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  1. Woooo! Yeaaaaaah! Server Birthday!

  2. I feel some Déjà Vu below

  3. Rappy Birthday !

    1. Nova


      Rappy rappy rappy.

  4. Carmin

    Patch Notes #187.5

    Try on moving targets, like in orc dungeon
  5. Carmin

    Crimson Weapons #32

    To add on the previous comment, it's curious that Elusive Evil Druids still maintain the same 0.5% drop that regular Evil Druids have. Divine Pride apparently says it's intended, but I suppose it was forgotten by either Gravity or DP.
  6. Carmin

    Patch Notes #187.5

    It seems like targets that are inbetween cells when the AoE moves gets ignored ? I'll try to look at it on kRO later on but I believe it affects all targets.
  7. Let's go over things point by point. 1) Range damage, I already stated in another report that Final Strike ignored racial/size reductions but was affected by Long range reductions. 2) No idea on Nova, but on kRO Final Strike always deal a minimum amount of damage, even if your HP is 1. 3) If you're Fujisawa on Discord, I already told you the Mirror Image behavior is the same on kRO. We might need to look at damage numbers and how bonuses/reductions are calculated @Nova
  8. Changed Status to Confirmed Comparisons of damage with Nova shows that the formula might be correct kRO Nova
  9. Carmin

    Halloween Art Contest

    Confirmed burning duration does not refresh on kRO.
  10. Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  11. Tested on kRO, the movement speed is the same as Agi Up / Mounts / Authoritative Badge. Test Gif
  12. I need to stop reading stuff and start playing #lazy

  13. Carmin

    Rebellion Awakening #23

    Rebel skills changed so much that it took me a eight page report to fill in everything . But I will be logging on and answer any questions you might have on them when I come back from work in about 10 hours.
  14. Hapy birthday !


  15. Happy birthday !

  16. Everyone is affected, you can see that here or on the shoutbox
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