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  1. probably just outdated bRO info. related:
  2. While it can be annoying, it is a fairly rare situation to be in currently. However, this might change drastically pretty soon, so I would wait to see how it turns out:
  3. Technically they already had one: Stave/Magic Crasher
  4. It was fixed as in, you weren't supposed to get credit for it outside of BG.
  5. Sorry to disappoint you but some people did farm the BG 10k kills achievement on gvg/pvp room when it was first released and bugged, even though they knew it was gonna get fixed and reverted.
  6. Main thing is, you can already do something with a similar functionality: create a new chat tab, drag it out so its an independent window, and set it to only show party messages. Doesn't seem likely that people who don't set this up will suddenly set up a new system imo.
  7. Regelz

    Why can't i get IC?

    There are 3 types of variable cast time reduction: stats, gears and skills. Disregard skills reductions, as far as i know, only 16th night and suffragium apply there. To get instant variable cast, you need 100% in one of them. Stacking both stats and gears wont get you there as they stack multiplicatively. So you have 2 options: get 2xdex + int =530 Get 100% variable cast time reduction on gears
  8. Chain Lightning's first hit should happen 0.25s after cast ends. Currently on Nova it happens 0.66s after the cast ends, which is the default time between hits. kRO timing obtained from average of several casts from the following videos: https://youtu.be/tmejVO8LFyg?t=41 https://youtu.be/Qsr-uHFPrn4?t=609
  9. Illusion Survivor Manteau combo's description doesn't match kRO's. (don't have one to check which effect is actually being applied) Nova: kRO: (3% acd per 3 refines, 1% neutral resist per 2 refines) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20847/illusion-survivors-manteau-1 http://kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/itemdetail/20847
  10. Currently the item has a socket on NovaRO: This doesn't seem to be the case on kRO: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28387
  11. First I was gonna admit i was wrong cus I assumed at least poo poo hat was enabled. Then I noticed you included feather beret on your glorious set math but not on recruit set. OK.
  12. 7% additive reductions absolutely make an overwhelming difference, much more so to the Recruit set than the glorious one.
  13. Wasn't the whole point of this to make an event with near 0 investment? Now you want to add items that cost almost 20k siege tokens? Wasn't it a concern that recruit set was already too strong given the offensive restrictions? Now you want to add an extra 7% demi resist on the slots that already have no other options?
  14. Latest update turned Grav Field into a normal damage skill, however it is still ignoring Amp.
  15. I'm not saying the issue shouldn't be looked into, and the mods should probably be applied. Just that iRO evidence isn't really reliable in this case and doesnt prove anything. The patch notes linked aren't specific at all, it says "damage formula changed", what comes after can be either noting some changes or all.
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