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  1. Half true I would say, sometimes it would be like that sometime not really from what I seen
  2. We tried, but Acidgirl also made a good one so make sure to head over there
  3. From what I experienced, doing teams in pvp works out, for bg people mostly just run around and kill lol
  4. No healing items? you can basically heal in woe bg and tournament lol
  5. Ah yes, we do have it but you need 10 people and its abit buggy The team vs team thing would be nice if you can do 2v2 or 3v3 like that and not 5v5 which is what the practice pvp tournament thing is.
  6. This would be nice
  7. I been playing pvp in nova for about like 2 year so far, asking people and the respect thing is nice and all but I have met some players in pvp that just sit there and dont really fight unless a ranger or random guy kills them and the gets mad about someone attacking them and calling it bullying, thats mostly where I agree with quilyan about it.
  8. I do agree with this, when I came to Nova I just started killing people on sight cause the other server I played is like that, but looks like Nova isn't really like that, pvp is mostly suppose to be just fighting and not sitting and chatting, I only agree with the mindset thing you was saying. The automatic respawn I think is a bad idea since after killing someone since maybe the person you are killing is a gene and after he dies he gets that automatic respawn and just howl you and kill you, for that we got the leafs for reviving. Global broadcast is good but we sorta already have it, but except in a kill streak fashion, like Killing spree, Rampage, unstoppable and so on.
  9. I like the idea, but that was only one of my examples of adding to the pvp thing, I really thing the "if you get godlike these many times you get a title" or something like that is also good
  10. I would think titles like for 5000 kills, I dont honestly believe people will trade up to 5000 kills but just a thought, but also things like idk getting FPC 100 times or getting godlike 20 times for a title something like that, titles will most likely get alittle bit more people pvping lol. Even if titles isn't a good idea, maybe a board as IsaacAsimov says or point system
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