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  1. Maxan

    AB for MH

    I am going to break this into three categories in terms of how much you want to invest into your AB. The more you invest, the easier it will be and, presumably, the better you will be as a healer. Entry Level: You want to focus heal % first, as your regular healing skills like Highness Heal and Coluceo Heal will be nerfed in MH2. I would recommend no less than 150% heal bonus which can be obtained through various gears and enchants that you can find on several AB guides online. Note that the more int you have, the more effect your heal bonus will have on the actual amount he
  2. Well, the best way to do it is to practice! I would recommend staying away from fast-paced battles such as Monster Hunting and bio5 until you are more confident in your skills. A few tricks that helped me greatly: 1. Master battlemode (bind more than just numbers 1-9 for skills, but also letters Q-P, A-L, and Z-(period)) This will greatly expand the number of skills you can mash quickly. 2. Use turbo for heals. This allows you to spam highness heal as fast as you can based on your ACD. 3. Display party members "boxes" onto your UI so that you can see your party members H
  3. I've seen a video of an RK doing crit autoattack (SELF buffs only) of over 100k per hit. It's all about them equips! Perhaps you should go post in Swordsman class forum asking for help on how to improve your gears!
  4. Though I don't main either class, I would recommend RK over GX because of the added survivability (parry, tension relax, zerk, etc etc). RK and GX can hit some similar DPS, tho GX's single target damage will be greater you will be somewhat of a glass cannon. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  5. Solar build PROS: 1. It is great for AOE and general farming. It is a heavy damage skill that when geared well and with miracle proc'd can easily two-shot or even one-shot most mobs (illusion labyrinth, odin4, ein3, abyss4, even bio5). 2. Easy to use - it's basically point and shoot (strongly recommend using turbo to get the combo as quick as possible) Solar build CONS: 1. It uses a tremendous amount of sp and so leeching gear is almost certainly needed. Alternatively, you can just pot or use energy elixir but you may still find yourself needing more sp. I use a +9
  6. Don't forget Earth Drive reduces defense by 25%. It is not nerfed in MH2.
  7. In response to the matk missing from the CF formula.... Guys, it's a role playing game! The MH staff are trying to create distinct roles!! This means, the tank is designed to be a class that utilizes atk and NOT matk. If you are a RG tank who wants to be Genesis Ray or w/e with matk well guess what, your CF is gonna be less!! Because they are designing ROLES. It's called a tradeoff! This does NOT limit the classes that can tank (we know that you gear any class with resist it can tank) but it DOES limit the classes that can tank AND hit a hard CF. I know Gravity is trying t
  8. I have found a few things with this issue: HOW I USE PK + SB Turbo: I have smart cast + turbo on PK (Key 3) and turbo cast on SB (Key 2) I have 35% ACDR and 193 ASPD (unbuffed) I disable @spam and disable /nc (this is important because otherwise you will start autoattacking sometimes after using PK) The biggest issue I have found with playing SE that makes it not feel great is due to hitlock. See, being a melee class (attack range of 1) we must be RIGHT next to the mob to use Prominence Kick (PK) and Solar Burst (SB) (vs gx, which JUMPS to the skill whe
  9. Just want to say the /timers feature of NovaEXT is amazing, and I use it very often. I am trying to find the skill id for the SE skills Light of the Sun/Moon/Stars but cannot find it. Does anyone know which ID this is?
  10. Fleur, I use this tool all the time! Thank you for your efforts!
  11. Is the server pay to win? If you want to "win," it will require skill, knowledge, time, and zeny. The NovaRO shop will only help you with the last two. There are items in the shop which help you refine easier, make certain alternate class builds more effective, or simply are a way for you to get fast cash (selling NovaRO points for example) which you can use to then get gear but it will NOT make you stronger than people who know what they are doing and have planned gears to maximize their build. Additionally, no items in the cash shop are account bound (to my knowledge), which means you c
  12. Much of the (english) documentation on skills we have comes from iRO because it is pre-translated. However, we follow kRO mechanics and formulas so thats why sometimes they will be mixed.
  13. Dispel does cancel all buffs, tho I'm not sure about sacrifice. When you recast BC (Or Gospel, as it is called here in NovaRO), you will be able to move again. Consequently, you can "spam" the skill to force a regeneration of the RNG to apply buffs. Therefore, you have lvl 10, then you can add buffs quickly by spamming the skill. I am not sure what the "regularly occurring chance" is when a player is simply standing in the buff.
  14. Gin infinity drink appears to still provide uninterrupted cast time. Was this new effect only for monster hunter?
  15. As someone who habitually checks novaro website and market when they can't play, I'm very excited for this app!
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