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  1. The truth is that it is really hard to get into the PvP world. Gears keep changing, and the level of gears is also changing, to the point that we have been established that to be "decent" on the PvP scene you need to be "op". That's how it is. I don't think the standards are ever going down. That said; there's still possibilities to start on that scene, for example, BG is free to join, however you want to join, of course being a decisive player on your team is really hard. After playing for years I'm not even decisive on BG. Respecting the WoE scene, you can start building your own n
  2. TWT Chapter 5. Part 2 epilogue. TWT Chapter 5. Battle of Kings. Part 2. There's the result. Even Geitzz can't always win but, "you can't defeat who never surrenders". This storyline (and ending) shown in part my fight against a bigger force I couldn't change though I tried my best to get the best for the global people. I might be down, but I will rise up once again. This is the ending of TWT ; TWT was a show-off of strength, power, strategy/wisdom and friendship. The whole TWT has been such a complex journey re
  3. TWT Chapter finale epilogue: There's no more waiting. Most probably you won't have time to figure out what's right inside there, cause it's gonna be revealed now. TWT Chapter 5. Battle of Kings. Part 1. Last fight of the TWT journey, one on one. Will any of them two drop the crown off their head? (king) Geitzz vs King Pouring place your bets
  4. But not Mega White Potions allowed in that place
  5. TWT Chapter 4. Side B. A King's will. Part 1. Did the time finally come? Is this the last step on the Water Trials journey? Is this where Geitzz wanted to end this? This is Geitzz in its entirely; strong, resistant, brave and fierce. Part 2. There was a grave just for one. The King of the lobsters even jumped with that hit. Spear all the way across it. Geitzz just made a "pinchito" out of it. Bon Appetit. Part 3. I was sweating watching Geitzz's low red HP bar. He sh
  6. It's all on TWT story. In case you don't remember, Geitzz started his journey with his crown and with his King title on his mouth; therefore he got surprised by a gang of pirates which made the ship go sinking; he's now a self claimed captain cause he lead his ship to the coast (though he got help from his Gryphon). Not related to this but I can also say there's some easter eggs in any content, so you can just make your own conclussions or ask me directly If you need the explanation. He lost his crown, but he will face any King that crosses his way to get it back. (easter egg
  7. Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 1. Next step. Spear vs Spear fighting on Cliff's edge. Will Geitzz, a former king, recently named as captain win or will Zeus (can you guys remember this mob's name? I do) ? Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 2. This is how a winner looks like. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end. Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 3. I never had any doubt. Geitzz's spear is the biggest and strongest spear! You can pay attention to three main details in here: 1. You can see me clapping with my
  8. Chapter III. Miss mermaid and the heartbreak King. 1st part. Love song. Geitzz fell deeply in love with the young sister of the mermaids. I'm not sure why but I don't think it's love at all. 2nd part. Loyalty is Royalty I knew Geitzz was in trouble. Thankfully I always have a solution. 3rd part. Geitzzaway. Once he got his sense back he had to finish the job. By now we have seen Sacrifice is not his only attack; he also manages perfectly the Grand cross and the Moon slasher strat. Will we be surprised with a new attack? This is the e
  9. TWT Trailer Chapter III. He heard that singing, that got his heart ringing.
  10. Actually a really small portion of Nova's population introduce themselves on Forums. I didn't do it when I first got here, and it even took me really long (1~2 years) to start checking the forums. Nova ro is reeeally overpopulated server, that's for sure one of the strongest things we(the server) have. Hope you have fun and find your own way of enjoyment in here. Don't forget that you need slow starts to point higher! Don't hesitate on asking people if you have any doubt/trouble. And as a personal advice; Don't trust these GM's that much; They just want to get closer to y
  11. Entering the second half of the whole TWT storyline I'm gonna say the next chapters will be quick-fire chapters. This means they will not have that long wait between chapter start and chapter ending. The TWT season chapter finale will come on Saturday 31st August. The following chapters will show the real Water Trials (We could also consider the whole journey to the cave was also a water trial. But Geitzz didn't know it would be that complicated reaching there). The Water Trials are a show-off of strength, power and strategy/wisdom.
  12. It's from Ice dungeon's illusion dungeon's quest, you can finish the quest with it, or you can place it on the "character storage" option with the Cat Kafra ; but yeah i would like to break it anyway
  13. Trailer 2nd Chapter. So Geitzz had this map. I can see where is he going now.
  14. As a celebration of the sum of 1.000 views between TFA and TWT. I'm gonna answer a few out-screen points. When did the concept came up? TFA (The Forest Adventure) didn't come up as an actual mini-series project. It was just a screenshot with an idea on mind we made for the past Spring Screenshot contest (IN WHICH WE DIDN'T WIN ). It wasn't until a few weeks later we actually decided to continue it. What's the story behind starting a full-screenshot mini-series in an Arts section? I thought I saw things differently than everybody in terms I always saw art in the least common things,
  15. I don't think Stylist NPC is really a need in there. They are on determined places such as Prontera, Verus and the top floors in Main Office
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