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  1. oh I didn't know you were asking for Monster Hunter Tank Build. my bad. I thought you were asking for Bio5.
  2. I don't have the slightest clue of what those commands do but thanks for explaining them. =)
  3. Hi guys! I recently found a way to lower my ping by 40 - 20 points and I would like to share it to you guys. This might not work on yours but no harm in trying. =) My pings are: On peak hours I get 290ms - 300ms On good hours I get 270ms - 280ms After I tried this on my PC I got 250ms - 260ms. So here's how I did it. First, I monitor my ping in Nova via CMD. Search Windows Box > type RUN > enter > type CMD > enter on the black screen type: ping -t or ping -t (second options gives more accurate numbers) Next. Click Search Window > type CMD > right click > click Run as Administrator type this command and press enter netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt next type this command and press enter netsh winsock reset next type this command and press enter ipconfig /flushdns lastly type this command and press enter exit After typing those commands, restart your computer. I do not guarantee this will work but it worked on mine so maybe some of you out there is in similar shoes as me and might find this helpful. Ciao. Also, If you have not done this. Please do this also since I have done this step already. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/TCPNoDelay_Tutorial
  4. dps/tank sura cries in the corner. (sad doggy noises)
  5. champ

    Healing Role Update

    please revert Gentle Touch Cure changes. . pleaseeeeee.... dam 30 sec cooldown
  6. bio 5 hat for sura is old blazing soul and u need to get magic essence enchant but sura has different types of tanking builds and u could mix and match a lot of equips snap (body relocation skill) tanking is the best choice because its faster (only good for fast parties) but also expensive in gears and consumables asgard blessing is the better option for starters imo.
  7. if u plan to use steel body to tank the best option in gears are fixed cast time reduction gears this is to counter dispel skill from sorc sura bio 5 hat with lvl 5 magic enchant +9 dex soutane dex bless (swap to this when SB running out) +0 kings schmidt armor with with loli riuri card and heal skill must be maxed (use during sb) safety knuckle safety pendant safety epaulet +9 illusion A boots fixed cast enchant mad bunny with alice endeavor token potion with fixed cast time
  8. champ


    I was speaking in the perspective what newbies to sura would be facing in reality since the poster said it was affordable. What I mean by reality is what the average population of dps suras would be doing.
  9. champ


    I think Sura should be lower than cat or even maybe gene. Considering the scarcity of sura weapons and gears aside from Dedicated Bandage for KA build, it is not affordable. Also, dps TC sura in MH2 is pretty underwhelming. It would be better to be as a dps Tank or Utility.
  10. back to geffenia then T-T what a sad update
  11. champ

    PVE Sura Build

    They know it is a bug then why not fix it? Also the damage computation for TC does not primarily depend on element, size of monster is also considered.There are a lot of times where you encounter a mob with small and large monsters and that is whrere the splash is really important. The gear you use is solely for the purpose of killing large but you cant kill small because of the separate computation. Not fixing a bug for years intentionally is already considered a nerf. If kRo customized the Focus Beret then wouldn't that item be considered official behavior coming from the official serever? All I see is class bias. Oni Horns got its effect changed why not Focus Beret? kRo devs adopted that item because of the lack of build diversity for the class. Clearly none of the Nova staff plays a pve Sura judging from the bugs found in the class. Heck I even found a bug that has not been found since the start of the server. What is even funny about what I said?
  12. champ

    PVE Sura Build

    1. Tiger Cannon splash, I think there are a lot of kro videos showing this. Its been sitting on Bug Fix for quite a while now. 2. GoH, changed in order to reduce damage to players thus removing the ability to kill High Agi monsters with HP damage portion. 3. Focus Beret, changed official behavior to custom thus forcing Sura players to stick to 3 builds. Asura/Tiger/GoH. 4. Asura, last I read Nova was planning to change the damage formula since it became pretty powerful with the new patches. 5. Probably Knuckle Arrow in the future. So far these are the ones I could remember.
  13. champ

    PVE Sura Build

    Probably not. The class keeps on getting nerfs and I feel like it's not worth investing my time on. The server leans more towards pvp and thus greatly compromises the pve side of the class. However, I am going to make an updated guide on a different server and most likely will have similar gears with Nova.
  14. Can we set aside competition for the sake of future proofing the pvp scene? No matter how un-competitive it is for veteran players or unejoyable, pvp needs more players. It gets more uncompetitive the smaller the player base btw. Also, you can't just tell newbies to use certain classes they are not familiar with to fill roles even though it costs only 100m or more to make it woe worthy. I suggest to just invite anyone who wants to join. The idea is to inspire newbies with these classes you guys are saying. I mean what made you choose the class you are playing for woe right now, when you first started long ago?
  15. champ

    Monster Hunting Blog #2

    Tbh, I hope they would mimic the boss mechanics of Dragon Nest in which the boss monster would alert you with a marked AoeE and evade (given more time since not all classes have escape skills) in that way it would be more engaging. Sooner or later with more gears coming tank roles are going to be obsolete and its back to bursting the MvPs in couple of seconds.
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