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  1. Crazy Weed is currently not removing Dieter's Volcanic Ash and Lava Slide. Might be related to Homunculus AoEs, but did not test with Sera's Poison Mist.
  2. Good Suras get to the guardian stone faster than all but a couple of the defending team members (who rushed there without any preparation or buffs). Holding the attacking team on the first spawn for a few seconds would allow the defending team to actually make a defense when there is a good sura on the attacking team.
  3. It is actually one of the first things you want to drop because of its high weight and low value.
  4. Using Freedom to remove Saturday Night Fever's Madness debuff makes you sit down while showing you still standing up. Would be nice for freedom to also remove the sit down portion at the end of the debuff.
  5. Regelz

    Add combination +6 foods

    Well, the new additions in the patch are certainly nice quality of life changes to WoE. However, I would argue food consumption in both BG (+30s) and PvM (+6s) is way bigger than in WoE, if only by sheer frequency of those modes compared to WoE's twice a week. +30s could be added to BG straight to Telma. And +6s could be combined somehow for PvM usage. Sincerely hope these QoL changes can come to these modes where they would have a higher impact in the near future. edit: not to mention that due to the significant cost of foods, a lot of people on WoE don't pop all the stat foods (most notably str foods) and will therefore not even make use of the new feature (while the low cost of bg foods and +6 sarahs might make the extra cost irrelevant compared to the convenience)
  6. Add combination +6 foods since they are the staple used in pvm.
  7. Regelz

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    I second the opinion that gmt rings are simply easier and faster to acquire, have a lower zeny cost and are better than sarah earrings nowadays. I would argue that the market around gigantes shards is mostly around players who have the spare funds buying out of the huge time gate involved in acquiring enough shards to try for perfectly enchanted earrings (these perfectly enchanted earrings barely compete with decent gmt rings cus of the lack of sockets).
  8. Freedom currently doesn't remove Star Emperor's Gravity Control in BG even though it is casted and put on CD.
  9. Intense Telekinesis should be a 3x final damage multiplier (on lvl5) to ghost property magic damage. Currently it gives a 200% additional modifier to the elemental table like volcano/deluge/violent gale. Notice how the damage is tripled against amdarais (Undead lv4, 175% ghost mod): https://youtu.be/yN4sz1KgZFc?t=117 On Nova against the Neutral lv1 dummy damage is more than tripled as it is acting as a flat additional mod (70% + 200%):
  10. Would it be possible to add "(Dailies)" to the Token of Siegfried name as it was done to Bubblegum at least?
  11. Show trade restrictions on Token of Siegfried from daily rewards. Currently it has the same description as tradeable ones, making it annoying to find which ones you want to take from storage. The same applies to Bloody Branches.
  12. The following tests were done on a 100% neutral resistance Sura. Baseline (1 all stats) Excellion set with 5x ATK enchants and 1 STR enchant (1 all stats) Excellion set with 5x ATK enchants and 1 STR enchant (120 str) Cart boost (+50 atk) (1 all stats) Matk portion respects neutral resistance: Flattery robe (120 int, 1 str)
  13. Just to reiterate, the skills are already providing the correct flat additive 20% to the elemental table correctly in all cases but when it is a 0% modifier (eg: fire vs fire2, wind/fire/water vs holy4).
  14. A warlock might want to have different skills read depending on team compostion, for example, crimson rock if there is a minstrel available or tetra otherwise. However, currently you are stuck with whatever you had left over from the previous match.
  15. Currently, battle logs only show when Chain Lightning is cast, but not the damage dealt. However, that is not the case on kRO and iRO: https://youtu.be/K0Oqc_cnIxM?t=394