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  1. Bagueeeeettes !!
  2. Annelin

    Patch Notes

  3. Annelin

    New Year's Teaser

    Tfw you wake up with hangover after the New Year's Eve party just to farm harshly in mh2! Drunk people, drunk people everywhere!! But jokes aside, can't wait for this update :"D!! I'm really excited~~
  4. Oi, you still play?

    1. Annelin


      Leeeeeel Tomo ;o! 

      Ye I do now and then 8)

    2. Tomo


      Ohh thats still nice to hear hahaha! Well if you're going online, hit me up, still Rakuen tho, its kinda lonely to play alone xd

  5. Well I'm glad that pvp active players have found a perfect solution in this matter, I believe the pve active players also deserve a fair one too. Like I said in my previous post, carrying the leechers is as much fun as afk gamestyle in bg. Yes, people cried about it. When did they cry about it? Right after the post about the bio 5 requirement was made. We never had a chance to get the original requirement because it was reduced right after the forum QQs. I don't remember exactly how much time have passed since this update was made, but after doing few weeklies in bio im going to repeat myself - 100 kills is doable in 1.5-2h max, it's way too low and is way easier to finish than BG. Thanks, someone gets my point.
  6. You completely miss the point of my post. Yes, I am one of people that runs Bio daily but it has nothing to do with my suggestion. Those who aren't geared enough as dps usually join the parties as support with a gear which doesn't require a huge amount of zeny.Nobody has a problem with that and I think it's great that people still can join the party. The only thing I'm saying is the current state of bio5 weekly comparing to bg one is ridiculously way too low. And that's my point. Hope I made it clear for you. + Carrying lazy people is as much a pain in the ass as afkers in bg just saying.
  7. Either decrease the ridiculous requirements of bg weeklies or highly increase the bio 5 requirement as it was originally in your mind to make both of the options evenly difficult. I'm not a pvp player so I do not join BG at all but from 3rd party people I already heard that they rather join the "cancerous bio" instead of going to BG (which, as I've heard, is pretty much a one huge graveyard at the moment). MH2 was supposed to be challenging for geared players (even some GMs mentioned that is not supposed to be easy) meanwhile a huge number of people is able to be done with it in 1st or 2nd day without a bigger effort. Players avoid joining bg because bio option is way too easy and it's simply faster to be done with. I hope you will consider this suggestion. And btw, in case someone gonna say "I have a life yada yada I can't play that much yada yada" - I also have a life lul. Tia.
  8. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Tiny tiny update. Since recently I've been called a master gossiper with my osom Ekina, here's some tiny thingy I made cuz of it :V Thanks to french baguettes for giving me an idea! (I mean you Roy :V)
  9. It's just a tiny thing but thank you for being so positive, it melts my kokoro 8D! Yeeey, it would be awesome :D!~
  10. Wtf is going on here Rose LOL
  11. Nie wiem czy istnieje obecnie taka gildia, ale jeżeli chcesz to możesz dołączyć do nas, mamy u siebie 4 albo 5 Polaków łącznie <:u gildia jest międzynarodowa, wszyscy rozmawiamy po angielsku. Daj znać jak coś, napisz mi priv, pm w grze albo discord. Nick taki sam jak tutaj, mój discord to D.P.M.G#4021. Możesz zawsze przyjść do geffen, tam mamy nasz guildbase, szukaj mnie, T A Da albo I R R. Discord wymagany btw :3
  12. Hey, I was thinking about it recently and I have a tiny suggestion. We have many available places to get married but there aren't any "additional" benefits to it. I've been wondering, if there is any way to create custom titles for the married couple depending on the place they got married? I don't have specific ideas for the titles tho but I was thinking they should relate to the specific places. For example right now you can marry in summer event festival map right? What if we could receive some title like "Summer Love" after getting married there lel. I can imagine people remarring just to get titles but wouldn't it be kinda fun and cute? Idk, just a suggestion <:u
  13. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Wow Aste you are alive :o!
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