) +15 Crimson Dagger (Water) +4 Temporal Luk Boots (Crit4/SoL) Willing to Trade for : Warlock Gears (Leave Offer/Name) Kappa.
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