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  1. Why nerf the one thing that works great instead of buffing the other, unpopular games? Although I'm not happy with the huge cd I understand why you might want to restrict that, but at least don't remove instancing
  2. IGN: valkees Pet: Deviling Pet: Chimera Edit: bigger
  3. Well, I was referring more to the original post and the original question where we've been given two options but people don't seem to come to an agreement for one of those. Clearly most people are against the idea of disabling snap, but that doesn't mean there's another bunch of people that would like to try other things. Personally I think a fix to make it less spammable + allowing other movement skills would be enough.
  4. Pinpoint has a 40% - 70% chance of success at lvl 2 (the one used to remove spheres) and it's blockable by pneuma. If the skill doesn't do any damage, it fails to remove spheres/break gears, not to mention the skill itself has a 5 sec cooldown I doubt people will come to an agreement at any point so why not try both solutions for one week each and then reopen the discussion?
  5. valkees

    Illustrate: GMT Cards

    IGN: valkees Blut hase
  6. valkees

    Illustrate: GMT Cards

    Maybe not the cards, but I've seen in previous art contests that you'd give an exclusive costume hat as part of the prizes. Do you guys think this could be a thing here too? (maybe depending on the number of entries?).
  7. -- Come on, Max. It's our first stop -- the old Grinchy Claus hissed. IGN: valkees
  8. Hello! I started on the server days ago and I'm playing Doram for fun and Ranger for farming purposes. I'm a returning player and I'd like to learn more about renewal and instances. I can play AB too if the guild needs it, however I'll need some information on the newest gears/builds because I haven't played in years. I'm mainly looking for a nice guild where I can play with other people and ask questions and contribute with whatever I can. My main language isn't English but I think I can speak decently enough to communicate with others IGNs: mirai zura / valkees
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