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  1. What is the point of the suggestion again? On top of being complicated, it is really unnecessary. More weather / day settings are nice, but the effects included in them just raise so many questions.
  2. Works for me, accidentally clicked on them multiple times.
  3. For those who are unfamiliar with these two cats , they provide additional MH1 loot if you pay 100k zeny to them. My suggestion is to either remove them or rework them. My idea for the rework is: 1) Adjust the loot for MH2 - Obviously makes it more appealing to do, especially judging on the difficulty of the mobs 2) Give Other Items - Probably harder to be done, I can't think of a lot of items myself. Maybe decard voucher (lul), some stat foods etc. 3) Cut the Price - Easiest solution yet. Maybe like 10k zeny instead of 100k, there's almost no point on paying 100k zeny considering MH1 is super easy.
  4. And this solves what? People would still do what you dub as "best" strategy still and underutilize Roll anyway. Plus like Arias mentioned, we still haven't seen more great mobs yet. I don't mind this. Like smaller party for the great mob hunt? Eh, no comment on this one. Honestly the only problem right now is it takes forever to setup an MH1 party due to the new system. You load further and gets into the hunt slower. On top of that, what Arias said.
  5. Arias is referencing to kRO's original card recycle idea, which allows players to get MVP cards from the card albums. But anyway as other users have said, it has been suggested multiple times and rejected over and over. Nova himself has said that they are planning to implement card recycling feature, but it is not top priority as of now. Mainly because there has not been a single good suggestion for card recycler feature.
  6. Also since the reflect is no longer 100% it's like super risky to use. Not to mention it does not work at all in PvM since all mobs are past the level cap for Kaite anyway.
  7. OXD

    Just Chilling

    This coloring is dope though, I dig it.
  8. OXD

    Just Chilling

    Dang the quality improves overtime, wish you could color them though.
  9. Item Name: Scuba Mask Item ID: 5397 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5397/scuba-mask Get more swag with recolors while diving in Grotto pls.
  10. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/8575-miles-recolor-suggestions/
  11. Yes, please. Kinda hijacking, there are also other buffs that need this (Odin, Kyrie, Impositio Manus).
  12. Hard to get pepehands, someone help me. Need at least +10 or higher. Post offers here or PM my Discord OXD#9696
  13. Wokie, hmu if it's available
  14. Heya, would you be interested to refine La'cryma Sticks? Been wanting +10 ~ +15 as of late.
  15. As title says, currently Yggdrasil Berry from Daily Rewards feels like a filler for the Proof of Loyalty (old currency for Loyalty Shop) replacement. For a whole month of daily rewards, a player can only get 8 Yggdrasil Berries. Yggdrasil Berry itself is super easy to farm and compared to other daily rewards, it is super lackluster. My suggestion is basically boosting the quality of daily rewards from Yggdrasil berries. The proposal is: 1) Changing Yggdrasil Berry into other rewards (+10 Foods, Silvervine Fruit, Oridecon Box, or make it into Yggdrasil Berry (10) Box) 2) Implementing a new currency for daily rewards (free decarding service coupon, free training chamber coupon, single instance reset coupon, etc) The first option is definitely easier to be implemented, but I'd really like to see 2nd option to give a more unique feature on daily rewards which is not too crazy either.
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