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  1. With how inconsistent bg activity and class balance is, I believe Saturday Night Fever can be unhealthy to bg and it'd be reasonable to disable it. Same goes for Vacuum. It is very common to not have "x" class playing, or if there is, it's a very limited number and many times one team gets all of it. Relying on your team to remove such disable (and Vacuum) is really bad, as even if there was decent class balance, people don't always play as a group. It could take a really long time for someone to clear a vacuum (or even worse, no one to clear it). Saturday Night Fever is the only skill that punishes you for using freedom.
  2. Saturday Night Fever makes it not possible to use items, but it's also blocking the use of skills.
  3. Caaduzin

    Improve the "Sketchy Dealer" NPC

    While I understand and agree with the position on Happy Hours, I still think it would be nice having something else to spend badges on. Especially for people who don't have the interest or zeny to refine glorious weapons, it feels like the badges have no worth, or are undervalued. Other than BG consumables, which are easy to stock on, you keep accumulating badges for no reason or goal.
  4. Caaduzin

    box of sunlight

    It's not like everyone on BG has Box of Sunlight on 100% of the time. If trying to stay hidden you have to be creative and adapt knowing people can see you. imo this is a good and healthy item to have on BG and people carrying many of it will be punished by their increased weight. It shouldn't be inconsistent as suggested I do think they should either remove it from the BG items that are usable on WoE or allow all other BG Boxes and not only sunlight.
  5. The debuff from "Saturday Night Fever" is not capped to only last 20 seconds on BG. On the skill description I only see "Item usage is disabled" but it also disables the use of skills. I have limited knowledge on the class and don't know how the skill is actually supposed to work, not sure if that's a bug Lastly, after the debuff wears off you are forced to sit, but sometimes you can't see your character sitting, only after using @refresh. I was wondering if there's any possible fix to that
  6. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/3024 - This debuff lasts the full 30 second duration on BG, and is currently not cleared by Freedom (not sure if intended).
  7. When using the beta client, it is not possible to FSK Allies even if pressing shift or /ns ON, nothing happens.
  8. Caaduzin

    Disable mvp cards on draft woe

    I don't deny mvp cards are strong, but still I just have an unusual opinion on them. If I die to mvp card or not I take it the same way and just continue playing. You don't need FBH on CR WL to one shot people. Of course there's difference when you compare the same class with/without mvp - which doesn't change the message I wanted to give on my full sentence I see a bigger problem with mvp cards being part of it. I guess this is a valid suggestion to do something about it, but this will not change the fact that. in the end, damage is ridiculous and resistance is not up to it.
  9. Caaduzin

    Disable mvp cards on draft woe

    I personally never cared about people who own/use mvp cards and don't understand why it keeps people from playing/enjoying something they like. If you want a WoE to be "newbie friendly" the problem is not on mvp cards (or not only mvp cards). You can't expect to go unprepared and do as much as other players, regardless of mvp card existence. I play with ~80% demi-human reduction and still die one shot or take big amounts of damage from different damage sources - from people with and without mvp cards - let's not talk as if only mvp card users deal impressive amounts of damage, and the rest are just left to not do damage/die to the so powerful mvps It would be necessary to create a new/different woe environment with more restrictions than just mvp cards. One way or the other the 'newbie' has to make an effort to gear and learn the game, given the interest of playing woe. And @Buzzall if you have little to no knowledge of the PvP/BG/WoE scene you should wait until you do before attempting to captain, otherwise you risk giving yourself and your team a sad draft experience, but that's just my opinion. " If you stadpad them every weekend with these, people would just get bored and not even get enough reasons to take the next step." - If someone is there every weekend but don't try improving (be it gear, skill, knowledge), they can't complain things don't change.
  10. I feel like you guys are not even reading / taking into consideration what Suroku says and are clearly closed to an opinion that's not yours, that also seems to be just "I don't like facing x team/class" Correlation does not imply causation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation Duo-queue same class =/= unbalanced bg. Many different variables have an influence on bg balance. - You can still lose FSK if you have it on reproduce. It's not impossible to win when you have no minstrel and the other team does.
  11. Caaduzin