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  1. Woooo! Yeaaaaaah! Server Birthday!

  2. Similar bonuses are added, that's why 2 Sound Amplifiers will give you 100% variable cast reduction.
  3. I feel some Déjà Vu below

  4. You don't need to have changed at job 70. But it's highly recommended that you do for other skills.
  5. It'd be better personally if you could mutate a pet into another and still keep its stats. None of the above problems.
  6. Hey my friend, can u help me? whats up! can u help me please??


    I can not install the game, when I download 1.71gb .exe, I try to open it but nothing happens and my pc crashes.



  7. Bienvenue ! If you need help ingame, feel free to ask either in #main or in the #french channel
  8. hey sir , i cant login cause of "account id blocked by game master" how can i play?

  9. Are your bolts level at 10 ?
  10. You could say she's .... Less than Graceful
  11. Because Gravity has not yet released their expansion. When it'll come, they'll also get unlocked.
  12. Rappy Birthday !

    1. Nova


      Rappy rappy rappy.

  13. Wasn't aware you shared a birthday with Adri! Happy birthday my friend.

    1. Carmin


      Oh wow, I just saw that now, Thanks Nova

    2. Fluffs


      happy bday

  14. Explosive Kunais aren't equippable though, however there are Flying Fish, sold at Malangdo, that are neutral
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