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  1. mail your offer to one of my char below thanks...
  2. +1, Seems fair for new players. But what shall said make sense too. At the end it actually depend how good your leader's pick and the coordination of team play.
  3. All the warlock already been punishing themself with the reflects especially from comet and IT even CL and JF, and they also forced to use elements card just to survive their own skills. there is no longer way to play magic dps anymore if this thing goes through, everyone could just spared a platinium shield to switch and bye all wls Even using dokebi card, you still hit hard by your own CL when you got magic mirrored/reflected since its only 75% orignal wind reduction from the card, it bypass any element resistance (element pot, element reduction cards/ gear)from the reflected spells. Know the class and it's mechanic before you bull shitting blablabla
  4. This should be Kro bug instead of nova bug. Reflect/Magic mirror mean like Caster(A) hit Caster(A1), the damage taken should be reduced by every of the caster's element resistance. no way it completely bypass everything. However the current reflect mechanic in nova is alrdy bypassing all the race/element reduction except element armor only.
  5. Please, woe2 dead mostly because of the time zone issue, not the mvp card. please remain the mvp card restriction on woe2... or you will just make both woe1 and 2 look the same, 0 sense
  6. Renewal is far more interesting than boring pre-renewal. U will find lot of fun after u adapted on it
  7. Here is far better than those crappy official server
  8. This would be fun with knowing how good you are doing☺
  9. We got those character with gear on too, feel to WOE after months of farm. we can discuss what to bring on woe.
  10. Hi there, i have 3 ppls rdy for WOE, WL/SORC/GX, interest to add more man POWER???
  11. Try once with Fire dragon breath and u will know why there are none RK farming there, STONE SKIN killed DB dmg.
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