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  1. Maximize Power is affecting the Over Upgrade Bonus (The bonus from upgrading weapons past the safe refine) even though it's said that it shouldn't be (Based on iRO wiki and also NovaRO wiki). This is the damage I'm dealing w/o any Maximize Power with +15 Crimson Mace to Dummy. And this is with Maximize Power. I don't know about the Recognized Spell's functionality since I don't have any Warlock to check it out
  2. Odin's Power Lv 2 decreases Hard DEF and MDEF by 40. We don't really know if going to the minus will affect the damage or not. So my friend and I did a little testing As you can see, Picky Peck deals a total of 6185 (1237/hit for 5 hits) at 0 Hard DEF. And then using Odin's Power, her Hard DEF becomes -40. Now, we don't really know how does minus Hard DEF affects the damage But assuming that it still uses the same formula of (4000 + DEF) / (4000 + 10*DEF), the damage would be (4000 - 40) / (4000 - 400) > 3960 / 3600 > 1.1x the normal damage. Meaning the damage would have an increase of 10%. Picky Peck deals a total of 6820 (1364/hit for 5 hits) at -40 Hard DEF. Our assumption is correct that there's an increase of 10% (1364 / 1237 = 1.1026) in damage. Of course it might just be a coincidence and it's actually bugged. And then we continued dealing with MDEF. Silvervine Stem Spear deals 412 dmg at 0 MDEF. Assuming it also uses the MDEF formula of (1000 + MDEF) / (1000 + 10*MDEF), the damage would be (1000 - 40) / (1000 - 400) > 960 / 600 > 1.6x the normal damage. The damage increase seems really big, but of course it's still an assumption. Silvervine Stem Spear still deals 412 dmg at -40 MDEF. No changes in damage at all! So the question is, Is the damage increase in physical damage (DEF) bugged? or the no changes in magical damage (MDEF) bugged?
  3. Beta client. I've install the the required re-distributables and re-installed the client too. Problems are still happening
  4. Game crashed going to character select (from the Esc game option) when I have experienced the visual aspect of the NovaExt (/m2e,/circle,/box). I'm using Intel i5-4210UCPU @1.70GHz 2.40 GHz Graphic Cards are GeForce GT 820M OS is Windows 8.1 Enterprise Not Using any Anti-Virus beside Windows Protection NovaExt.ini __NovaExt.log
  5. BearGT

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    Because I have 99 pins and an Eggring Pin ain't one of 'em. :'( IGN : BearGT
  6. When using the Beta Client, the game crashes when I use teleport commands (@go, @load, @return) and @refresh. Checked around and the problem seems to be when /lightmap is active. And the crash only happens when game resolution is 'windowed 1920x1080' and 'any resolution when using false fullscreen and fullscreen`. Asked a friend to try to replicate and he didn't crash. So, i don't know if it's just me or there are people experiencing it.
  7. Nok Nok Who's there? Hi. Hi who? Haya!! Extremely unfunny jokes aside. Good Luck! @Enoki i can still help with OGH :wewporing:
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