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    Patch Notes

    Hard to tell what is and what will be end game play. Name a few map in the future which mobs can put up a fight. Lvl 200 maps will be on kindergarden difficultly. Have seen a few difficult stuff like 17.2 boss , ogh challenger mode and that’s it.MH2 updates, I hope so, Please be hard. Crit mod in this game is too huge and the Koreans just keep making skill crit since lvl 185. With this kind of crit mods + up coming strong direct skill/crit buff from every single content update via gear cards enchants, do you think any mob can survive more than 2 skill shot . Class without skill crit is instant out classed by class that has skill crit by out rages lvl. In addition, everything is extremely towards solo play at this point, and it’s dead easy. [the first 6 month of bio5 was god damn chaotic and fun, never before and never will again] . I don’t know how the pvm part of the game will feel like in the mid- long run after this hype/fever is over. all of this is criticism on kro game design,Good job on fast update.
  2. wanye

    Need help with SE

    you can use current gear for falling star build
  3. I’m more than happy to see 0.1% as you suggested , higher rate like 0.5% is always welcome. regarding to which mobs will drop the crafting materials, I would say 0.1% for all the mobs in the map, or 0.5 % for one particular mob which has a lower spawn rate in that map. I prefer 0.1% drop rate at all normal mobs for these mvp related illusion gears. A more linear progression of gathering materials do provide more motives to play the content.
  4. for me , I would like rare crafting items can be dropped at a low rate from normal mob. The thing I am afraid of is that , mvp might become way more competitive if they spawn more often. In that case , people who cant compete in mvp kills will still find these rare crafting drops impossible to obtain. grinding might be hard , but still gives some possible for those who cant kill the mvps.
  5. making this book feels so hopeless and helpless. why the hell only this book need mvp drop . plz make a suggestion for rework
  6. just about every ranger with decent gear . lmao. mind to go bio5 and see for ur self?
  7. i made is very clear what dmg is with unlimit and whats not
  8. every dps need a freaking long buff to make a good damage. beside without unlimit, ss still dose nearly double dmg ( 230-350k) than high end game gene cc. with acd gear, ranger can make big damage 24/7 with easily.
  9. with current spam rate of ss, rangers are hands down the best dps class for the job. this is with unlimited. But it’s also extremely op even without unlimit, totally outshine a high end cc gene. drop the patch without mins nerf is one thing , 0.5 acd is nothing even the 30%cap nerf. at least for bio5, i dont see any point of playing any dps class (se ,gene or cat) other than ranger.
  10. falling star has limited use. its mostly used with heat for instance boss. like in CC , Jitterbug or GMT cc for example: you can use either solar or luna for the mob, and use falling star for boss( if you dont have mins). when using solar burst to clear the mob , you have about 0.5 -1sec window that you have to take the hit. if the mob is too big and you got unlucky with leech procs, you will die. With full moon kick , its risk free. For Jitterbug , its the same , only the rick of been exposed to mob is higher. the thing with SE as a class is that you dont have to fulling commit to certain build. all three have their expertise, and you can use the same gear for all three build , so its ez to save the build at skill manager and load the right one for different tasks.
  11. leech gramp to max lvl first. get some basic gear along the way. and most importantly, improve your game play!improve your game play!improve your game play!(knowing the 2nd job skills, elements change , mobbing skills). I see so many SE with endgame gears, still play like a drunk monkey. save money to get: c.book(use +7+8 when you dont have money, buy +15 later on ) , then tempo dex boots + BM for moon build or tempo str boots+ hawk eye/LUK( HE better) for solar build/ star build. then ridewood hat+incubus pet for leech, you will just not die , nor run out of sp. these are the most important eqs to make SE functional, meaning you good to go . use hatred to farm or do instance boss. make more improvements to other eqs later when you have more funds. ps : dont use excellion wing, the acd reduction from excel set + heartwing band is not sufficient enough to make a meaningful difference , on top of that you give up aspd and damage or leech. I recommend you to use a cheap gss with dex or str . hbp not worth invest in anymore ( since faw coming soon enough ,and in pt , difference between +9 hbp vs random gss is not noticeable. endgame gear can be found here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Colours'_Guide_To_Star_Emperor pps: dont aim for 193 aspd solo with our HE proc , its useless and wasteful . instead , add aspd% gear in conjugation with mins' aspd song or HE proc to get 193. ppps: moon kick is much more safer for basic farming if you can 1 or 2 shot the mob, or even kite the mob. use falling star for instance boss like GMT , CC. use solar burst in party with mins to do end game stuff. it wasn't good for solo mob farming before the nerf, and its even more trash after nerf . pppps: u will still die a lot after all that(bio5) . hahahahahaha enjoy.
  12. whether 60k is easily reachable is remained to be seen, I doubt it to be extreme case with extreme gear . bring changes to the meta is good . only those who are already at top are so eager to kill the thing that might change the equation.
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