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  1. I notice the Crystallization doesnt end effect/canceled when run out of SP "Having 0 SP will immediately cancel the effect" tested it with Grudge of Royal Knight Card id 4606 fast swapping with same garment
  2. i was trying a variable build on a Ninja class and i notice here on NovaRo the skill 16th Night seems weird or nonsense in a way this skill should lessen your Variable by 50% of your base variable which is your item variables or skills which will help you greatly by only getting 67% then activating the 16th Night you will end up with 100.5 variable but instead the Nova 16th Night uses the skill 50% variable as Base not your Variable item/skills which is nonsense cuz you can only attain 100% by building 100% variable with it XD
  3. just a suggestion for 85 gramps use mobs that are Brute/Insect and large size and Some Undead for Turn Undead/holyLight build Priests. so the Hunter class can use their "Beast strafing" and the Blacksmith can buff them "Weapon perfection" for ignore size penalty edit:pls make the potions from Newbie Box usable by "Potion Pitcher" so alche can help more
  4. C Moon and Stars(18742) (Mid) A strong feeling of being one with the night skies. Type : Costume Defense : 0 Position : Mid Weight : 0 Required Level : 1 Job : All Jobs
  5. have 4 party member 1 is dual Using Arch bishop dunno if this is the same for hard one but in normal it always crashes me when im using the "beta client" after killing all the bosses head to the treasure room and click all the treasure then it will crash "I think its the 2nd treasure to the left that crashes me" or something else dunno
  6. i believe this is a bug cause on irowiki site gramps should remove the existing quests if the cooldown is already done when spoken to him "No chat option needed" and i dont see any suggestion like this. Anyway the "Topic" i mentioned above is like 2 years old maybe its about time?
  7. i notice Gramps and Tutorial Instructor from Eden HQ dont have Clear quest point as discussed here
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