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  1. After a week of tears and sweat I've finally solo'ed the OGH hard and I need to admit - it feels great :'D *nobody cares*

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    2. Annelin


      @Ranick hah thanks ! :"D probably the most overrated class - ranger. I don't think I'd be able to solo it with other of my chars (not yet at least <:u). I was trying the different strategies this week and every time i was lacking at least 15 minutes to finish it (amada had around 30% hp left and it was so frustrating). Yesterday i actually menaged to kill it with around 20 minutes left, was tiring as hell tho considering how much hp my char has @[email protected]


      @Fu - Blade of Wind thank you :"D I usually don't share my challenge successes but yesterday I felt so proud of myself LOL XD


      @Asterios I swear I will write down a guide for you AHAHAH xoxo !! <3 

    3. Fu Windsword

      Fu Windsword

      Yeah, It's not the same satistaction when you success anything than when you success a hard challenge that you've failed before. Congrats again. :'D


      Question: how did you avoided or endured the Blue Hulk's Hell Judgement? Did you killed it by AS and runing? O.o

    4. Annelin


      Sorry I forgot to answer :")

      Actually I killed it by 

      A. Luring around with AS

      B. Traping it with Aimed Bolt

      Whenever he was spamming skills I was just getting out of range xD I died once only but I seriously mastered the warg mount/unmount during this instance HAHAHAHA. I am planning to do it today once again >8D

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