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  1. Andie

    Discord Bot

    I'm curious how you got the APIs for weeklies and gramps. Did you also have an API access to the market place.
  2. Andie

    Patch Notes

    I'll share my thoughts on this after I came back and play to the server again with this server upgrade. It was way worse from before since it gives me a lot of lag spikes frequently, I'm from SEA. Tbh, I prefer the constant high ping than 280ms to 900ms in a surprise moment. Now I need to use VPN in order to play properly, which is really sad. I am just here to share my response to the Upgrade that was mentioned here.
  3. Well this is WoE and it is a lot different than the 5v5 and 3v3 in a small arena of the server event had before. Rewards are different and is not only closed to 5 or 3 talented players. Different tactics. Not fixated roster compositions like pvp tourney that had mandatory RK/Mins for 10 months to sure win. I think people will be happier with my said solution. Because literally 3pcs of tier 1 cards that are really beneficial for WoE can only be accounted and benifitted by one guild/team right now without surprise. Just two cents Thank
  4. Why not just make WoE 1 have 2 WoEs without mvp cards and 2 WoEs with mvp cards within a month? It's 4 WoEs in total every month anyway except February, of course, instead of selecting particular MvP cards Or was this already brought up by commissioners?
  5. Are you using Flutter for this?
  6. Castles are always open to anyone except Draft's but it's a replica anyway. You don't need the emp, cades, and stones to be there. That is when you need to go for the training chamber. If you're going to study the castle layout then go in with a sura then snap all around, take pictures, devise a plan then propose to your guild. I did that before with the guilds that I had been, finding blind spots to ecall, good choke points for pre-cast and how to avoid it, etc. I can't believe you've been here for whatever you said and didn't know that. So, I just pointed that tip for you. Gathering in entrance for 5 minutes. That's like roughly 10% of WoE time and it's been a nuissance for years. This is why 3 way Cyr was proposed by Midnight before.
  7. Don't we have repair scrolls for this? Or as what the comment above said or make it uninterruptible while retaining the repair scroll's cast time.
  8. I don't think it's that OP tbh, still counterable. Just take off their explosive state most of the time then it'll be a problem for them for a second and a half to cast critical explosion in a midst of clash. This is mostly a job for a sorc, rg, and another sura (absorb spirit) by guarding incoming cc suras. Inability to regenerate sp in all means by some time is a well fair trade off for using an ultimatum. It's just they're very superior in mobility that's why it is hard to counter by hand.
  9. Suggesting a resolution from this matter since the comment section was disabled as soon as possible: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/10597-woe-rule-clarification/ I suggest a method of disabling the usage of skills of those members of a guild or guilds who will enter the castle with less than the minimum required member count to get rewards from WoE track. In WoE 1, if i can recall correctly, it's a minimum of 10 participating members to attain rewards. This will also help the GMs to track the griefing team(s) and not be fully dependent on videos/excel sheets from participating players by studying the data table kills list on the website, since guild(s) who doesn't reach the minimum count of members does not register or being shown to the website's WoE data table. Or another method of not letting the guild(s) with less than the required of participants to enter castle itself. I suggested disabling skills first so other people could spectate freely without being harmed or causing harm, though they may tend to be a nuisance, I don't know; it depends on ones perspective. Disclaimer: I am not siding on any certain party's perspective. I do believe coordinated 10+ mechs can dominate GvGs or any defense and so is 24 asura suras in Cyr :^) And I also believe there are intimidating moments on encountering such line ups which proper lined up guilds think them as a threat in any way. TLDR; WoE. Disable skill usage or castle entrance for those guild(s) who has lesser member count from the minimum participating guild members required to attain WoE track rewards.
  10. Like I mentioned from my comment before, it's hard to make a consistent roster before because Sunday mornings are not the type of day every Asian would like to wake up early. You need to also consider the time also for the westerners who are currently playing this event in order for them to still participate. WoE 2 had real guilds before. Just skim the history of 2018 WoE 2 stats. Though the roster of the guilds were really overwhelming and not easy to beat. Also to mention 815 died because some players got banned, so there the story goes. Because the guild defending the castle is obviously overwhelming and over powered to newbies. And that's the only time I can recall that Alliance didn't use any MvP card(s) on my history of playing Nova WoE. I don't mean any insult but that's what I have experienced. Tbh, if I am, for example, starting out as a WoE player here on this server, I'd be discouraged on how the threads and history of what the current defending guild does. It's really obvious: YT vids which are a lot, website stats, stories, mvp cards on their hands. The only thing I can see to save Nova's WoE is dispersing the players from the strong guild, like what happens in Draft; that is why most of the newbies / non-competitive players are comfortable with draft because people are dispersed randomly that gives them a feeling of having a chance in competition. I'd really like to see the Nova WoE environment to be competitive again but a lot of people I played with, especially the Russians, already left and I am honestly lazy to gear up again on another server just to WoE. Coaching the new ones can be a bit tacky against overpowered enemies.
  11. I lead a WoE 2 guild (aNiMaL, etc.) for 3-4 weeks when the time was changed to 7 AM or 8 AM of Sunday prior to most Asia countries' timeline. Most of the Asian players were late or oversleeps since it was a Sunday morning. Sunday is a lazy day, I personally believe. It was hard to complete and have a consistent roster when the problem occurs every time since there's only few players who were willing to play WoE 2 thus hard to find replacements on specific roles. Fighting against a fully stacked guild and consistent guild was really hard especially it was a 1 vs 1. Our enemies that time were mostly Alliance people / friends (Converge Guild) and this happened after Nova enabled the MvP cards again in WoE 2. Note that westerners had WoE 2 on their evenings / late noon on that time change so their minds are ready for games unlike us who just woke up to fight powerful players.
  12. If this is how you think then the rewards break the essence of why players are participating WoE on the first place. The rewards were introduced so the actual WoE Players who competes are kept motivated and has something to receive on their end as keeping the competition active by investing zeny for mats and stuffs, these weren't meant to lure out minimal effort entrance guards for an hour and be annoying to get their points on obtaining cute hats. They should just focus on how to revamp WoE 1 instead since it's the primary WoE scene. WoE 2's been dead for so long, why bother? So people just go for rewards on their cute hats / trades?
  13. Apart from this, is because once you landed a GOH, it has no animation on the following next series of GOH that's why it's not that quite tankable when the attacker has very low health & fully locked gears. I think having delay is really necessary either on the Body Relocation itself or to GOH itself. TC/GOH combo has animations unlike this one button skill. Also all competitive players in BG/WoE are all investing enough to keep themselves alive. It's frustrating that in a glimpse of a second that a fully buffed player with 10% HP deals 13k per tick and gets away with it easily.
  14. Defending team always consist of slow pokes to flag 1-1. They buff on spawn of start of conquest instead of flagging first then buff there on stone, so they put precautionary measures such as putting pneuma asap they flagged 1-1 or 1-2.
  15. Andie

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    "When Raid hits, the target will take 30% additional damage for 10 second (15% on bosses)." Does this amplify the damage of physical or magical or both?
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