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  1. OXD

    Miles Recolor Suggestions

    Item Name: Poring Beret Item ID: 31991 (in-game) - Item Name: Poring Letter Item ID: 5675 - We have other Poring variations of Poring-themed headgears, why not these?
  2. OXD

    Report all sprite/palette issues here!

    Fiesta Happy Balloon is not showing if you equip Shiba Inu. Not sure if other animal headgears also this kind of issue. P.S.: This is with beta client
  3. Right now Fairy Feathers (31582) is taking upper headgear slot while the divine-pride counterpart takes middle slot. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31472/costume-fairy-feathers
  4. OXD

    Daily Rewards

    There is a grace period of 3 / 5 minutes if you log out or change chars while daily rewards timer counts down. This does not apply if your countdown is already 0 (where you can get dailies). On topic: There's already a system to prevent such cases. It is far from perfect, but otherwise this suggestion does not really add anything new.
  5. OXD

    another art shop

    Satisfied customer over here \o/
  6. After the patch, now Assumptio has several bugs on both old and beta client: Buff icon disappears from the bar to the right The Assumptio visual effect lingers longer than intended and also stays even after death (only gone via @refresh) Kyrie Eleison / Praefatio does not remove the visual either
  7. Easily reproduced, just eat Ancilla and keep spamming Heal / Highness Heal for the whole duration of Ancilla buff. Sometimes it increases the heal amount as intended, sometimes it doesn't. Not sure what caused it, though. EDIT: Sometimes the healing bonus even occurs even after the buff ran out. Found out the issue. Apparently Ancilla right now only increases your healing received instead of healing power. Reproduced by having Ancilla buff and heal yourself and other people. Having an extra AB also helps to confirm this since if they eat Ancilla, you will heal them more.
  8. OXD


    Implemented next maintenance based on Hector's response. Unless foods =/= supplies then I don't see why not.
  9. OXD

    Premium Cloth Dye

    Some colors are special and no, you can't find it on normal dyes. My personal favorite is the green + orange combo on number 30 and green + dark green at 29 from Premium Palette. Trust me I've scrolled through 1300+ colors just to get the right palette every time.
  10. OXD

    Character Cards

    Mono Gothic Bonnet doesn't show on character cards. Not sure whether it applies to other hats on latest Halloween batch.
  11. OXD

    Report all sprite/palette issues here!

    Forwarding this on request by Nova. Credits to the OP.
  12. Currently Retainer and Contact Lenses (invisible lower and mid) gives 5 hard DEF. Not sure if intended but I believe costumes shouldn't give stats. Here's the proof: Without either With Retainer With Contact Lenses With Both
  13. Would be nicer if Nova incorporates this into the data.grf.
  14. There are a lot of false positive cases such as Luchnyk's example below: When telling people to buy / sell something, it gets filtered to #trade and it gets more irritating if you have #trade off (it'll turn automatically since you send a message there).
  15. I'd like to see people bypassing the filters though since so far from what I see, it creates more trouble for everyone on #main and #support rather than actually preventing the targeted people. Besides if people actually try to bypass filters, there is still cases for people looking for guilds / party members / etc on #main, whereas they should be filtered into #lfg. This happens more often than people actually posting trade logs on #main.