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  1. Yea but considering how many war axes do you need for just ONE +9 Illusion War Axe and how many people would want to try an Axe Mecha.....and looking at how many people will actually able to kill that TG.....
  2. I'd really love to see some of the rarer weapons drop from the dungeons' regular mobs though.... Can you imagine upgrading Illusion War Axe to +9 or more? Check how many have been up for sale in the last year :|
  3. TheBrokenClown

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Sooo....anyone tried Shield Boomerang post-changes? How's the damage? Anywhere near halfdecent?
  4. TheBrokenClown

    New Website

    (a repost of what I said at discord) a GX with Wickebine? Seriously though, I usually dislike dynamic websites but this one is pretty cool and I REALLY like the pics - awesome! Just a few things: 1) When the browser's horizontal width is small, the "Classes" section isn't loading, 2) Market page, when there's already something in the search field and the field is out of focus - when you focus it again, could we please make the text inside autoselected? So that when you paste something, it replaces the searched text instead of adding to it. 3) How to bring back sorting by price by default? Example of something that works incorrectly imo: https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending&action=item&id=4921 4) Embedded pictures ( for example from: novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/412-novaro-screenshots-thread/?page=10 ) - can we make it so that clicking the picture the second time doesn't open its source in a new page but instead, goes back to the page you were at and "minimizes" the pic? 5) I'd change the current icon for the market from a bag to a cart.
  5. I'd love to see this implemented - been trying to get a 2H Holy Axe for a few weeks now, nothing in sight though
  6. Proposing a small de-drama-ing change for the patch notes, regarding the SF EQ adjustment: Running the instance on builds other than Agi-Crit should now be significantly easier due to the increased cooldown of Stefan J. E. Wolf's Hallucination Walk (which is now 8 minutes and 20 seconds). Other than that, as always, NovaRO never stops surprising, <3
  7. Well, I'd personally make use of the mentioned @autoloot with values below 1, @party and some of NovaExt but if the latter would be better handled by Phaicm, then perhaps for now, I'll just make a suggestion for changing the login NPC to allow @autoloot with a value below 1.
  8. This made me feel sad and old :| Anyways, it is a file which contains a set of commands that get executed upon running the file. In case of RO, it would get automatically executed each time you log onto a character with the same name (for example, I_Like_Spinach.nro would get automatically executed each time you log onto a character "I Like Spinach"). The purpose? For example, automatically setting up NovaEXT depending on a character, automatically setting up @alootid +-, @aloottype and (most important for me) @autoloot for values below 1%, etc.
  9. Could we introduce an RO version of autoexec.bat - character specific if possible, executed whenever you log a character.
  10. TheBrokenClown

    Patch Notes

    Increased max character zeny to 2,000,000,000. This is why i <3 NovaRO, such nice QoL changes, poof, just like that.....nothing near fRO's usual "Korea says NO"
  11. A wonderful idea - would fix my biggest issue with this instance.
  12. A new question: 1)Sura, autoattaciking - why am I encountering some weird delay after (nearly) each Trifecta? Even when wearing the Fox Ears, the transformation does nothing. Makes the autoattack Sura literally useless, the dps drop it causes is terrible Edit, second question: 2) Is the reflect part of Shield Spell from Royal Guard Shield taking the base def or the upgraded def? Will the reflect always be 30 seconds or will it be 100+ if it's +7?
  13. TheBrokenClown

    NovaExt Patch Notes

    Interesting, I am running ClassicShell (and 7+ Taskbar Twearker) but this is the only place where such a problem is appearing. What about /fps and /cpu? Should I report these as a bug? Everything else is working fine, /FPS never works and /cpu only works via in-game command.
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