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  1. Heya, Alright, I've finally caught up with the thread...! What a roller coaster. Before going futher, I'd like to say this is my opinion as a player with GM knowledge. I see some points being addressed, which is good, but it's also "just words and no action". There hasn't been any concrete resolution to the issues brought up. Here are the major points I've noticed so far: @spam should be enabled inside MH. It was argued at first that it should be enabled inside MH once it had been tested well enough in WoE, but never made it through. As it's been mentioned numerous times now, not enabling it makes it even less fair to players. It would be nice to hear if you guys would enable it or not. More Shadow Gears should be released. I'm personally not too familiar with all the shadow sets and their bonuses. However after reading this thread, it has been made clear that players want more to be released and currently feel they'll never see the ones they want. Some of them can actually take years before arriving. I'm aware that all of the shadow sets will come sooner or later, but our players are right, we did promise them that shadow gears would come with MH2 and that promise wasn't entirely kept. As such, I would suggest releasing at the very least more of them with the current MH2 monsters. I believe the penetration and tempest sets are the biggest concern (?), and releasing those with the current monsters would greatly improve people's trust with MH2. It would be be a sign of good faith from our end. The nerfs of MH2. This one I must say... wasn't handled very well and has plenty of room for improvement. This is the third time we've been down this road and as someone who doesn't want to get involved with MH2 in general, I can assure you it has had a negative impact well outside of MH2 (and I most certainly did not want to have to handle some of these concerns). A suggestion that came up often was releasing the changes ahead of time. I'd actually be all for that, although I would of course only show the changes that are up for concerns, such as class nerfs. It is a tedious process, but in the state we're in right now, I do feel it is required to get players' inputs before applying such changes. At the very least, this should be done for a while from now on. Another suggestion was giving veto power to some people. I know one or two people who I would trust with this "power". They would be able to formulate an opinion to explain their reasoning, and they've also been shown to usually be right with their concerns in the past. These people are also much more familiar with the classes than I am and are able to provide a better opinion than I ever would. Usually, some of these changes are known... on the maintenance day itself and there is not a lot of time to argue about it. As such, I would personally be much more comfortable if the veto power was used there instead; they would be able to say "No, this change is not going in, not without us discussing it first anyway, and that's that.". Then it can be discussed at better lengths later. I've seen this scenario happen a couple times already. Now perhaps it was only on me because I didn't keep up with the MH changes, but I still strongly believe some changes could have used more discussion. I'm also aware it's not really fair to let two people do all the MH2 planning/work and then another person comes in, say "no" abruptly and nullify an entire week spent on coming up with that proposed solution. Though I don't see a better alternative on this one. These two suggestions don't resolve the GX issue we still have, but that's a start. I fear players are scared to build up a class to just end up getting nerfed in the end. This is not a situation we want to be in. As this is the third time this has happened, I'd like to make sure it never happens again, ever. We cannot have the same issues repeated over and over without anything being done about it. This is a recipe for disaster. There are other points, but these are the big ones so far. What next? As for now, what we're missing are actual feedbacks. Here's what I would suggest in that regard: "We've gathered your opinions and will start going through them now. We'll give you an update on our plan of attack to resolve those issues and improve the situation. The thread will be locked for a day or two, after which we'll update you on what we plan on doing on some of the points that were brought up. After which, the thread will be unlocked once more and we'll continue the discussion."
  2. Tokeiburu

    Gala Ending Patch Notes

    https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/16-suggestions/ (Well, looks like you already did.)
  3. Heya, Please refrain from using other private servers as a source of information. The current server mentioned is not known to be... very accurate when it comes to emulating kRO. I'd be happy to have another look at this build, but please provide kRO references instead, thank you!
  4. boa tarde quero saber por que na hora de logar aparece a mensagem (failede to connect to server) e não loga !! já faz 2 dias 

    1. chakal


      já instalei o jogo denovo ja botei pathc novo mas nada corrige!!


  5. Hello everybody! Yesterday, we received a report about the Weapon's Master from the Ancient Odin Temple not giving the proper list of Special Enchants. Instead of rolling from the proper list of enchants, it was giving the regular enchants. This issue only concerns the Weapon's Master; Susan Grey has been working as intended. The cost for a reroll with this NPC was: 2,000,000z 75 Angel's Dreams 5 Odin's Signets We know that this option was primarily being used by players for a chance to obtain the Stat Blessings, and seeing as how that wasn't possible at all, we've decided to refund everyone who has used this reroll option. We apologize for this issue and time lost and will do our best to ensure this will not happen again. We'll be sending a RODex mail with the materials and zeny consumed to all characters that rerolled their enchants using this option. The RODex has now been sent out.
  6. Tokeiburu

    2020 Client Beta

    Reversing between the old and the new client shouldn't have any impact. It simply swaps the executable files and clears up the emblem folder. Nothing else is changed.
  7. Tokeiburu

    2020 Client Beta

    If you get this error (MSVCP140.dll), you'll want to download and install the following: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Make sure to choose vc_redist.x86.exe, NOT the x64 version.
  8. Tokeiburu

    Level 200 Patch Notes

    The Rune Mastery was indeed changed quite a lot. The previous method: Gets the chance of success, say 50%. Find the amount of runes gained, let's say 2. For each rune, apply the chance, so 50% followed by another 50%. The new method: Gets the chance of success, say 50%. Find the amount of runes gained, let's say 2. Apply the chance once at 50%. The previous method did feel like you'd get more runes more often, but it also meant your chances of getting 6 runes were quite low. The amount you gain after multiple attempts remains the same with either method.
  9. Tokeiburu

    Level 200 Patch Notes

    Star Emperors and Soul Reapers aren't 3rd classes. It's tempting to consider them as such, but to be a third class, you must be part of the 1st class group: Acolyte Swordsman Magician Archer Merchant Thief Each of the classes can then go to either a 2-1 or a 2-2 class. Then each of them can be a 3-1 or 3-2 class (which is why we call them 3rd classes; they are the evolution of the 2nd classes). Star Emperors and Soul Reapers do not belong to any of these groups, they are called Extended classes, similar to Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion. I hope this helps and clarify things a little! For more information, you can visit the official Korean Ragnarok Online page regarding classes: http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/jobmain.asp
  10. Tokeiburu

    Patch Notes

    17.1 is level 110 content, while 17.2 is level 150 content. Neither of which are meant to be hard for level 185 characters. They are slowly making the content match with the player levels, but most of their new content is not meant for end game play at all. It's mostly targeted at level 100~150 on average. There had been a few exceptions, especially in the later years, though.
  11. Tokeiburu

    Patch Notes

    The damage of Cross Impact is still 1500% after the rework in BG/WoE/Unranked PVP. Yes, the range of the skill has increased. We try to avoid having two different versions of skills in different maps as it is a nightmare to handle in the long run (this is mostly towards skill behavior, doing different skill ratios is fine). In the case of Cross Impact, changing the skill range on a map basis is not a realistic feature as most of that information is client-sided and would require you to have two sets of files if you want to play WoE or not. With that being known, if you have a suggestion, I would refer you to the WoE commissioners and ask to bring it up for the next maintenance. The balances and rework are handled from them and we apply their requests after their votes.
  12. Tokeiburu

    Patch Notes

    This patch is for the Guillotine Cross and the Rune Knight changes.
  13. Tokeiburu

    Patch Notes

    Cross Impact had the following changes in BG/WoE/Ranked PVP: Cross Impact will not crit.
  14. Since this patch is now live, I see no purpose to keep this thread open. I'll be locking it.
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