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  1. which cards in illusion of Frozen?
  2. I prefer to focus first in pvm guild. Running different instances with your guildmates makes your bond more stronger.
  3. bowee21

    Patch Notes

    hope it can help
  4. hope it can helps (just only basic gears i have now)
  5. for me, i prefer he will do tank DB Type Rune Knight first... very handy and can farm on mobs
  6. bowee21

    Patch Notes

    cant find that megaman X npc
  7. Do you have grf file for Geffenia Map only?
  8. any advice need to improve my melee auto-cast SN? need some guidance... thanks for reply
  9. any suggest places where Super Novice can farm more faster? for now, im farming in Geffenia...
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