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  1. Heya, Yes, we did fix these skills on the last day of the event and for that I apologize. We would have blocked them since day one if we knew about them sooner, but that was unfortunately not the case here. To me however, that was where a big part of the problem came from: nobody reported this issue until the very last day, people simply assumed we knew. We didn't. We only recently learned that Ominous Moonlight + Warmer was used and that people sold services in Prontera to other players for Deeps Coins using this method. None of us had any idea prior to that, so obviously we blocked it. As for the @duel command cheat and Mental Breaker, we also only found out that day as well. That one was easier to fix as only one team used it so far. Instead of reporting the issue however, the said team went ahead and silently used it, complained about us fixing it, accused the top team of cheating and then went on a RMS bad review train about us being bias. I must say, and maybe that's just me, but I do believe this behavior is utterly disgusting and really messed up. It's one thing to be upset about a bug being fixed, it's another to throw accusations around and attempt to damage the server afterwards. The bug was later reported by the team, only after we had already fixed and blocked it. I will take the blame for us not finding out these bugs sooner however. For that, I apologize as well. It would have been much easier if these were blocked sooner and we wouldn't be in this situation right now. Be that as it may, our options became much more limited at that point. We would either purposely reward teams that cheated or we could reward the teams that didn't. Now I'm well aware some people won't see it this way, but the right thing to do here was easy. All the runs were recorded and all the skills inside the instance were logged, so figuring out which team did what was fairly easy. I must say that I'm very proud of our staff for going that route as well. We knew this wasn't the best decision to take to avoid drama, we knew it would upset the top teams, and we knew we'd get a lot of crap for it. And yet, the staff took this decision anyway. On a final and more personal note, the whole event just made me sad. I had to learn that only very few people actually report bugs. To those who did, I do want to say a big thank you; I really do appreciate your help towards making a better server for all of us. Not just for this particular event, but those who report bugs in general. I don't say it often enough, and sometimes I even take it for granted, but I'm really proud of you all. I know many of the people involved with this drama and it's somewhat hurtful to see them behaving in this fashion. This event had flaws, and I think it's fair of me to say that it wasn't what we had aimed for and that it caused all of us a lot of stress we didn't need. This thread is now locked. Edit: Posts have been removed.
  2. Heya, This is not possible to do. That information is given to two packets, they're not actually text lines sent from the server. Having multiple colors per line is also not possible to do. The whole battle log display is extremely limited in that regard.
  3. This will be implemented on the next maintenance.
  4. Most people just skip the quest by using the Warper > Dungeons > Rachel Sanctuary (which gives you access to the temple as well). I see no purpose into keeping the real entrance quest locked.
  5. Heya, That is a client-sided "feature", so a new client would be needed to solve this issue.
  6. Updated the maps to include both Abbey Glast Heim and Magma Dungeon 3.
  7. Heya, The icon status is indeed missing! I've sent a patch for it.
  8. Tokeiburu

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    Heya, The patches are usually later in the day. So in about 8~10 hours, would be my guess. (And no, the max stat will not be increased!)
  9. Tokeiburu

    Patch Notes

    It is a two-handed staff. We'll update the descriptions shortly.
  10. Part of the issue does indeed reflect on the refines, but that is not the issue I'm giving suggestions for. These MVP-related items are incredibly hard to make compared to any of the other Illusion weapons because they're all reliant on how frequently the MVPs spawn. A robot farming these non-stop could only get about 1~3 a week. This is assuming no one else is trying to get them as well. If two people want the same item, that time gets doubled. So if 10 players want one of the MVP-related item, it can take 2~3 months and this is assuming they're working extremely hard about it. Most people would give up trying to get these items. What rates would these items drop at and from which mobs?
  11. Heya, I would also like to improve or change the mechanic regarding the craftings of some items that require MVP drops. I had several ideas for this, but none of them were really refined (or approved in any way). Before I go on, I have to put the emphasis that my view may or may not represent the view of the staff. These are my own personal suggestions. I will ignore any refining aspect of the discussion as this issue will be addressed with MH2 and there's no point debating this until that project is live. My concern is how rare these MVPs spawn. Ominous Turtle General really pushes the grinding limits to craft the Illusion Immaterial Sword. You need 50 Logbooks, which only drop from the MVP itself. To spawn the MVP, you need a fairly huge amount of kills and you also need to be the one who finds and kills the MVP. This would work fine if you were the only person who wanted these Logbooks, but you are not. There are many other people who would want the loot as well. The most problematic items: Illusion Immaterial Sword requires 50 MVP kills, or 50k Illusion of Abyss mobs. Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow requires 20 MVP kills, or 40 hours with no one else around. Illusion Book of the Apocalypse / Infiltrator requires 10 MVP kills, or 150 daily quests (per player). This is assuming you kill both Bomi and Angry Dracula. For Infiltrator, that would be 300 daily quests. Each one of them are very different and would need different solutions. Illusion Immaterial Sword 1 - Add drops to the regular mobs. My first suggestion would be to add the MVPs' unique drop (Logbook) to the regular dungeon mobs of the second floor, at a very low rate. The mobs would be: Ominous Assaulter Ominous Freezer Ominous Heater I would propbably go as low as 0.01% (which would be 0.1% on our rates). This would make the items much more accessible overall. It's still being rather conversative, as even at these rates, it will take a while to gather 50 Logbooks. But that would be a good start for this one. 2 - Increase the MVP amount of drops. My other solution for this one would be to increase the amount of Logbooks dropped by the MVP. Instead of dropping 1, it would drop 3. It would still suffer the same issue as the amount of mobs required to spawn the MVP, though. 3 - Decrease the requirements. It would be less painful to reduce the requirement of the crafting recipe from 50 to 10 instead. It would still be hard to craft overall, but it would be the easiest solution to balance things out a little here. 4 - Reduce the spawn condition. Lowering the spawn condition from 1k down to 500. So it would spawn more often. My preferred solution here would be solution 3 and 4 together. Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow This is definitely not the worst item to craft, but it is still quite painful. I would also like to display the remaining time before the MVP can be summoned once more. 1 - Reduce the MVP cooldown. I would go ahead and reduce the cooldown of the seals down to 1h instead of 2h. I would like to go lower than that, in the range of ~20 minutes cooldown. The MVP should be the challenge, not the time waiting for it. Right now that is the hardest part of the item craft: waiting. 2 - Increase the MVP amount of drops. Same as previous weapon. 3 per kill. 3 - Decrease the requirements. Similar to the other weapon, I'd lower the requirements to 10 instead of 20 Eyes of Ktullanux. This is the same result as cutting down the cooldown by half. It would feel less tedious overall. My preferred solution here would be solution 1. Killing the MVP is more fun than just decreasing the requirements. Illusion Book of the Apocalypse / Infiltrator Displaying the amount of quests required would definitely be a nice upgrade for those trying to farm it. 1 - Increase the MVP amount of drops. Increase the drops to 2 per MVP. That way it would require you to kill 5 MVPs, rather than 10. 2 - Reduce the spawn condition. Instead of requiring 30 quests from Bomi, I would decrease it to 10 instead. This would be much more appealing to farm. My preferred solution here would be 2. I would rather have to fight and kill the MVP than grinding weak mobs, or waiting for a cooldown to go off. That is why my suggestions are aimed towards making the MVPs spawn more often.
  12. Heya, Bio 5 hats will remain account-bound. This is not something we plan on changing.
  13. Illusion War Axe is a 1-handed weapon. It is -1 second at 9+ and another -1 second at 13+.
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