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  1. NU07

    New Rune Knight Outfit!

    *internally screaming "YAASS" over and over again*
  2. Breaking News: a gang of stickers has taken over my thick binder/sketchbook. Citizens have been threatened to be taken over if they cannot catch up to the gang's cool appearance. The leader of the group is identified as Monsieur Poring. The media describe him as round, shiny, and always dragging a victim of abuse by immigration employees.
  3. NU07

    Patch Notes

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my overbrand why u nerf
  4. NU07

    Summer Art Contest Winners!

    GG everyone, especially you @RadenWA >>>>>>>>>_>>>>>>>>> I'll be getting you someday (maybe?)
  5. NU07

    New Cloth Palettes!

    ^ I want this too or else, we'll have to be spamming enter to search for what color we want t_t
  6. NU07

    Summer Art Contest!

    I love digging, Plushie Claw, and fishing. But I spend most of my time hiding somewhere on the island, watching players do Shellfish Shuck. And since I had drawn the fishing version, I drew this instead. RIP GMs via Bombring, 1 July 2017. (or was it 2 July?) IGN: Alba Forbell the deadline was extended? O_O. Welp RIP sleepless nights.
  7. NU07

    Summer Art Contest!

    question: where do we submit the entries?
  8. NU07

    Summer Art Contest!

  9. NU07


    Fishing= Broken rods, minnows, Coelacanth and Krakens~ and headgears
  10. NU07

    New Gallery Feature!

    O_O imma post
  11. NU07

    Happy Summer ~

    @Nightcore Run yeah, I drew that. Thanks for the compliment~ @RadenWAomg thx! Yeah.. I haven't joined Nova last summer, I joined at Halloween
  12. NU07

    Happy Summer ~

    HAPPY SUMMER EVRYONE may the Kraken bless ur broken rods... ... and shovels
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