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  1. Try 706 (moon), 707 (sun) and 708 (star). or 1035 (moon), 1036 (sun) and 1037 (star) to use values over 1000, you must have the latest novaext and edit the INI yourself to the same format.
  2. It may be a possibility for NovaExt. Please add this to the suggestions thread for novaext.
  3. This is a separate project of mine for "server enhancements". Not part of NovaExt.
  4. That’s possible in the ini file.
  5. Deleted all Non-NovaExt Suggestions. Please mind your forum topics.
  6. Try setting old algorithm of turbo.
  7. ;SI_UTSUSEMI #206. For ninja skills, refer to this URL for ninja skills: http://ro.doddlercon.com/guides/ninja.html Mystical Amplification (HW skill) is ;SI_MAGICPOWER # 113 I'm logging all the suggestions so keep them coming.
  8. 2017 client does not support soul reaper or star emporer. This is not a NovaExt issue but the client issue. If you want to play these classes you have to use 2018 client.
  9. I work alone for RO development.
  10. NovaExt 2.0 With the last update to NovaExt on May 16, 2019, everything I wanted to control over Ragnarok Online client is basically there. From drawing on to the screen, to memory edits, to packet support, the project grew into a fully functional client mod. In order to expand your user experience, I will have to take the time and rework the core functionality. I will try to outline my future visions with NovaExt 2.0. User Interface for NovaExt One of my most gripes with Ragnarok Online is how inefficient the UI is drawn by the client. In case you h
  11. Delete your NovaExt.log then try again. If no log produces, you either missing VC++ redistributables or you have mismatch client
  12. That means your client doesn’t match the version required. Please redownload from the website.
  13. Log is old. Delete it and start your client again. Then upload the new log.
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