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  1. Hi. The options may vary depending on your focus, but i think that good pairs are: RK + AB (this old duo never stopped working. RK is TANK/DPS and AB is main SUP and can deal a ok damage with some gears, within adoramus or judex build) GX + AB (same thing as before, but gx dont tank too much, in that case is better AB more tanky or just try to HK everything) ranger + ab (^) Ranger + Mins (Ranger main DPS, and mins can be sup+DPS or sup+tanky.Only depends on ur build/gear) have more duos possibilies, but i believe these are the easiest and more friendly to
  2. The idea, in theory, is very interesting. The problem is in the numbers. For a Tank, doing 1/7 of the damage from TOP DPS is totally out of step, and the problem lies in this amount. Something between 15 ~ 20 would make a lot more sense than this 7. Is it possible to do MH now? Yes. It is not the point. The point is that it does not make sense and basically there is no more "Tank role", just a "DPS that resists a little more". I am in favor of making MH more difficult, facilitating this content is also not the point. But to make it difficult, you don't ha
  3. Personally, I find the idea of valuing unique skills like Devo better. Needing a super tank will hardly take away the possibility of being able to do with the other classes, and will greatly limit the variety of tank classes. It is not difficult to make Devo a key skill, it is enough that the monster is efficient in causing AoE damage, in such a way that trying to dodge all AoE blows strongly disrupts the DPS, and a damage that the RG can deal with by having convenient skils (Defender can enter as another key skill). The "Kings Grace" skill could also gain an aspect of re
  4. Let's do it by steps. I understand your frustration in parts, however I disagree with your arguments. You are comparing RK / GX with Doram and Minstrel. Sorry, but it would be ridiculous if doram / mins does the same damage as gx / rk, for obvious reasons. Minstrel is a class primarily SUPPORT. And the funniest thing is that I know Wanderers that do a lot more damage than average. In MH, my GX loses the Boss to a Wanderer with less than half the investment (And they always need mins tank in MH btw). In bio5, artists are never left without a party, in LGH,
  5. Hi, i didn't know if I should make this post in the suggestions area or right here, because it seems more like a question. It is about the absence of some of the most """recent""" Bosses (Mag3 and Abyss GH, for example) and the absence of official drops from some other more current bosses. So the doubt of bringing this topic to discussions or suggestions. At the same time, I suggest implementation and, if you haven't already implemented it on purpose, I would humbly wonder if there is any reason.
  6. First tip I give you is to find a friendly guild to guide you. I could just say a class for you to make, but you would soon be lost in the game, so being in a clan or among friends who can help you is the only really consistent way for you to learn well about the game. Anyway, if you are a SOLITARY WOLF and do not want to need the help of other people, follow links that I recommend you: Primeira dica que te dou é arrumar uma guild amigável pra te guiar.Eu poderia simplesmente dizer uma classe e uma receita de bolo pra você fazer, mas você logo ficaria perdido no jogo, então
  7. NEVER rely on one or two people to draw a conclusion about balancing. The right way is to make an average according to people's equipment, and not to have as an example an extremely rich player with items beyond the endgame (MvP Cards) I am not saying that the SB is not extremely strong, I am just pointing this out to be more careful with this type of observation, which has already caused many problems, including major imbalances in MH.
  8. Huka


    I disagree with the whole suggestion. It was not long ago that the content arrived, I see no reason to increase the reward, since in this way, soon everyone will have the +12 garment with the desired enchantment, which is bad if it is achieved quickly. Content has to come to give the player an idea of "goal", if you facilitate something like that, you quickly get what you want, and that sucks when we think about the long term. The farm is not bad, actually. If you are very well equipped (it is expected to farm such an instance) and know what you are doing, it is possible to do 4
  9. Okay, is it necessary to change a specific monster simply because a class is not on meta? What can we say about super novice, rebellion, ninja and several other classes that are also not required? Cats can do several things within the instance and, what a pity they cannot do everything, but there are classes that are seen in an even worse way. It is not because your class is unable to do something specific to specific content that something must be modified, just to suit your needs, or it should start to be revised for all classes.
  10. Limited slot? There are already people doing it with a much smaller amount than the maximum allowed. We are still on the SECOND day and there are already people doing it without difficulties and you are looking to nerf something that was made to be challenging If it is to make it much easier, what is the point? sigh
  11. Magic doesn't miss, several classes have habilities that don't miss or can critical, among several possibilities. But making the instance solable or doable with just one DPS is more comfortable.~
  12. I really liked the content. I went back to the server 4 ~ 5 months ago and it is the first time since then that something really seems challenging to me, where you can't just kill everything super fast, it is necessary that the group is articulate and that there are strategies. And for me that is everything the server needs in terms of PVM. Many of my friends were extremely excited in the same way. I was also very excited about the idea that the staff intends to continue making content like this. Ah, I also liked the visuals of the mobs and the interactions of the NPCs, s
  13. Huka

    Patch Notes #144

    I believe that PvM was in need of something a little more challenging and that it would be very good to really continue bringing content in that sense. It looks great.
  14. The damage is not as good as that of the main DPS classes used in MH, but you can do weeklyes, unfortunately not much more than that. (You can DO it, but you will hardly be given priority in forming a group in Mh for farm, for example).
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