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  1. That means your client doesn’t match the version required. Please redownload from the website.
  2. Log is old. Delete it and start your client again. Then upload the new log.
  3. That means you have a mismatch client. Please redownload novaRO client.
  4. Delete your log and run the client again. Then upload a new log.
  5. Your NovaExt.ini file is missing a setup in [Settings] I'd added it to your file, download it and try with the alternative algorithm turbosetup=1 NovaExt.ini
  6. i have a fix for crashes, but working on making the placement unlocked from the basic info UI element.
  7. Homunculus AI will be resolved for the 2018 in the upcoming NovaExt patch. Pending update.
  8. Delete your log file and send me a new one. That log says everything is okay.
  9. Seems to me your binding turbo key to "alt+" shortcut while having turbo affecting that key.
  10. Yes. Delete that log and rerun the client. Then give post the log file. Also you need Visual Studio Microsoft Redistributables C++ 2015 for it to work.
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