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  1. When would this update coming out?
  2. Hello i have 2x gentle heart both have around 4-5dex whit eoe3dex im selling each 15m
  3. Hello my Name is Lukas i looking for a active guilde thats doing many fun like et or OGH or ohter instance maybe a bit pvp too i playing an Rebellion class iam a pure slug shot build and doing decent DMG im speakin germany but englisch too so it would be no Problem when your guilde full englisch Hoppe i find one guilde
  4. I buy Meteor strike any refine pm my Here the price and what + is it
  5. I buy +10 calf anaconda or +15 and deatfire +15 leave my Here the price
  6. I selling a lot of celermine juice it increasse u aspd each of it 2k zeny just pm my here and tell my how many u need i would answer fast as i can when i can go online and where we Meer for the deal
  7. Lukasensmann


  8. Im lvl 112 and habe +8 crimson bible dex boots and gss dex and 100str dex 80 my DMG whit full New moon is around 14k in the right element is this wrong? I See many player whit 500k DMG or whit just 20m gear 100k+ need hlp
  9. I have a lot just pm my here
  10. Lukasensmann


  11. I mean if u sie the upper hathear runaway chip and the card grudge of Royal Guard u get around -90% sp but if u kill a Monster u get +20sp each monster and you sp can be faster healet whit just killing Monster but i never testet it its just same idea what munbalance have use in video dir sura
  12. Im Not Sure how it would work but u can try the munbalance trick maybe Reduce u sp whit runaway chip and grudge oder Royal Guard card the card give u each Monster killet 20sp each 2refine 1sp more so if u habe 200 or 400 sp u ned to kill whit cart carnon at +0 refine 10 or 20 Monster for full sp
  13. Are u able to share my the eq i ned for get my dmg higher i thinks whitout gipsy buff and lady tanne would be around 500-700k im lvl 143 have Try my hp 49k and so 4k my dmg still 250k ned hlp whit eq Btw how to Download the Server where i can try all ? Anyone know
  14. And anyone have try what the max dmg we can do whit it ?
  15. I See and are cards work like Skeleton archer wk card? To increase the dmg
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