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  1. reynaldzackery

    5th Anniversary

    Cheers Nova and the gang! Keep the contents coming and more power to NovaRo!
  2. reynaldzackery

    Patch Notes

    "WoE winner rewards have been changed" Does this include Draft WOE? I just want to make sure.
  3. reynaldzackery

    Patch Notes

    Wooooo!!!! These updates are lit!!! I love it!
  4. I need an egg that actually has meaning because I had eggs before and like in relationships, they meant nothing in the end without a ring IGN: Zackery C S
  5. Hi there GM Nova. I was looking for a server to play Ragnarok and I have read a lot of good reviews about NovaRo. I would like to install it and start playing but first I'd like to ping your server on cmd to see if I can spam skills smoothly if in case I start to play. The reason behind it is that the previous servers that I've played in are located in the U.S. so players from the U.S. naturally have lower ping than me which makes them always have the upper hand in skill spamming during PvP. It was okay when WTFast VPN was still free but now I have to pay for it and I do not want to spend just to have a low ping. So in order to assess it, I'd like to ping your server but I do not have the address. In addition, I assume your server is located in the U.S. too? Thank you very much in advance for your response!

    1. Nova


      Our server's hosted in Canada. Feel free to ping our website, they're located in the same datacenter.

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