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  1. Holla !! We are Nova Eclipse We are PvM, Instance, and Social Guild <3 We are willing to help you who are new in Nova RO! Come and join our fun community!! Most of our Guild is Indonesian, but we have people from outside Indonesia too such as Philippine, England, and Russia Our Guild members speak English 1. How to join us, Fill up THIS FORM : Nova Eclipse Form 2. If you need help to get in the guild, you can also contact some of our guild members : 3. Our Guild has Discord, we do voice chats during instances, but only members can acc
  2. ayajaeger

    AyaJaeger's Art

    Hello! My name is Aya, my In Game Character name in NovaRO is AyaJaeger I usually hang around Lasagna because that's where my Guild Base is. I been playing NovaRO for two months now I think. I am in need of Zeny like the other character needs, but because I am so bad and lazy at farming and enjoy drawing more, I decided to open an Artshop. Here are some of my arts. Some might be NON - RO related. 1. Non Animated - Bust Up is : 18.000.000 Zeny 2. Simple Animated Bust ups is : 20.000.000 Zeny 3. Half / 3/4 Full Body non animated is 25.000.000 Z
  3. Selling Enchanted/Enhanced Soldier Skeleton Card for 49.500.000z In Game Character Name is : AyaJaeger I usually hang around Lasagna (@go 40)
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