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  1. Annelin

    What are you listening to right now

  2. Annelin

    What do you game outside of RO?

    Lately I don't enjoy MMO anymore so I started to prefer single players games. I recently finished "VA-11 Hall-A", the cyber-punk bartender game which happens in the future, in some dystopian city. The game is absolutely chill, you are reading the conversations between your character and clients (some of them are absolutely hillarious) and serving drinks. Pixel-art/retro style makes the game quite adorable and it's just perfect to relax (no kidding, serving the drinks makes you wanna drink yourself lmao). It's not too long as well (took me 2-3 days to finish it fully). The interesting part is the fact that the game was created by the venezuelan studio and it looks like a small "reflection" on what is currently happening in this country (you'lll notice if you have at least a small idea of what's happening in Venezuela). ^ the actual game window :v
  3. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: EHHHH whenever I'm like "NOPE, I AM DONE WITH RAGNAROK THIS TIME!" the event // new items appear and *POOF* I leave my coffin. I skept the Xmas event last year and I was about to skip it this year (mainly because my partner crashed my laptop [actually by the accident, wanted to repair it and just f*cked it up even more *sigh*]). But anyway, finally obtained all 4 capes (ps. whoever created this "house present delivery" part of the event is E.V.I.L. but I was determinated enough to finish it four...F-O-U-R times !!) and now I can rest in peace. I am quite happy because I finally found the item that perfectly fits the squirrel hood (give this hat some love!). Thank you for the event and wish you all Novaronians (?) a happy new year! Annoyed Squirelin :"> Screenshot reference
  4. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Pic for halloween's event~
  5. Annelin

    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    Hello Well, it's my time as well, but before I post my entry, I'd like to write down few words: I've been playing here for around 1.5 year I believe (with shorter or longer breaks meanwhile). Before coming to Nova, I've been attached to the other server for nearly 6 years. I was planning to give up on Ragnarok fully but...somehow I couldn't and I ended up on this server. Do I regret it? Nope, I don't. I couldn't find any friends at the beggining or a single group of people that would accept me the way I am. My first guild, Cringy Losers, were basically my first friends (most of You are gone, I hope You're all doing well wherever You are). In march this year I decided to take few months break and I came back again around june (oh sweet summer event, you summoned me!). I was lonely, again, because my m8s were sucked up by some demonic power (aka they stopped playing). I wasn't plannng to stay for too long because I thought I wouldn't be able to find anyone to play with again....but I was wrong. Nina and Andi! You guys are the best people I ever met online (literally, I mean it). Nina - you are a sweet and amazing person, I absolutely love you girl! I am really, REALLY greateful that you pmed me after my break. I still can't believe you remembered me after helping you with damn Gramps :'D! Thank you for that! And Andi! You better take care of Nina and make a lot of babies OOHOHOHOH (joke joke, I mean kinda joke). I really am happy that Nina introduced you to me, you're my best buddy, our spam till 3am is amazing, can't believe we never run out of topics LMAO. Hopefully we'll meet in real life the next year during the summer (I'm crossing my fingers and I am waiting for that!). I love you guys XOXO!! To NovaRO - thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to meet this couple, I gained really special friendship with these 2 :D! So end of spam, here is my entry: Annelin - ranger, Exii (Andi) - genetic, Priesterin Ninna (Nina) - arch bishop. ps. Carl is Jakk's brother if anyone is wondering :v ps2. Hylozoists are absolutely in love with Nina's bunny Happy Halloween to Nina, Andi, Novaronians (is it correct..?) and the whole "Absolutely Spooky" squad! IGN: Annelin Screenshot references of our characters:
  6. Annelin

    Absolutely Spooky - Halloween Guild

    Update: The guild is still growing, this is the current situation. We're still having a bunch of space so if you're interested to join let us know
  7. Annelin

    Absolutely Spooky - Halloween Guild

    Haha thank you very much! :'D We are growing up slowly, tried our first TTK as well, so far I may say we're doing great ^^ !
  8. Are you tired of looking for members to join the halloween mini events? WORRY NOT! Join "Absolutely Spooky" and enjoy your game! Check our guild thread for more info! https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/9692-absolutely-spooky-halloween-guild/?do=getNewComment

  9. Hello Novaronians (? is it correct..) I'd like to introduce you to the special Halloween project of mine - "Absolutely Spooky"! Leader: Eluminare / Annelin Invitatation: Every member of the guild Base: Prontera, below the guild flags About the guild: It's a simple idea for the halloween season. I've noticed that many players are looking for a company to farm some coins during the mini events (aka TOT). Instead of desperately looking for a company, you may just simply join the "Absolutely Spooky" and find some company within minutes! There is completely no requirement to join this guild - your class, level, experience doesn't matter. HA, you may even join the guild with your "special farming character" a.k.a "alt" if you don't wanna leave your current guild! Feel free to make some new friends and socialize with each other, it's amazing time for the new relationships! Contact: Feel free to PM me here on the forum or in game (IGN: Eluminare or Annelin) for more info or for the direct invitation! You can also catch me on discord (check my profile) See you in game MUHAUHA!
  10. Annelin please make guild emblems for me willing to pay ^^

    1. Annelin


      Sadly I am currently on hiatus 8(! I logged today to check on the halloween event but I doubt i'm gonna stay around for too long :(

  11. Annelin

    [PL] Rozbrykani

    Ja ogólnie widziałam większą grupę ale jezusie żeby aż gildię otwierać toście mnie zaskoczyli. Gdzie macie guild base <:U?
  12. Nope nope I'm kinda inactive again <:U

  13. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Zendaya is meechee. New pic LEL!!!
  14. Annelin

    [PL] Rozbrykani

    <:U To Polacy w RO jeszcze grają? Niesamowite..