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  1. Renamed1

    Star Emp help, looking for a master!

    falling star has limited use. its mostly used with heat for instance boss. like in CC , Jitterbug or GMT cc for example: you can use either solar or luna for the mob, and use falling star for boss( if you dont have mins). when using solar burst to clear the mob , you have about 0.5 -1sec window that you have to take the hit. if the mob is too big and you got unlucky with leech procs, you will die. With full moon kick , its risk free. For Jitterbug , its the same , only the rick of been exposed to mob is higher. the thing with SE as a class is that you dont have to fulling commit to certain build. all three have their expertise, and you can use the same gear for all three build , so its ez to save the build at skill manager and load the right one for different tasks.
  2. Renamed1

    Star Emp help, looking for a master!

    leech gramp to max lvl first. get some basic gear along the way. and most importantly, improve your game play!improve your game play!improve your game play!(knowing the 2nd job skills, elements change , mobbing skills). I see so many SE with endgame gears, still play like a drunk monkey. save money to get: c.book(use +7+8 when you dont have money, buy +15 later on ) , then tempo dex boots + BM for moon build or tempo str boots+ hawk eye/LUK( HE better) for solar build/ star build. then ridewood hat+incubus pet for leech, you will just not die , nor run out of sp. these are the most important eqs to make SE functional, meaning you good to go . use hatred to farm or do instance boss. make more improvements to other eqs later when you have more funds. ps : dont use excellion wing, the acd reduction from excel set + heartwing band is not sufficient enough to make a meaningful difference , on top of that you give up aspd and damage or leech. I recommend you to use a cheap gss with dex or str . hbp not worth invest in anymore ( since faw coming soon enough ,and in pt , difference between +9 hbp vs random gss is not noticeable. endgame gear can be found here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Colours'_Guide_To_Star_Emperor pps: dont aim for 193 aspd solo with our HE proc , its useless and wasteful . instead , add aspd% gear in conjugation with mins' aspd song or HE proc to get 193. ppps: moon kick is much more safer for basic farming if you can 1 or 2 shot the mob, or even kite the mob. use falling star for instance boss like GMT , CC. use solar burst in party with mins to do end game stuff. it wasn't good for solo mob farming before the nerf, and its even more trash after nerf . pppps: u will still die a lot after all that(bio5) . hahahahahaha enjoy.
  3. Renamed1

    Customize SE Nova Explosion

    whether 60k is easily reachable is remained to be seen, I doubt it to be extreme case with extreme gear . bring changes to the meta is good . only those who are already at top are so eager to kill the thing that might change the equation.
  4. Renamed1

    Enable SE Universe Skills in Town

    Enable it in testing room please
  5. Renamed1

    KRO Mass Skill Balance

    this is wuts possible
  6. Renamed1

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    It’s mun’s North America time zone. Most runners is at work or still sleeping
  7. Renamed1

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    I don’t get how people can just make statements such as “bio5 is dead “ “ there is no party going on in bio5” . Do you even play it ? myself run bio5 every day , more then Arisa I can say that. The party making is healthy , normally 15mins for a 8man pt, sometimes less and sometimes more , all in acceptable range. Many new faces just keep coming , like fresh blood. On the weekends , it’s very crowded. I almost never see you except with mun. But you could be using other class . yes , number of people running bio5 is less than CC, OGH . That’s because there are gear and gameplay skill requirements, of course less players are gonna be able to play it . Also many players give up on it because of mob difficulty, not the the enchant RNG. Simply, look at bio 5 loots supply and demand ,Its healthy on both side . What does this reflect ?
  8. Renamed1

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    increase drop rate .. maybe , but I don't like the idea of adding some kind of safe enchant. TBO, I don't see the problem that people having difficulty getting LVL 5 ME enchant .The RNG applies to everyone , there is no way around it, so its fair. Just wish more people have seen Arisa's gene instant AD ! without animation! and how he bully BIO5 MVP like cutting cake . Its OP AF and should naturally be hard to obtain , like , mvp cards. Yes , there are some requirements for people to be about to run bio5, but still plenty of people run it regularly. New faces also coming in often, especially on the weekends. So the statement of bio5 being dead , not true. Also, if Nova makes exception to add safe enchant for bio5 HG, so he should add safe enchant for every other enchant sysment. Otherwise , its not fair to other players who dont need BIO5 HG. all in all, If you play the game of RNG , accept the loss.
  9. After the last patch , when ever I use warm wind level 5 ghost property, the status icon”with Chinese character” is not displaying on the right bar. Every other level / property of warm wind displays the icon fine.
  10. Renamed1

    B> Sarah Card

  11. Renamed1

    Can I play this game in China?

    yes you can play , however , the high ping makes it un-playbel
  12. Right now , I feel the bottle neck is reached for star emperor, in terms of class role in RO and gear progression . yeh, to be able to do 2 million damage out of a single solar burst in bio5 was so satisfying . But after days&weeks in bio5, even this kind of dmg starts to feel normal. Maybe everything came too fast and too easily and I got spoiled. I love this class, I love the way how it looks, love the how the skill feels. and I really want to see more potential out of this class rather than just being a really really farmer. class role: since the class is out, everyone know that SEs arereally good in PVM. All 3 builds were and still good in their own ways. Then , SE were allowed in PVP, they are really good a short period time before the nerf( cant use nova explosion on Gravity Controled target). Now , people just say if you want play SE style in pvp, play sura instead. On kro WOE, I think there is a place for SEs thanks to high jump enabled and instant cast of nova explosion. But on NOVARO, high jump disabled and lack of cast time reduction gear, I dont think these is any place for SEs when this class ever gonna be allowed into WOE. So , how do you guys think what other roles that SE can take in the future. Will they shine pvp & woe when new shadow gears come out ? can they take the role as disabler ? or , maybe you think the depth of this class will just remains in PVM. gear progression: other than the standard set up (everything you can buy from market ezly, cost up to 400mil each gear - the book) , I cant find much more stuff that is worth invested in. There isn't a bio5 hat to make, no +18 JDR equivalent to save up for , no bio5 carded cross impact / crimson rock meme build to dream of. all I can think of is some refine improvements based on current set up. 600mil for +9 BKS? I'm just so happy i didnt invest in it pre-nerf 3bil +11 eddga for extra 130ish more damage than +7 and 24hr stay in tiger form ? I surely will do it if i have 10 bil some niche card? maybe 900mil 6 atk% PER with aspd not important? NO x 100 pvp gear? just play sura as they say. share your thought on SE's gear progression. I am really in love with class xD
  13. Renamed1

    Solar burst 0.5 after cast delay and GMT changes

    For atk speed, i feel all you need is hawk eye . heat + 3% HE proc rate= almost always procing = 24hr 193 . my aspd gear: +0 BKS +9HBP (br) PERx2( aspd 14% ) tempo str ( aspd10%+HE)(that aspd atk gmt card) thats it I use universe stand , berserk pots . 189 aspd. you can drink some juicy , eat some food , wear some Sigrun's Wings, get to 191-192 , but I chose not to be bothered with. HE is just too good. damage and speed, 2 bird 1 stone. plus having 193 with all that gear when idle is just wasteful. I sold my LD tempo without 2nd thought cuz: 1. only 1%change to proc when doing and receive atking , nah nah nah 2. crit dmg is only a small part of the overall damage 3. Save money since you can use all your solar build gear without investing in any of the crit stuff . you might need crit to hit certain boss, but at the end of the day, I only use falling star for GMT. no Stephan since Union is incompatible to this build. use moon kick for farming. Solar burst still gonna be my main build cuz I think party play is where SE really shines for now, 2 mil solar burst in bio5 is just a satisfying meme ( so please let me know what other solo stuff that is worth doing ). however, if you really want that bit of extra damage , sure go ahead with full on crit build. fun fact that i didnt know until i saw it : use counter kick with star build. just apply counter kick stand , put CK on turbo and it will pump out some more dmg for you. about 20k each kick on dummy without any buff.
  14. Renamed1

    Solar burst 0.5 after cast delay and GMT changes

    Large undead shadow 4 dummy ,solo ,20foods, holy , no miracle. Dps: solar burst 800k ish ( before acd fix 1mil +) falling star 1mil+
  15. Renamed1

    The 3 Stages of NovaRo

    So true. And my 4th stage , doubting everything and asking what is the point. Get away for a few days and start the cycle over again