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  1. I tried editing the ini with all the ID mentioned above , none of them enables the time in game . Maybe it’s similar case like 2096 for MB ?
  2. Another dev blog without any hint of extended classes . Time to accept they haven’t done anything
  3. Tbo, I would feel safer if we have some kind of security feature like steam guard, ask for authorization when a unusual log occurs .
  4. i hope extended classes can at least proceed to lvl 250... but unlikely without new jobs
  5. What specific set of data is lacking to make the hp/sp of absent classes up to date with kro. If I go on to kro , lvl up these classes , screen shot the hp / sp data at every level from lvl175 up until lvl200. Would that be sufficient information for the nova devs to make the corrections.
  6. lofi life

    Community Gala Patch Notes

    Is it mh2 checked ? Not nice If it get nerf after all this rng .
  7. lofi life

    Sister But Boy

    Is this ur art? Beautiful
  8. lofi life

    Level 200 Patch Notes

    While being falling behind so far n fast due to Edda weapons , the se once again gets tossed into another junkyard with party size limiter n mh 2 nerf . sure it’s ez to say “ no one is forcing you to play in sml pt”, but where is the big party you ever gonna find after squad system. You guys also limited the Kiphop dual client , you know . sure it’s ez to say “ no one if forcing you to play the class “ . I guess this is what the few se players deserve to hear.
  9. lofi life

    Patch Notes

    Hard to tell what is and what will be end game play. Name a few map in the future which mobs can put up a fight. Lvl 200 maps will be on kindergarden difficultly. Have seen a few difficult stuff like 17.2 boss , ogh challenger mode and that’s it.MH2 updates, I hope so, Please be hard. Crit mod in this game is too huge and the Koreans just keep making skill crit since lvl 185. With this kind of crit mods + up coming strong direct skill/crit buff from every single content update via gear cards enchants, do you think any mob can survive more than 2 skill shot . Class without skill crit is instant out classed by class that has skill crit by out rages lvl. In addition, everything is extremely towards solo play at this point, and it’s dead easy. [the first 6 month of bio5 was god damn chaotic and fun, never before and never will again] . I don’t know how the pvm part of the game will feel like in the mid- long run after this hype/fever is over. all of this is criticism on kro game design,Good job on fast update.
  10. you can use current gear for falling star build
  11. I’m more than happy to see 0.1% as you suggested , higher rate like 0.5% is always welcome. regarding to which mobs will drop the crafting materials, I would say 0.1% for all the mobs in the map, or 0.5 % for one particular mob which has a lower spawn rate in that map. I prefer 0.1% drop rate at all normal mobs for these mvp related illusion gears. A more linear progression of gathering materials do provide more motives to play the content.
  12. for me , I would like rare crafting items can be dropped at a low rate from normal mob. The thing I am afraid of is that , mvp might become way more competitive if they spawn more often. In that case , people who cant compete in mvp kills will still find these rare crafting drops impossible to obtain. grinding might be hard , but still gives some possible for those who cant kill the mvps.
  13. making this book feels so hopeless and helpless. why the hell only this book need mvp drop . plz make a suggestion for rework
  14. just about every ranger with decent gear . lmao. mind to go bio5 and see for ur self?
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