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  1. You should do PvP, best thing all around and would be nice.
  2. Aight cool, glad to hear this !
  3. Been thinking about this for abit and wanted to see what other people think and would say about it. As mostly everyone that plays in BG, knows the daily bounty npc, when you get 5 wins in bg you get 150x Valor Badges and 2x Gold coins, I was thinking about suggesting something like every 5 wins you get the 150 badges you know like 10 wins you get the 150 badges, 15 wins 150 badges ect, and keeps going but still does its little reset at 0:00 as it would normally do I would like to see and hear on what some other people think about it.
  4. Nice some cool titles !
  5. Really glad to see that the point system is in tho and the remove buffs upon entering, but I honestly dont like the bg reduction and also the change of the reward hat would be cool something more amazing looking.
  6. Half true I would say, sometimes it would be like that sometime not really from what I seen
  7. We tried, but Acidgirl also made a good one so make sure to head over there
  8. From what I experienced, doing teams in pvp works out, for bg people mostly just run around and kill lol
  9. No healing items? you can basically heal in woe bg and tournament lol
  10. Ah yes, we do have it but you need 10 people and its abit buggy The team vs team thing would be nice if you can do 2v2 or 3v3 like that and not 5v5 which is what the practice pvp tournament thing is.
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