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  1. It's currently fixed or should we wait for next maintenance?
  2. Prozak666

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Smokie Transformation Leaves hat seems to be bugged, can't be put on any storage.
  3. Prozak666

    Patch Notes

    Re enchants for jitterbug bows don't seem to be working, at the moment of selecting the catalyst and agreeing it will state "Combination material is not available".
  4. uhm normal ores and enriched ores determine the success rate...i believe
  5. When you refer to bypass the system, what instances would lead to punishment? Rewards are intended to be obtained to only 1 account per week and obtaining more than 6 is forbidden? Making multiple alt accounts capable of grinding the content would lead to perma ban?
  6. If having in addition useful elements as holy and poiso...well just holy really, it requires lots of time farming for a mob that's quite scarce on a map that isn't even quick to access and without doing some walking, it gives a major blow of unappealingness for anyone wishing to avoid wasting money or playing other class rather than ranger.... Well glad to hear it maybe would be revised on the future.
  7. I'm suggesting bound to account permanent reusable scrolls for giving more potential to classes that don't have access to element switching. Or 1 hour lasting scrolls, so classes like doram can make use of other elements aside neutral/shadow on bio 5, without wasting millions/hours of farming for switching elemental scrolls. Having classes like ranger/se, being the ultimate dps on the game, with not despreciable quirks like never missing/AOE skills, having also the ease of ALL and UNOBTAINABLE elements is just preposterous, just works in favor of killing any form of using other class aside the "actually useful one".
  8. Prozak666


    Right arm looks quite broken, aside that this is great!
  9. Prozak666

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    So Angel Poring Boots will be released soonish or delayed for a future patch? i was eager for some doram content...
  10. Prozak666

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    *cries in doram*
  11. Prozak666

    Patch Notes

    OOF these are the bio lab 5 version for the rejected classes, i love them.
  12. I would not suggest magic build for pvm, i tried that for lvling, and here are some reasons why you should avoid magic builds like the pest: •you only have 1realistic attack skill that can wipe monsters. •if catnip meteor is quite strong and can destroy any monster it touches, but has a small AOE monsters can flee easily by just walking, and above that, the damage it's dealt on 3 seconds of effect. Hits will miss unless mobs are still and centered on the cast circle. •is forced always neutral. •long cast time, by the time you cast it, someone else will be most likely to already kill it. •MDEF can be a problem on some monsters, budget gears. By the other hand, carrot beat build is the other way around of CN for lvling: •can drain hp/sp from, rideword hat, succubus & incubus pet, blood sucker, hunter fly card,etc. Free HP/SP. •if the damage isn't directly as great as CN, it you can cast it pretty fast with it's respective set, making by the time you cast CN you can cast 2 Carrot Beat. •you can still use picky peck and do decent damage. •can be endow. •carrot beat damage it's instantaneous, but AOE range it's still pretty small, so you must aim to the monster you think is the center of a big mob if you wanna get the most out of it. •cheaper and better over all. Those are the reasons i wouldn't suggest anyone magic doram and go for physical all the way.
  13. Also you can put them in a row for quick AOE access. Extra extra tip, You could put a left only card [the accessory will only be able to be worn in the right accesory slot (why i don't know)] then you can quick wear your bunny talisman and grass necklace, minus the trouble of opening your gear window and unequipping one of your chubby earthworm talisman. Some options are these: -Gigantes Card, 20 Atk, if you can afford it. -Shotgun Buffallo revolver, 7 Agi + 7 Hit, better than nothing*. -Singing Ferre Card, no usefull effect, but it's super cheap*. -I'm sure im missing something. For the other card that actually goes to the left, use Marine Sphere Card. Why? because using magnum break gives 20% physical boost for 10 seconds (works for other skills too). Or also you could just put that marine card on another accessory, but each time you switch the doram gears set, it will reset and take a huge chunck of your life and end up losing damage, you may use hp consumables but that would be quite expensive having in mind that magnum break's effect only last for 10 seconds and you would be switching gears every so.
  14. @Mandie I used Stoop and the ranged normal attack to cancel it before but that's way better, nice tip.
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