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  1. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Tiny tiny update. Since recently I've been called a master gossiper with my osom Ekina, here's some tiny thingy I made cuz of it :V Thanks to french baguettes for giving me an idea! (I mean you Roy :V)
  2. It's just a tiny thing but thank you for being so positive, it melts my kokoro 8D! Yeeey, it would be awesome :D!~
  3. Wtf is going on here Rose LOL
  4. Nie wiem czy istnieje obecnie taka gildia, ale jeżeli chcesz to możesz dołączyć do nas, mamy u siebie 4 albo 5 Polaków łącznie <:u gildia jest międzynarodowa, wszyscy rozmawiamy po angielsku. Daj znać jak coś, napisz mi priv, pm w grze albo discord. Nick taki sam jak tutaj, mój discord to D.P.M.G#4021. Możesz zawsze przyjść do geffen, tam mamy nasz guildbase, szukaj mnie, T A Da albo I R R. Discord wymagany btw :3
  5. Hey, I was thinking about it recently and I have a tiny suggestion. We have many available places to get married but there aren't any "additional" benefits to it. I've been wondering, if there is any way to create custom titles for the married couple depending on the place they got married? I don't have specific ideas for the titles tho but I was thinking they should relate to the specific places. For example right now you can marry in summer event festival map right? What if we could receive some title like "Summer Love" after getting married there lel. I can imagine people remarring just to get titles but wouldn't it be kinda fun and cute? Idk, just a suggestion <:u
  6. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Wow Aste you are alive :o!
  7. Got 3 from 7 runs today, our luck doesn't love us
  8. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    UPDATE: So today (and yesterday) I've seen the emblems that I've created a while ago for a specific guild, edited and used by some other guild in game. I have no clue if there is any specific rule about it but honestly saying it's quite disappointing and personally I am not fine with it (especially since I've clearly said in the rules of this thread that I do not allow anyone to use the same emblems without my - aka creator - permission, because they were created for a specific person and they weren't free). I've decided to remove the examples of my work so if anyone is interested in emblems for the guild, please leave a PM so I could show few examples.. Here is the screenshot:
  9. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Just some teeny tiny custom signature of my AB and my slave Scylla 8) (oh man i miss making them)
  10. Annelin

    Spring Art Contest

    Oh spring sweet spring, it's finally a perfect time for some adventures~!!! IGN: Annelin SS reference: Annelin - AB Scylla (♥) - Rune Knight
  11. Annelin


  12. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Kiki's full-body pic Screenshot reference:
  13. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Arundil's Avatar: Screenshot reference:
  14. I'm not entirely sure if this blonde (colour 8) is the original palette? I've checked it on my hairstyle 'cuz I was sure there is something wrong. Here is a screenshot to compare: <---- Left one is blonde on NovaRO, Right one is the official colour. Any chance to change it? Current blonde is quite..."orangish" <__>
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