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  1. I think they should disable
  2. Snypa

    B> +15 Hunting Spear FS enchant

    B> +15 Hunting Spear FS enchant Message my Discord : Snypa#7510 Pm me the price of which you are selling it at
  3. Hello !! This is the Angels guild we are a Pvp, Woe and BG guild Anyone that is new to nova the leader "SnypaSC" will help you out and the co leader "Moonk" will help you out to Our guild emblem is just some random thing I messed up on but later will be fixed and changed, if you wanna make a emblem for the guild I would be happy to accept it The guild was made 2 days ago and have quite a bit of members but still looking for more !! Order to join the guild you must speak english Angel form to join <-- Click This there is a problem with the form or you don't understand anything PM SnypaSC or contact me on discord Snypa#7510 --------------------------------- We hope to see you joining us - Snypa