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  1. Hello! Norm here. It has been some time since I've updated you on the current status of the NovaCompanion. Truth be told, the project was pushed to the bottom rack, both due to my studies as well as other projects taking priority, so it isn't really a wonder. I am however very sorry about the delay. Alongside the previously mentioned, as necessary as internal improvements and changes to the app infrastructure were, they did not help in this regard, and instead only further exarcerbated the tremendously long waiting time that you experienced. I greatly apologize for this.
  2. Yes, will post an update soon
  3. Hey everyone, we are currently at a point where we want to present you with some footage of the NovaCompanion app. Well… let me start by telling you what this is all about! We aim to create an app for you, where you can check your accounts, characters, and market. For the future, we hope to bring even more new and innovative features to the app. Which brings me back to the first presentation. Here you go: We want to involve you as early as possible into the development process, so you can give us feedback, or provide fe
  4. @Ary, yeah that would be a mathematical way to solve this if you want to calculate it on your own.
  5. I took the code I think the server uses and calculated all important Int values with a program. Used Code (by rAthena): hp = ((status_get_lv(src) + status_get_int(src)) / 8) * (4 + ((sd ? pc_checkskill(sd,AL_HEAL) : 1) * 8)); hp = (hp * (17 + 3 * skill_lv)) / 10; Used Program (by myself): package main; public class Main { public static void main(String args[]){ int status_get_lv = 175; int old = 0; int a; for(int i = 0; i < 251; i++){ if(old < (a = ((status_get_lv + i) / 8))){ System.out.println("Int: " + i + " --- Change Value: " + a); old =
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