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  1. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Wow Aste you are alive :o!
  2. Got 3 from 7 runs today, our luck doesn't love us
  3. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    UPDATE: So today (and yesterday) I've seen the emblems that I've created a while ago for a specific guild, edited and used by some other guild in game. I have no clue if there is any specific rule about it but honestly saying it's quite disappointing and personally I am not fine with it (especially since I've clearly said in the rules of this thread that I do not allow anyone to use the same emblems without my - aka creator - permission, because they were created for a specific person and they weren't free). I've decided to remove the examples of my work so if anyone is interested in emblems for the guild, please leave a PM so I could show few examples.. Here is the screenshot:
  4. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Just some teeny tiny custom signature of my AB and my slave Scylla 8) (oh man i miss making them)
  5. Annelin

    Spring Art Contest

    Oh spring sweet spring, it's finally a perfect time for some adventures~!!! IGN: Annelin SS reference: Annelin - AB Scylla (♥) - Rune Knight
  6. Annelin


  7. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Kiki's full-body pic Screenshot reference:
  8. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Arundil's Avatar: Screenshot reference:
  9. I'm not entirely sure if this blonde (colour 8) is the original palette? I've checked it on my hairstyle 'cuz I was sure there is something wrong. Here is a screenshot to compare: <---- Left one is blonde on NovaRO, Right one is the official colour. Any chance to change it? Current blonde is quite..."orangish" <__>
  10. I've noticed that GM Events are usually hosted around 16:00-17:00 server time (which is a middle of the night for european time zone). Is there any chance that GMs would also give us some love as well 8)? It bothered me for a while to be honest, I maybe saw the floor is lava and dodgebomb like 2-3 times during our daytime (to compare, the other events are happening everyday or every 2 days during the night of ours). Overall, nice update, glad you guys are leaving a prize choice :^).
  11. I've been also wondering about it and actually I'm also not so sure about this ballista even though the guide is pretty clear. My conclusion is simple, but I'd like to get a confirmation somehow: Requirements for this illusion ballista are: +7 ballista [1], 50 illusion stones and 100 shinig spores. Everything is clear to this point but the main thing is that the only ballista [1] you can get is from the socket enchant npc (Seiyablem) by creating a slot at 20% success rate...(kek) So basically process is like this: 1. Get ballista from Dracula at (0.5% drop chance) - to compare, i was farming some 0.5% yesterday and I had to kill around 500 mobs to get it. 2. RNG for slot at Seiyablem NPC (20% chance success - if it breaks have fun getting ballista again) 3. If somehow you get ballista [1] refine it to +7 for illusion version (if it breaks have fun getting ballista and slotting it again hehe..) 4. Have fun upgrading it again to +7/+9/+15 OR repeat the whole process again if it breaks :^) As I see the same goes to inflitrator [1] (but at least this one has higher chance to drop from non MvPs) and ancient cape [1] (which also drops from dracula 0.10 or dark lord 10% - way higher chance tho). Could someone confirm if it works this way? Because if yes then thanks, nice update but I'd probably have to live in game to actually get it by own lel (at least this specific set, most of the other items seem pretty alright to get so kudos for that). Or maybe there is some other way that I'm not awared of ?___?. I'm seriously asking because I was joking about it yesterday with my friends but I literally see no other way. Also is there any legit way to check at which point illusion aoa + illusion balista set got better than +15 bxb? Was doing some math yesterday but I gave up at the end, maybe someone is able to enlighten an idiot like me.
  12. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: - DELETED - For Fruits Only guild emblems Comissions are still open, if you're interested lemme know~
  13. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Update: Avatar pic for my beloved Nina ♥! Screenshot reference:
  14. Annelin

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Yey thanks :"D trying my best LOL
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