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  1. this should go on bug report, it isnt a suggestion
  2. They have been updated: Patch your client, if it doesnt work try reverting the last 10 patched by right clicking your patcher.
  3. It was a bug, it has been fixed.
  4. Drain Life was given a 1min cd on MH2, this makes the 95% chance of effect much more punishing than it usually is. Suggesting to make it 100% chance only on MH2 area because the current RNG is just frustrating.
  5. bacso tps IDLING regardless of hp kiel doesnt tp outside rude attack inca tps IDLING below 20% hp or on getting hit with fire wall just dont let them idle / dont rude attack
  6. only a few MvPs teleport outside of rude attacks (mistress/maya/tanee come to mind, the first 2 only on chase)
  7. -1 I dont think we need more items clogging our inventories. MH2 already introduced lots of new custom skills and items specific to it. The elemental resists already exist on the base game, go for those.
  8. They don't have any actual value in terms of zeny sink and simply pose an annoyance to have to go fetch them from storage every time you want to decard.
  9. He directly quoted someone else, it wasnt directed to you. On topic: I'll never understand why people need to make them have a use. There has always been useless cards on the game. Also any turn in would need quite a bit of effort on exceptions to prevent abuse, that means dev time that could be used elsewhere.
  10. just wanna point out, if that is indeed the case, you should write a bug report for it
  11. Depending on the mvp you are killing, happens often enough that it annoyed me into making this post. The day I wrote it a ran into a ranger killing an mvp, he messed up on 50% hp, died and proceeced to instantly token and fly wing away. I was left staring at an mvp a little below 50% hp that there is 0 reason for me to kill since i wont get anything out of it. Ran in circles with it for over a minute before a 3rd person showed up, killed it and got nothing out of it. MvPs are free for all and a competition, there shouldn't ever be a situation you find yourself alone with one and no reason to kill it. If you fly wing away from a MvP to avoid dying, you should be taking the risk of getting it stolen. On any official server the loot would fall to the ground and no loot protection will save you when you are screens away from it. Seriously? Ignoring the fact that that's griefing, how do you want me to do that? Log an alt sorc, go to mvp location, warmer it, wait for full hp? So the person who has started it has all the time in the world to walk back and find it?
  12. So you think doing 51% of the mvp hp, tp out and sit on a random corner of the map waiting for someone else to finish killing it so you get all the drops is a valid play style?
  13. Current timer for the forced warp in at the start is far too short. Mage classes barely have time to Energy Coat even if they join at the very first batch, and good luck if you have to pop foods.
  14. Currently, as long as you have done the most dmg to the MvP, you will autoloot its drops no matter where you are on the map. This creates situations where someone does 50% of the hp then teleports away so he doesnt end up dying and still gets all the drops. Officially there is no @autoloot, so teleporting away means you are forfeiting the drops completely. Proposing @autoloot to only work for mvp drops if they are within a reasonable range (20 cells for example is a bit more than view range). Note that I'm only suggesting this to the mob's normal drop table, personally doesn't really matter who the mvp bonus exp and bonus drop goes to. edit: just to clarify, this isn't suggesting to disable auto-loot for MvPs. Simply asking that if the highest dmg person is on the other side of the map, the loot goes to the 2nd highest dmg person (if they are alive and in range of the mvp).
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