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  1. Nice update Can't wait to not use the majority of them. The Elemental Converter duration and recipe change is cool tho.
  2. >People makes a forum post https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/10862-equalize-movement-abilities-in-bg/ complaining about movement skills and (indirectly) about how broken Snap is on BG. >Siege Commissioner's makes Fallen Angel (which acts a bit like Snap) don't consume coins in BG. What? Customizing BG thinking about WoE, ok, right... They're totally the same, indeed...
  3. Hikari Owari

    New Year's Teaser

    Hard decision between EDDA Bio weapons and current ones for Warlock... But the enchants are so good.... pororoca shoes when?
  4. Hikari Owari

    Christmas Patch Notes

    So... what's the deal of those new consumables for weekly coins? Shining Defense Scroll > +500 DEF and +200 MDEF for 1 hour, not dispelled on death; Gin Potion of Energy > 5% Max SP Regen per 5s + Move Speed for 1 hour, not dispelled on death; Gin Rejuvenation Potion > 4% Max HP Regen per 3s + Move Speed for 1 hour, not dispelled on death. Is there a meaning behind this or just wanting to turn any class into a semi-tank now? +500 DEF is a reduction of 50% to incoming damage (you only get 50% of original damage) +200 MDEF is a reduction of 60% to incoming damage (you only get 40% of original damage) With all those new pots for weekly coins + their rework, I wouldn't be surprised if someone (read: not a 5b+ gear person) managed to solo (or duo) farm BIo 5 with RK or GX now...
  5. Edda - Fall of Glast Heim in a nutshell (from MATK standpoint): MVP - Neutral with Damage Heal (Heals when hit by Magic Attack) when Low HP Monster 1 - Dark 2 Monster 2 - Fire 3 Monster 3 - Holy 2 Monster 4 - Dark 4 My guess is that the MVP isn't Dark 4 to don't reduce the healing from magic when Damage Heal procs. Heh~ Gravity at best when making instances anything, it's like they can't stand the sight of a magic class not doing reduced dmg or being happy overall~ Thanks for the new gamemode on BG, most ppl will still skip it over KvM because if it's going to have an unbalanced team fight (and one sided massacre) most times, better spend only 1~2 minutes instead of 5 to get your loss.
  6. Hikari Owari

    Patch Notes

    Before rework it wasn't able to crit anyway and a 1500% modifier. After rework it don't crit (custom bg/woe/pvp modification) but have 7 range + snap and 1750% modifier. It have 0 influence in what I questioned. Shouldn't a no-cast 7 cell target-based snap bundled with a high damage skill be reverted (on bg/woe/pvp) to the old range (melee) considering the class already have ways to close the gap (Dark Illusion) and have Invisibility bundled in the Skill Tree?
  7. Hikari Owari

    Patch Notes

    Shouldn't it be reversed on BG/WoE? That's a no-cast 7 cell target-based snap bundled with a high damage skill. It's even more effective cause the class already uses invisibility to get close to their target, now they can do so from ever far...
  8. Cross Impact Range = 7 Cells w/ Gap Close to Target on use (Still Melee Damage) ---> Good luck trying to reveal them on battleground b4 they burst you down. Cross Impact Cooldown = 0,7s --> Tanking with Safety Wall will be viable? I'm..... kinda interest to see how it'll play.
  9. Old Magic Stone Hat is an Account Bound, Crafted, Headgear. Look at the NovaRO wiki about Bio 5 Hats. Any equip that increases neutral damage should work on comet, as it's neutral damage. Comet is pretty good, eats a little more SP but gives a debuff that increases all magic elemental damage by 50% (neutral too), but: -Costs 22 points to memorize (Crimson Rock costs 12); -Don't have cards that increases it's damage directly (Crimson Rock have (Bio 5) Kathryne Keyron); -Can't be spammed w/o using Release (Chain Lightning and Soul Expansion don't rely on Release); -Don't have a buff focused on it (Intense Telekinesis increases Ghost Magic damage by 300%, halves Cast Time and SP Cost). Still a great skill with an really good debuff and huge AoE, and it's a 5000%MATK neutral damage, just missing Holy on the Warlock's kit to have access to all elements. Don't bother yourself too much with Meta, people will still prefer Rangers over Warlocks in 95% of the game content IF they have to choose. (Other's 5% is MH2 where the low MDEF makes it not so cringe to DPS with MATK) Play the way you have fun with. Find a guild and you'll prolly have access to runs in end game content no matter what you build, prolly. About Sunflower or Crimson Rod: Do weeklies, get a Mad Bunny [weekly coin] and run with Crimson Rod + Mad Bunny until you get enough money to either get a Vicious Mind Rod w/ 20% ACD or get/enchant Sunflower Boy.
  10. Top: Old Magic Stone Hat Mid: New Wave Sunglasses Bot: Rainbow Scarf Armor: Illusion Armor B-Type Weapon (Crimson Rock): Sunflower Boy Weapon (Chain Lightning Spam): Vicious Mind Rod Shield (if wanted): Mad Bunny or Cursed Knight's Shield Garment: Magical Heroic Cape Boots: Illusion Leg B-Type Accessories (Crimson Rock): Illusion Battle Chip R/L or Magic Intensifier Ring Accessories (Chain Lighting): Expert Ring Refine: Necessary for refine effects; Cards: MATK; Elemental Damage %, Racial%, MDEF Ignore Combo. Depends of what you want; Edit: That's a "base" meta build, items may vary if you're focusing in a specific build.
  11. Hikari Owari

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Crimson Rock damage remains what is was before the patch, but with removed Stun. Jack Frost damage remains what is was before the patch, but with removed Freeze. Good Job, those people clearly DON'T like Warlock having any advantage, even when needed. "Let's block half the Warlock update for PvP, but only the part that's benefit for the class"
  12. WL QoL updates, finally. Now maybe WL can try to compete with Rangers in both Solo and Party Runs, as they are the ones who should do High, Elemental, Nuke Damage, not a stupid archer throwing enchanted arrows and hitting half the screen for 1 Nuke/second. ¬.¬ Sura Buffs? Really? BG nowadays is who got more Suras in the team wins. How to balance Sura in pvp in two steps. -Add 0.5s Cooldown to Snap. -Apply patch. Anyone who's saying magic damage is overpowered, warlock is overpowered and need nerfs, go lubrificate that arrow of yours ykw and go back to solo 2/3 of the content of the game with your mouth shut.
  13. Why not a drawing event using Safety Wall? With a soul linker, any wizard can use safety wall without gems cost, and it's fun to draw things to everyone see when with this effect. The prize can be 10 blue gems xD
  14. Ninja class is hard, not weak. And magic is one of the things you can do, not the only one. If was to talk about ninja in pvp, I remember throwing kunai was a thing when I played on officials. Do the ninjas lost this skill? I'm not ignoring the positive points of the class in pvm, but most of them excluding dps are only necessary in specific parts. Warlock have a nice crowd control and can deal with mobs with relatively ease, but this is only useful when soloing or playing in a party of 3 members. In the "gold time" we needed party to almost anything, leveling and mvping, now the only thing necessary is a ranger and an ab and the sky is the limit. And the warlock shine in party situations, while parties at the moment mean ranger, support and fillers. Like I said two or three pages before, I'll not stop playing the class because I enjoy the class. And, by chance, are you saying that what I say don't matter, but if another person comes and say the same thing it matter? If yes, then you have a problem with me, not with what I'm talking. Have I insulted you somehow? Sorry if I did that. The example with increasing def was me saying that turning things easier or harder don't matter for me. I'm well aware that the server follow the kRO content, in some posts I mentioned kRO official contents because of that. Looking foward for the updates in kRO comming to here whenever possible, if you want. And thank you for posting.
  15. Just starting saying that if you don't find a party looking for a warlock to go instances isn't bad luck, they stopped looking for one. Last time i went old glast heim hard mode a member of the party, after I used crimson rock, said surprised: "We have a WL?" just to see how uncommon it is for some people. ---------- They are "hunters" as warlocks are "mages", and? Isn't because they are meant to be easy to play that they should render unnecessary the presence of another dpd (magic) in the majority of endgame content, that isn't being easy to play but being unbalanced. If warlocks aren't that unnecessary you would see more people looking for warlocks for said instances, but as you said, rangers are too more easy. You saying "It's a lot better that way" means to me "It's a lot better that I can play monk and the mage is the one suffering now". The difference between the" gold days" and now are basically which class is suffering with unbalanced mechanics. You're, for me, saying that being unbalanced isn't bad if it don't affect you. And you're saying that everyone that don't think the way you think don't know how to play the class and should stop and get better first? Please tell me how much I, or everyone, need to play certain class to be able to start discussing about it, I'll take note and make another topic with the print of your reply at the start after I get this much time playing the class. You can balance a dps situation in two ways: Turn easier or harder for both sides. The topic is asking for bslance, not saying which type is wanted. Just make def reduce damage the same way mdef does (turning dps harder to both physical and magical damage) and in the first week there will be a post claiming that the games is unbalanced because the damage of warlocks don't changed. Math is a solid way to show which dps is higher or lower, which case you get more or less reduction, which skill is more or less effective while spamming in a certain period of time. Unless the person made a mistake while calculating, you can't deny the results. That's what mathematic have of most beautiful.
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