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  1. Discord - Hellka (Amellia)#5014
  2. Hellka

    Help with my equip

    +7 fancy feather hat, PER x2 w any bad enchants.Trade Monocle for Sigrun's Wings.+7 Excellion Suit STR/ATK/ATK. Then improve each items for end game - +9 Rideword hat - swap to +9 FFH, +12/14/16 DBack, PER 5% atk - 6% atk(buffalo set), +9 HPB (FAV in future mb), +6 TB Dex (EA HE) - +9 TB Dex (EA HE) (Blut Hase),
  3. In that equip he can solo ogh hard - probably. =)
  4. B>Vicious Mind Rod ACD20% + Heal. PM ingame Caprice or Hellka, Discord Hellka#5014
  5. Hellka


  6. Trade my 14 Calf Diamonback+zeny to your +16 calf Diamondback. Hellka#5014 in discord and ingame - Hellka
  7. Hellka


    B>PER 5% atk need 2. Hellka#5014 in discord and ingame - Hellka
  8. Hellka

    B>Loving Blush

    B>Loving Blush pm me here or ingame Justima
  9. Entry Type: Solo In game name(s): Justima All jobs used: Guillotine Cross Damage reached: 953,988 Screenshot:
  10. B>+15 crimson katar (holy) [Discord Justima #5014, in game Justima or Just v2]
  11. Hellka

    Solo HTF MvP with GX

    How to make the same font
  12. Hellka

    S>+12 Evil Sword

    Hi all! Sell: +12 Evil Slayer Slasher Sword (FS7,FS4,DEF3) Offers here, pm me, or Discord mytatehb#5014
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