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  1. And look at the BG/WoE scene now :haHAAA:
  2. Removing gear breaks makes no sense at all. Teach your team's Genetics to use FCP. If you don't have a Genetic on your team, that's literally tough luck. It's the same as not having a Minstrel on your team - tough luck. There's already Repair scrolls. Gear break is not a status effect, so why should it be "cured" by Freedom? You're entering Paraselene/Munbalance-tier suggestion territory.
  3. Whalekins

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    Why not decrease the pricing of Enriched materials in the Cash Shop? Seems like a better blanket solution than individually customising every refine-required-bonus item that will be released.
  4. It's not unviable, just considerably slower without the Old Midas Whisper compared to an extremely well-geared Genetic (including the Old Midas Whisper) or Doram.
  5. Whalekins

    BIO5 Doram

    Not all the mobs in Bio5 are Demi-Human.
  6. I'm typing from forums and I can still hear Korea...
  7. Isn't it already super easy to max level multiple characters and gain access to all instances on Nova, so you can farm instances multiple times a day if you really want instance-locked mini-boss cards? This is a pure speculation on game design. There's so many games that have boss/elites or whatever the game calls it which have worse drops than mobs of lower tier. Not everything has to have an exact purpose for players to do in order to be part of the game.
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