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  1. AloeLeaflet

    Spring Art Contest

    @Panic Ayyy we got another headgear to have :'D Btw, does the Theme has to be Ragnarok related or really must have some sort of Ragnarok elements on it ?
  2. AloeLeaflet

    Patch Notes

    This has to be the best costume ever. Picnic Box is so cool! It's a perfect fit for Biochemists, they have that hand that stretch out for the box already lel <3
  3. AloeLeaflet

    Monster Hunting Blog #2

    Can't wait to see more of this
  4. I really want to explore the PvP Environment but as a noob in that domain, getting in BG is just not fun with all of these pros one shotting you each time you take a step , with that being said, it discourages me to even play PvP... But if we have this ELO/Ranking system, getting in the same game with people of your level would be nice to have a system in the future.
  5. AloeLeaflet

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    The ART is marvelous ! <3
  6. My Doram Costume isn't exclusive anymore
  7. Knowing that @Nova is open to HomExp changes makes me want to also explore ways to increase it. As a Genetic main, I agree that leveling that much Homunculi is pretty slow. The fastest way that i've found for now is to do Endless Tower with a field manual on as well as Gramps. But yea, I've done Gramps and ET only to level up those a countless of times when I could be doing something more interesting. And I ended up just not leveling my other homs and just use a few considering the amount of time to max level all 5.
  8. @Albertillo Yes it is Also if you want to know a little bit more about AzzyAI, I recommend you visiting the AI Section of my Guide https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/How_to_Genetic%3F_by_AloeLeaflet#Artificial_Intelligence
  9. Welcome back!! Mavka ! I am part of a Guild who's main focus for now is PvM, we have scheduled Guild Instance Runs which can help you to get geared ! We also have a bunch of people who are willing to share their time with you to help! If you would like to see how we operate for a few days, just pm me in game "AloeLeaflet" or in discord "루시드수박#6810". If our lifestyle doesn't suit you, you can always turn left, we won't say anything :p
  10. AloeLeaflet

    Patch Notes

    aww yiss Pyroclastic changesssss, but will we still get fire element when using neutral ? Cuz you stated that Cart Cannon will use the element of the cannon ball regardless wether Pyro is active or not Tyvm for the hardwork o/
  11. AloeLeaflet

    Monster Hunting Teaser

    I'm so excited for this content woawww !!!! PS: The Art is stunning !!!
  12. Btw ppl idk if you heared but you can still use the Old Client (2017) after NovaRO force patching the Beta on you. Just download it from the official download page of Nova and extract the zip file directly in your Nova Folder. That should make your AzzyAI work as intended again.... until we are ultimately forced to Beta Client without the possibility of using the old one .
  13. Eira's Overed Boost is only useful if you're going for 1 AGI in your Build besides that, it doesn't really have any other use. ( not to mention the SP drain :x ) Personally I only use Overed Boost when Brewing to proc Lucky Day.
  14. Any updates on my Guide Review? https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Geneticist_Knowledge_Cultivation_Guide_by_AloeLeaflet @Renata @Carmin @Panic @Ranick
  15. Omashiet it's real XD http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?seq=3834633
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