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  1. special snowflake

    Lurn 2 Farm, with Lu7ky!

    If you can oneshot Nightmare Verit (21k HP, undead1) you can make good money there. ~1000 hearts and ~1card per hour for ~10m at current market value, on my genetic. Minus cost of cannon balls and many fly wings. And the mino map has few players, so you're avoiding the geffenia grind.
  2. special snowflake

    Forum Suggestion: News

    It still doesn't show the newest thread on the front page (for me?!), but looks a lot cleaner and directly leads to the news. Thank you
  3. special snowflake

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    "Nobody is forcing you to make that swap. It's a conscious decision you'd have to make, and with DPS classes going for ACD gear instead of their old DPS gear, your reduction gear would be that much more effective." I agree. To be pedantic, there will be two more distinct/different DPS sets after the patch: one for maximum burst per cast and another that balances damage per cast with spammability (for higher sustained DPS - still lower than what we can have before the performer rework).
  4. special snowflake

    Forum Suggestion: News

    Under News and Info > News & A. Archive > Latest News does not seem to be an actual sub forum, but a different kind of forum link?!. So it always shows a 2 year old info about a pvp tournament from the archives on the front page of the forums. If it's not too much work I suggest changing it so the top post is the most recent(ly commented) patch or change note.
  5. The easiest class to start the game is probably ranger. You don't need gear for the early game of the class to be fun, you don't need to study the skill tree, you don't need ressources or many consumables. Rebel and GX are popular too, but not as intuitive as ranger
  6. special snowflake

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    I agree. I'm thinking about priest's ressurection and lex aeterna mostly. It's gonna be interesting
  7. special snowflake

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    Slotted could make it the default head gear for any DPS class. Even unslotted looks good to me for physical classes. Unslotted could keep supports that need Geminis from using it. AB more so than sorcerer. I wonder what goal -ACD will be set. We couldn't fully use the 100% delay reduction and 193 ASPD
  8. special snowflake

    Mora Quest with no Gear?

    You can farm 2 pieces from Mobs, armor from anubis, and brooches from one of the abyss lake dragons. @whodrops itemname ingame for details Back when it was relevant content the dungeon was group content. I am not sure if you even have to do the quest anymore. If not, you could farm a few mora AB rings in geffenia, turn them into mora coins in mora and then buy the ww gears youre missing. It's been too long since i played ranger or mora, but maybe the ww set mob drops can help you get started.
  9. special snowflake

    Any upcoming major gear expansion?

    Lydeka and me are two different people. With two different views on the game. The part you quoted from me doesn't even reflect my own opinion. Like with Hitsumei, I don't believe you that you can't see more nuance than pro-nova and contra-nova. Yes, that does sound pretty spot on.
  10. special snowflake

    Any upcoming major gear expansion?

    Oh the irony. People that pick pre-trans servers know what they sign up for: no more content releases ever. Do you think it's a fair assumption that people that pick the biggest renewal server share the same mindset and expectations? Or is it maybe not? I don't even disagree with your last point, nor would I want to be in Nova's shoes when it comes to balancing diverse and mutually exclusive player interests, but maybe disingenuous is too big a word for you to throw around when half your post is exactly that. And no, I don't believe you when you imply that you are stupid enough to not see the nuance in this matter. Edit: Amongst many other aspects RO is a game of discovery and experimentation. When players say there is "no content" or "content is getting stale", I don't think it's too much of a mental leap to read "there is no content worth the time investment" "I can not experiment with and gear different characters because gearing my main is a fucking nightmare and full time job already" and "I did not sign up for a x10 server when much of the relevant gear does not drop at x10, has the crafting demand cranked up to x10 as well, etc"
  11. special snowflake

    Piece of Bakonawa Spirit Abnormal Drop Rate

    Any news on this?
  12. special snowflake

    Make Bio 5 Souls Tradable

    absolute minimum to not be a burden as ab: unfrozen, medusa (or better double gemini + defensive shield), phen for redemptio etc, temporal dex obviously, something like regen 202 excellion - you will need the sp and the sorc doesnt always have time for you, 100 agi 100 vit lots of blue gems, emergency berries and cure free ab is more about reflexes and knowledge. also make sure it's on your RK account.
  13. special snowflake

    Bounty Board Quests

    I like the idea of being able to farm Manuals, Siegfrieds and BBG this way. Just please dude, drop the 37.5k zeny meme. Don't you realize you're hurting the credibility of your suggestion? Hunt 10 hearts from verits and sell them to a buy shop. Or fucking hornet stings. I hope I'm not falling for a troll, and this suggestion sadly is probably already in the mental trash bin of anyone involved in the decision process, but eh whatever...
  14. special snowflake

    Bounty Board Quests

    I'm lost for words
  15. special snowflake

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    Thanks for the detailed response. I can only judge stuff from my end, so it's good to hear your side of the story.