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  1. It's still day 1. Of course people are gonna die left and right because no one has any idea on what to do.
  2. Personally not a big fan where the "challenging" content being basically just HP sponge monsters (6m++ HP normal mobs kekw). But since it's RO I guess there's nothing much you can do due to limitations. I'm just glad that they're pursuing to implement cash shop items in different ways possible and not just dump them in MH-related content.
  3. Blue Dragon Plate is only good for starters considering its price. It is also good if you want to stack race resist just in case. Otherwise, INT Soutane gives the most healing power if you have decent heal% mod.
  4. Costume does not drop from mobs, but you can make any headgear into costume in Main Office (@go 50) 3rd floor for 500k each. Also Elven Ears drop from Knocker(s) in Thor Volcano 2.
  5. Pursuing the Dota2 career I see. Jk. Best of luck for you in the future Ciam o7
  6. Talk to Eden Officer in @go 50 (Main Office). You can adjust your exp rate whenever by talking to the NPC.
  7. You need to buy Spectral Nanner with Halloween Coins from Loki. It does not use zeny like you thought it is.
  8. Also we have green variant of the color already (from achievement by killing Time Holder 100 times). Though I doubt they will add it, here in hoping that they'll make it available for recolor instead of through that achievement >_>
  9. How's BSB even tied to AGH only LMAO. Do you even read my point about AGH weekly quest having 0 relevancy in the market. And news flash, you're not the only person who can finish all those weekly quest in one day. That does not change the fact that this quest is boring as have been mentioned by other users and myself included.
  10. How do you know it's intended? If it is intended, what do you say the example I mentioned earlier about Magma 3? Is it intended too? If yes, why was the kill count lowered? What economy lmfao, Frozen Gargoyle and Contaminated Sting hold no value whatsoever on the market. People don't even bother to kill other mobs with GFW / Convenio party cuz killing these two is already tedious asf. ????? Literally everything is like that right now though lmao. It's not even about newer players / non-meta classes, every content has similar problems (bio5, MH2, etc). But guess what, they are fun to do because it does not involve you to kill low amount of mob in huge map.
  11. They literally toned down Magma 3 mobs from 200-300 (when they were first released) to 150 because everyone knows it's stupid. Just because it can be done within a week does not mean they should make it straight out dumb and tedious. In comparison to other Weekly Monster Hunt quest, this one is the worst by far because of the small amount of mobs in HUGE map. Literally parties now only spend their time teleporting with GFW / Convenio just to find these mobs and kill them and it still took them HOURS.
  12. Firstly how much is your budget? How do you see yourself as an AB? Do you prefer fast cast-time, being tanky, or you like to see BIG HEAL NUMS? Your equip and stats highly vary from these factors. You might want to also check Reno's guide here. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Reno's_Full_Support_Arch_Bishop_Guide
  13. Not to mention Nova does not completely abandon old content. Last patch made (arguably) irrelevant equipment for end game more affordable for early-mid game (thank lord). Seeing their stance, I doubt they'll make refining any easier especially after the recent implementation of BSB.
  14. I thought I'm the only one who noticed this LMAO. Make it happen pls.
  15. How's winning WoE (which is limited to 24 players tops) even similar to giving an entire player base (which is god knows how many) 1 more BSB.
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