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  1. Hi phaicm, im having problems with turbo in NEW and the OLD client. Smart cast and turbo works pretty slow and it when they work. I did tried all the steps above. Im sending my files and PC configs. Hope you can help. Processor: Core I5 M460 2.53 GHz (4 CPUs); RAM: 6GB; Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Core I5); Antivirus: Microsoft security; System: Windows 10. __NovaExt.log NovaExt.ini
  2. I get it. Its kinda worrying that the own developer dont wanna know the feed back about his own content. Sorry to, Nova.
  3. Its not the thing Nova, the thing here is that some players did spent a lot of time farming and grinding to build this MH setup (thats is kinda expensive and specific only for that place), its almost unrespectfull cause its like all that time (some people take weeks or months farming) and effort was throwed into garbage. At least i think you guys should think of give SD crit back now, and low that crit shield of that "sacred" monsters. And man, poor emperor... why? I really dont know what run through this people heads...
  4. This GX hunt is sick!!!
  5. Those valentine stuffs are account bound? Or we can sell it?
  6. So, it would be good if we get some way to buy and sell things, maybe something that make us able to access only the market area...looking forward for the app!
  7. Nice Nova! Really nice!
  8. Further i will test it, ive seen this hat, but i really dont know if it autocasts is better than ignore 100% of mdef in terms of dps (maybe you can test it better since now i dont have the zenny). Ive seen there are these new Illusion imatterial sword and illusion bazerald but they are quite expensive and need to be +10 (ouch). In one of my tests elemental sword gets "close" to face worm queen dps (with cold bolts in auto shadow spell) i believe that illusion imaterial sword will get pretty close or surpass the dps of fql since its lvl 4, besides fql is a better weapon for shadow monsters. And im pretty sure that CD in mouth is better that the low head gears youd mention. But this new garment... OH MAN lvl 3 physic wave autocast? delicious pretty good since we dont have madogum. Another thing im curious about the new behavior of Lord of vermillion, does it get close of meteor storm dps? (anyways to maximize the damage we would need elvira cards, mavka cards are a lot cheaper) Ele sword vs FQl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajpzfrET7U4&t=15s Ele sword vs +12 old parasol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNVnUV5Nhnk&t=3s The videos are a little outdated, but those tests are still valid since the weapons didnt hange their behavior.
  9. Best hat is Wickbine black cat ears... and best weapon by far is FQL (since earthquake here in NOVA is MATK based), i did play a lot with mine back ago, you can farm solo OGH normal, Charleston, and Jitterbug easy without any cost... i was off a little time but for what ive seen no new worth equipment had come out for this kinda of build and i doubt that good equipments will come since the better equipments for this kinda of build is via cash shop in official servers. There are some videos of mine farming instances with this kind of build in somewhere in the forum if you wanna check. The best skills are meteor storm or water ball + douple light. Wow i didnt new this combo yet, i will check!
  10. And when EQ get fixed? what to choose???The answer is there my friend!
  11. Paulinho Tum Tum

    Patch Notes

    We can now run from tetras of fenrir or not? Yah, we can!
  12. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    I really dont get what is the problem to run a instance several times( except for the cry babys making a fuss )its called FARM. By my point of view, its health to the server since we will have more items avaliable in market. And some people are acting just like" if i cant do it, you cant to " stop to being so childish.
  13. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Limit for runs by jobs or class, are a RiDICULOUS suggestion! Myself cant stand more than one or two runs per day of a the same instance, but there is people that do more and those people help to bring some rare items to the market, and make they more affordable in terms of prices, think before talking!
  14. Paulinho Tum Tum

    GMT Hot-Fix

    Man what you are you talking is just like " its unffair to use proper element armor or shield to face a mvp that deals the damage with the property that we are triying to reduce " or " its unffair that people that worked hard to get high end equipments have the right to clone characters to make prooftable things and me not". Just think about it. But The real problem here to me is the way that Nova choose to" solve" " the issue(?)". Really unffair. * i will say it again, i dont see any problem to farm it with lvl 90 dorams, since thats the way the game works...
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