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  1. Zabarro

    Patch Notes - Draft WoE

    New hats is all i needed
  2. As the title kind of points out, pets and costumes are all I really care about. I was thinking Maybe give Bacsojin pet the ability to sometimes (Like 5%) cast lv 10 heal on you when your hp is low. She just needs something. and give Eggring, Marin, Mastering and Metaller a looting capability. (Like 15 items or something)
  3. Zabarro

    Patch Notes - Beta Client

    Is the beta client for testing updates before they're released or something?
  4. Have these been released? If not I wanna suggest... making them event or cp pets or something
  5. Suggestion to add an npc that sells the pet accessories that are currently unavailable?
  6. What do you guys think it could be?
  7. Add-on (Alternate Brachina) Name: Brachina Gender: Female Race: Half doram, half norman Organization: Parfaille Vigilante Corp Role: Vigilante Physical Description: Rather tall for a doram, short white hair, white outfit with gold trim, brown top hat with a cute ribbon Personality: A cheery individual who wants to see the entire world. She tends to be clumsy, but she swears she's really good at everything she does. Known Strengths: Cat-like reflexes, in-depth knowledge of magic, master of disguise Known Weaknesses: Clumsy, crybaby, no physical strength Known Property: Brown top hat with a small ribbon, a zaha doll that her mother left her, a diabolus ring her father left her, a small fortune Known Acquaintances: A plethora of animals that she has befriended on her travels.
  8. Name: Brachina Gender: Unknown (Presumed female, responds to She and Her pronouns) Race: Android (Humanoid Robot) Organization: Unknown (Definitely something evil, right?) Role: Festival game master, possible destructive robot? Physical Description: An attractive android who uses her mathematical skills to win games at the Summer Festival. It seems she was created for a more devious purpose, but her programming allowed her to rebel and have fun instead. Personality: Cold and calculative, but capable of feeling emotions. She doesn't trust humans, and would rather see them lose at the games she plays with them than anything else. Known Strengths: Math, enhanced strength and agility, uses science to enhance magical skills Known Weaknesses: Cannot enter water, has no people skills, childish, doesn't know full potential, cannot eat food, known cheater at games (poor reputation) Known Property: She has a hoard of festival coins Known Acquaintances: Angeling and Arcangeling. Bonded through a disliking of humans
  9. Just saw this? Uh Suggestion to finish implementing the recipe for this evo pls qqq
  10. Zabarro

    My aesthetic

    This is one of many of my aesthetic photos, but I think this is the best one I've taken so far
  11. Suggestion to make an npc that allows you to exchange useless cards (Excluding the ones that have raised drop rates like Poring Card and stuff) for blank cards at a certain rate like 50 blank cards per card or something And to add more rewards to the blank card npc. I was thinking more gacha items with like more headgears that we don't have access to yet or something. Or like, a mystery hat box that gives different hats than the monthly one? I guess
  12. Zabarro

    S> Stuff

    Happy Summer Ribbon and Open Air Headphones have sold
  13. Zabarro


    I think every pet would be a little overboard .-. And sure they could do it but if those pets don't have loyal bonuses what would really be the point? Some people might get upset that they spent time adding in something pointless when they could have added real content I'm not looking for anything extra here I just want a pet squirrel ;o
  14. Zabarro

    S> Stuff

    Selling pictured items Happy Summer Ribbon and Open Air Headphones 48m ea Stunner Shades 15m Robo Eye 24m Gemini Red Eyes 10m Sailor Hat 18m +9 White Wing Manteau 300m White Wing Brooch (+200 and +300 HP enchants) 4m
  15. Petition to make Coco (Mob ID 1104) into a pet? It's so cute look at it ;o; Idk about loyal bonus I just want a squirrel Could catch using Abra Or use that Unripe Acorn item (Item ID 12346) that drops from Ratas (Mob ID 2017) or something
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