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  1. MisMG

    Episode 17.1: Illusion

    Another great patch! Always looking forward to patch notes because they always hold surprises Since this patch brought some changes to Illusion of Labyrinth: Will you also reduce refine requirements for other Illusion dungeon sets like you did with Illusion Goibne's set (for example Illusion TGL & Illusion Boots)?
  2. Thanks a lot for translating. Really excited for Dragon Breath Elemental Change. Some changes seem to be op like Lux Anima Rune. Looks like there will be lots of potential new PVM builds.
  3. Would it be possible to remove cooldown in PVM or at least MH2? I know you most probably won't customize skills that way but its a huge drawback and afaik there is no way to counter/deal with it (instant cast and temp dex boots do not help).
  4. Hi, I played some MH2 today and there is some skill change I'd like to suggest. Getting killed while 16th night is on cooldown cuts your DPS by far more than 50% (!) for the rest of it's cooldown. It makes getting killed much more punishable than other classes. Maybe PVM or MH2 only.
  5. Didn't have time to hunt new monsters yet, but it definitely looks very well-made. And new loadings screens are awesome. Do you already have changes in mind?
  6. As long as my calculation is correct. Wickebine also has to proc, so it should be even lower than +12. About other daggers: - Crimson Dagger: Two slots, 112 MATK, level 3 weapon, 60-80m zeny for +15. - Vicious Mind Dagger: Just one slot, 162 MATK, level 4 weapon, first and second enchant are useless for magic damage, third enchant can be very useful with ASPD+5. CTR 20% is also possible (https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Sky_Fortress), 300m+ zeny for +15. - Infinity Dagger: Just one slot, 100 MATK, level 4 weapon, up to Spell 16 enchant, resetting has a chance to destroy your weapon which makes it hard to get a high refined weapon with 20% CTR. VM Dagger should be better and is much easier to obtain. - Faceworm Queen's Leg: Two slots, INT+3, 120 MATK, level 4 weapon, probably most expensive of these weapons at +15. I didn't know you can get +5 ASPD on VM Dagger. I think it was updated since last time I checked it. I guess two +15 VM Dagger with +5 ASPD enchant each combined with Wickebine might be best in slot weapon for DPS over time against high MDEF monster cause +10 ASPD makes it so much easier to get high ASPD. I just tested spamming Knuckle Boost with 189 and 193 ASPD and there was little to no difference. Maybe it's because of my ping. You would have to test it for yourself or wait for someone else to reply I guess. EDIT: Knuckle Boost is not really a good skill to test this as it does not have an animation like Flaming Petals etc. Kind of forgot about that, sorry.
  7. Hey, Mikatsuki set bonus applies only once. Therefore two +10 Mikatsuki would give 20% CTR when worn with Spell Circuit. Same for other set bonus. Mikatsuki + Raksasa Dagger would work. Don't settle with +10, refine to at least +12. It probably takes around 2-10 HD Bradium. I don't know if it's a good idea to go for 100% CTR. For maximum damage output as Oboro you need to reach full cast time reduction, get MDEF pierce and 193 ASPD for spamming the maximum amount of skills per second with horrible 140 equip ASPD while not leaving major parts of your damage behind (Nightmare Ancient Mummy, Mavka, Spell Circuit). Right now it's not even possible to get full CTR while having 193 ASPD (correct me if I am wrong). A more balanced build might be better as ASPD is really important. In theory it's possible to cast 7.14 Flaming Petals/minute at 193 ASPD, 5 FP/minute at 190 ASPD and 2.5 FP/minute at 180 ASPD. Just to make clear how important ASPD is. Another problem is if you want to use water/wind elemental skills (like Freezing Spear vs. Illusion of Luanda mobs) you need to switch some very expensive key parts of your gear. My recommendation is double Isilla Card. They proc very well. It's still neccesarry to reach at least 50% CTR with gear so activating one Isilla Cards let's you reach instant cast (both proc individually iirc). I would go for: o +7 Spell Circuit (10%) o +12 mikatsuki with AGI enchants (17%) o at least +8 Raksasa Dagger with AGI enchants (8%) or +10 4-slotted Dagger with magical damage vs race/size/element (for example 4x Colorful Teddy Bear Card, Fire Frilldora Card) o Whatever you want to reach a total of 50% CTR (MIR with CTR/ASPD enchants, DEX Shadow Set, Spell Enchant) It's much cheaper than 100% CTR build. You can build for water (and wind) element without spending too much zeny. And it allows some more options to increase your ASPD like +10-12 Giant Snake Skin with AGI enchants. Monster Hunter 2 comes end of July and brings some new shadow gear. This should make it easier to reach instant cast. You could go for Isilla Cards for now and gear up when MH2 arrives. It looks like Ninja shadow set comes on July 31 which gives all stats +3 and some ASPD and there should be more. Ninja + Oboro shadow set give all stats +10 in total but Oboro shadow set might come at a later date (This is based on forum post in developer's blog, I don't have any other information). About Wickebine's I am not really sure. I mean if they proc they give amazing damage vs. high MDEF bosses. While Spell Circuit increases skill damage permanently by a great portion, gives MATK and CTR. Especially when wearing both dagger (+60% Flaming Petals when both are +12). Fenrir has 70 MDEF. According to iroWiki this equals a damage reduction of 38% (= 62% damage). Wickebine would deal 100% damage when it procs, while Spell Circuit deals 62% * 1,60 = 99%. Without taking MATK into calculation. Not sure if my calculation is correct, sorry if it's wrong.
  8. Wow, can't wait for NovaEXT 2.0! So many great changes. What does /bowsette do?
  9. I actually like these new quests. They made me do instances I never did before (endless cellar , last room, next one is demon god), added some new farming spots and make old content relevant. But I had a lot of those items in my storage and didn't have to farm every single item, maybe that's why.^^ I agree with BDM quest, it's a bit too long.
  10. If this would halve the price of Illusion stones, it still would be 18,75m zeny for 125 Illusion stones. It would be a good start, though. After checking transaction history I assume over 80% of Illusion gears come from Illusion of Moonlight and cost 10 Illusion Stones.
  11. I think Illusion dungeons need some further improvements. Latest Illusion dungeons require us to collect up to 125 Illusion stones which are about 37.5m zeny. My suggestion would be to either add Illusion stones as a drop to latest Illusion dungeons mobs or Lower required Illusion stones for several items. Especially those that came with recent illusion dungeons.
  12. GX CRIT got nerfed recently (EDP was changed, Oni Horns were fixed). Rolling cutter build is probably better for general use. You can solo instances like HTF, OGH normal, Jitterbug and some more. You have AOE damage and it's much easier to level up, too. Check Illegal's guide on Novawiki for more information https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illegal's_PvM_Guillotine_Cross_Guide You will need 185 ASPD and 30% ACD reduction (Expert rings + Excellion Set). Aim for 187 ASPD and 35% ACDR. And use Succubus Pet + Rideword Hat for sustain.
  13. Lucky items from January Kashua's Secret Box (whatever that means :D) Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3281-archive-kro-cash-shop-items/&tab=comments#comment-5347
  14. I appreciate recent changes to illusion dungeons though there is still some gear which is extremely hard to get. Therefore I would like to suggest to lower required illusion stones for several items. Especially those that came with recent illusion dungeons. One of them, Illusion Survivor's staff requires 125 illusion stones which are about 35m. Just stones, you will still need a lot of other materials. For just one staff. I don't see any reason why Illusion Survivor's Staff is 125 stones, Staff of bordeaux is 30 stones and Long Mace is just 10. I bet kRO does neither.
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