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  1. And when EQ get fixed? what to choose???The answer is there my friend!
  2. Paulinho Tum Tum

    Patch Notes

    We can now run from tetras of fenrir or not? Yah, we can!
  3. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    I really dont get what is the problem to run a instance several times( except for the cry babys making a fuss )its called FARM. By my point of view, its health to the server since we will have more items avaliable in market. And some people are acting just like" if i cant do it, you cant to " stop to being so childish.
  4. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Limit for runs by jobs or class, are a RiDICULOUS suggestion! Myself cant stand more than one or two runs per day of a the same instance, but there is people that do more and those people help to bring some rare items to the market, and make they more affordable in terms of prices, think before talking!
  5. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Man what you are you talking is just like " its unffair to use proper element armor or shield to face a mvp that deals the damage with the property that we are triying to reduce " or " its unffair that people that worked hard to get high end equipments have the right to clone characters to make prooftable things and me not". Just think about it. But The real problem here to me is the way that Nova choose to" solve" " the issue(?)". Really unffair. * i will say it again, i dont see any problem to farm it with lvl 90 dorams, since thats the way the game works...
  6. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Man, please, dont compare make copies of the character that you already had gears and reached high lvls to make them able to farm( you already have struggled hard to get there) with naked lvl 90 dorams, how ever i not see any problem with that. But nova does, so...
  7. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Its not abusive, its the game, this change dont make any sense...we have so many things to fix and we gonna "fix" things that are working like it should....dude...
  8. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Why disable bound trap effect, If bound trap isnt even working like it should? And disable skills like that? Inst it too much customization?
  9. Just the fattery itself, if you are above lvl 140, you will already get the desired effect( +150 matk ). There is a thing... By my point of view and from what ive tested so far: crit is cheap high damage, we will do higher damage with the same money we spent in average non crit rebel( temporal luk boots vs temporal dex boots ), but the better dps of a crit is only in auto atack, they can use qds to help the dps but what will really hit hard is the critcal hits from auto atack,the qds is just a plus. A non crit can get high damage with all skills, and his qds will hit harder, with end game gears the non crit will get really close to a crit rebel dps in auto atack + qds. Its all matter of wich gameplay style you like. The skill three really dont change in both of them( a crit+qds and no crit qds ) what will change is equipmemt and status, i dont see a way to hybridize, unless you wear non crit equip and play like a crit, or equip crit equipments and play like a non crit... You will be terrible, did you see?
  10. Try flattery with magical bullet and see where the damage go, i can assure you it will be higher than a excellion full atack and str sup .
  11. Besides crimson gives you a huge atk boost, a +15 dont even compare in terms of dps with the mentioned weapons, but if you wanna try...
  12. Kotick, NO crimsom daggers, they have a shit matk, the fql is already your better dps choice( till nova fix earthquake formula), right after comes the elemental sword if you gonna auto spell cold bolts, and after that, the old parasol - and the boths do the almost or less than a half of the dps of fql. I really dont understand how you didnt manage to get maximum aspd with a agi+dex build( /thinking ). With mine that have luck( for matk+crit -> only for hit, not for damage ), its not that difficult. For more dps cards in the weapons i would recomend red ferus, or essence of int or theres the new scimitar buffalo card. For aspd, dancing marionete or essence of evil agi. Have you checked out new rock ridege cards? There is a new that adds matk+aspd based in your int, if you are having trouble with aspd. And theres another thing, if you are pumping str in this build, you are doing this wrong.
  13. The site with market in real time from the own server data base, and the global chat, are really something! And the pvp system that just not take our money away.
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