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  1. just a suggestion for 85 gramps use mobs that are Brute/Insect and large size and Some Undead for Turn Undead/holyLight build Priests. so the Hunter class can use their "Beast strafing" and the Blacksmith can buff them "Weapon perfection" for ignore size penalty edit:pls make the potions from Newbie Box usable by "Potion Pitcher" so alche can help more
  2. Watcher41

    Hat and Costume Suggestions

    C Moon and Stars(18742) (Mid) A strong feeling of being one with the night skies. Type : Costume Defense : 0 Position : Mid Weight : 0 Required Level : 1 Job : All Jobs
  3. Watcher41

    Charleston Entrance NPC

    i think the instance and the exp reward thing are not in the one quest so the "Charleston Factory" wont bypass the timer if im not mistaken? Quest LINK Charleston Factory < The Exp outside the instance "The one im talking about" Charleston Factory - Complete < The Main Quest inside the Instance Charleston Factory - Hold < the one that hold the timer/Cooldown or prevent you form entering again if that quest really prevent us from entering again and not the "Charleston Factory - Hold" then so be it anyways i just want to clear things out XD
  4. Watcher41

    Charleston Entrance NPC

    the quest "Charleston Crisis" is still not proceeding and still staying in my quest window it should be completed when you talk to the NPC Charleston outside the instance i think the exp should be given by the Charleston NPC outside the instance to fix this if you guys cant fix it then its ok too i just want a bug free quest
  5. Watcher41

    OGH Client cash

    have 4 party member 1 is dual Using Arch bishop dunno if this is the same for hard one but in normal it always crashes me when im using the "beta client" after killing all the bosses head to the treasure room and click all the treasure then it will crash "I think its the 2nd treasure to the left that crashes me" or something else dunno
  6. Watcher41

    Charleston Entrance NPC

    I think this is same for others and not just on me The quest also have EXP reward at the end, base on other servers and forums Character name below
  7. Watcher41

    Charleston Entrance NPC

    this NPC at verus04 75, 114 wont let me finish the quest "Charleston Crisis" where you need to "Enter the Instance then comeback again" check this LINK the Said NPC have a End script for this quest which remove/Complete the quest above
  8. Watcher41

    Sarah Memories Missing Mob Drops

    The Walthers quest need lvl 5 foods and yes it will make the quest easier or doable this fix will also grant newer player to get More Food buff from the SarahMemory instance than usual
  9. Watcher41

    T_W_O MVP Drops Missing

    wait those item are not new The MVP T_W_O drop the said item the Weird Part or Mysterious Part is drop via normal drop and mvp drop so 2 in total instead of 1 plus 2 Old Purple box or Violet ive read on some forum and some database wiki that it atcually drops 2 Weird part
  10. Watcher41

    T_W_O MVP Drops Missing

    missing MVP drops : Weird Part Old Purple Box that additional Weird part can be helpful for other total of 2 in 1 run
  11. GuardDog2 only have 2 drops in Nova database Guard Dog only have 2 drops in Nova database PAYONSOLDIER Missing Cookbook lvl 8
  12. cant confirm on official server but here a link Ebone Armor here at Nova its only for Rune knight
  13. Watcher41

    Heroic Backpack

    doesnt state the total tolerance to neutral element when +9 5% neutral at +7 10% neutral at +9 dunno if the script working ingame Heroic Backpack
  14. Watcher41

    Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest) left over quest log

    can you also remove the "More missions" log it seems that the quest just continues. This time its saying that i need to meet the NPC Kazien but as i said i already completed it so the NPCs are now confused.
  15. Watcher41

    Boss Slave behavior

    so in Nova its not official?? PS you can kill Valkyrie Rangris in Endless tower using this tactic. The MVp or slaves wont even damage you