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  1. thesupakorn

    Patch Notes #176.5

    I noticed that pity doesn't affect shared loots in party and seems like no body has pointed this out in community forum. Also this is well known by many ABs in game I've met and talked to. My brother main AB and he only plays a single char, so we as a party of two have been farming stones and we tried testing the pity system (since there are no detail about this at all), turn out that the pity only affects the killer which is me. So I kindly ask on behalf of my brother and all of the ABs in server, can AB have any update qol to farm this stone since they can't fight those monster by themselves?
  2. thesupakorn

    Patch Notes #176.5

    Thank you for this! btw this includes the monster that doesn't drop stone too? For an example, if i stop farming stone and accidently kill other monsters that don't drop stone (either by the last aoe hit while farming or after stop farming), what will happen?
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