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  1. A fellow old Generation Ro Player
  2. The truth is that it is really hard to get into the PvP world. Gears keep changing, and the level of gears is also changing, to the point that we have been established that to be "decent" on the PvP scene you need to be "op". That's how it is. I don't think the standards are ever going down. That said; there's still possibilities to start on that scene, for example, BG is free to join, however you want to join, of course being a decisive player on your team is really hard. After playing for years I'm not even decisive on BG. Respecting the WoE scene, you can start building your own name on the "mid tier" guilds. Let me explain this; there are the strong guilds that really comply with the current "op" standards, thing that it's not to be judged, RO in 2019 has come to this. But there are those other guilds that group themselves to get the WoE rewards and keep developing themselves. Mostly they are known for "entrance campers", not that I support the idea of camping the entrance, but I support the idea of the not so op players grouping themselves and I hope it serves to them to keep developing and keep going better. About the real PvP (referring to PvP rooms) It's completely useless now, such a waste of time to try to join the PvP scene if the pvp room is your main objective. I was the main PvPer on the server, living inside the room, but it's been a while since I finished doing that, and I have to say the pvp room scenario went sraight down. You could also be interested on the PvP Tournaments. Truth is that IT'S REALLY HARD TO BE SUCCESSFUL ON IT. But If you get a couple of friends and want to join it just for the fun, for the "let's try this" that's the best thing you could do. The more teams joining the tournament, the better the tournament it is.
  3. Actually a really small portion of Nova's population introduce themselves on Forums. I didn't do it when I first got here, and it even took me really long (1~2 years) to start checking the forums. Nova ro is reeeally overpopulated server, that's for sure one of the strongest things we(the server) have. Hope you have fun and find your own way of enjoyment in here. Don't forget that you need slow starts to point higher! Don't hesitate on asking people if you have any doubt/trouble. And as a personal advice; Don't trust these GM's that much; They just want to get closer to you to @kill you and dance over you
  4. What's the point on deleting consumables after the Kotd event. Have you think about they are also pretty cheap on NP and also as other solution increasing their Deep Coins price? I find it way more unbalanced *giving* those free 5~7.5k NP headgears than a 100NP foods but well, everybody with their logic. Justice for the support classes
  5. 50.000 NP for the 1st place? That makes me somehow mad. Didn't you think about support classes being able to support the mvp to try to poach their damage records? We must make us be heard
  6. Actually I didn't join any "gang". I almost fought everybody that entered in pvp room at least once. Thing that I saw many people in that "ranking" being sit down while there is anyone better than them and stand up when they see a weaker prey to chase down. Pvp honor is not won by points, but for acts and facts
  7. Better keep those non-nice looking headgears as rewards. Most pvp people doesn't actually deserve big rewards. I've seen people that could do potential fights just team up against the others, pvp isn't a place where you can show you're over the rest anymore
  8. Hello, I'm Geitzz's Gryphon, but if you need advices, you can free whisp Geitzz. First of all don't try to rush your learning. As being a starter, the most easy class can be Ranger (if you're a fan of Double Login and just depending on your own abilities, you just met your end-game Ranger/AB). Easy (but not extremely) leveling. Check those eden Quests and later check the gramps quests. If you decided to go Ranger, check the White wing set (from Mora) at some point, since it's the most useful gear as a starting Ranger. There is no secret formula for zenny farming, even less while being a starter. The reccommendation is for you to slowly discover the numerous instances that you can find there https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Instances / Easy ones really able to finish it without a big deal are Ghost Palace, Airship Assault, and Mora-Hazy Forest and get to know your chances on the most profitable instance-zenny farming source.
  9. i didn't get my tickets Maybe my ro art is not appreciated enough. Somehow you don't really need good specific abilities like drawing, you just need good ideas and project them to make them real
  10. I'm glad to present the first part of the independent filme The Forest Adventure which will be released late Spring. No lunatics were harmed in the filming. IGN: Geitzz
  11. I want to earn this pin so I steal someone's hopes, they feel jealous and i get to be relevant again. IGN: Roseroth
  12. I don't see much in the second screensh, the wedding one was nice, I was there but they cut me out
  13. IGN: Roseroth "Best rivals on screen, best friends off screen"
  14. I don't totally see how can three slave merchants treated as loading mules be seen as a holiday cheer. (he is not even in the sleigh) So I won't even talk about throwing ice to people, it's not even snow. And the 3 vs 1 disadvantage won't even be discussed. Finally... I don't think santa starts cheering up with fireworks right after throwing them gifts through the chimney
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