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  1. How are they not exposed when they're mostly useful if they're able to jump on group of enemies and disable a few of them? Please don't make me list all possible skills that can completely fuck the chaser some of which are extremely easy to use. Full defensive don't always mean much these days when dps is overly strong compared to defensive options, it is very common to get 1shot constantly even on 80%dh resist. Dex doesn't mean anything to masq resist. Some players are clearly harder to masq compared to others, because they prioritize masq resist, but yeah it's RNG and no matter how hard you try you can still get masq. I don't think I'm playing the same game as you if you say SE can't 1 shot. So basically a class potential has to be nerfed because people can play it well? sounds fair. If bg did not have good chasers actively playing, people would not complain about the class or how mobile it is. I think BG is fine with what we can do given the game state and GOH suras are not as bad as before.
  2. It's too easy to make something sound too good on paper. Do they have tools to face other classes? yes. Do a lot of other classes have answers to them? Also yes. No bragi full strip is a joke. It's up to you to have decent masq resist which is even easier in Nova, specially because we have undispelable guyak, restock... You have to take into consideration how exposed the SC is while he tries to do his job. It's not "just" swap weapon. When you kill with feint bomb you earn the kill by completely disabling the target first, and it's not a realiable dps skill for multiple reasons. Most of the time you need the feint bomb cooldown for other purposes and you can't really go for kills when there are many enemies on screen. You usually need AT LEAST double masq + keep target trapped. Any class with strong weapon and damage skill would kill people that lost weapon+shield+30%of their maxHP, the difference is that chaser can remove those himself. Damage dealers who have to swap more gear have their tools to do damage and stay alive and will play accordingly. They even have @swap now. As I said, it's easy to make it sound OP on paper, but in reality getting double masqs+trapping the guy and maintaning that to get the kill is not easy and most of the time only possible in 1v1s. Yes, SC is still good in BG, but I could show you numerous clips of SC getting disabled/dying like shit and yes other times you can do your thing and disable people (if not, why even play the class?) SC suffer from a lot of recent changes such as no real bragi, no apple, OP gloomy, SEs easy one shot/gravity control + all other skills that can be problematic and have always been there.
  3. Debatable. SC is not nearly as strong as people love saying it is and it has its weaknesses and counterplays (coming from multiple situations and classes)
  4. I don't like the idea of treating all movement skills the same way. First of all because they simply aren't equal. How often are movement skills actually the problem? Yes, they can be oppressive, but many times it's just a result of people not dealing with them well or class distribution. Some classes heavily rely on mobility to be effective and do their job. For others it's different mechanics and skills that enable them to be useful. If you nerf a core part of a group of classes but the others remain untouched (or mostly so), it may lead to unbalance in a different way. Having spent countless hours playing a very mobile class it would feel awful having to relearn how to use each skill, what you can still do and what you can't do anymore because of limitations not to mention the inconsistency from one game mode (BG) to another (WoE). Right now you already have to be extra careful because of all potential threats. The same class/player can experience mobility giving them a lot of freedom and other times it won't mean that much. Depending on changes to movement skills people would either reroll to any class that doesn't use them or quit
  5. I didn't? At what cost? I truly believe the more members each guild has the worse woe will get. If I wanted to play that kind of woe I'd be playing somewhere else. Again, people can earn their spot in a guild. Everyone currently playing had to do it somehow. Inconsistent attendance is still a problem. You did not explain why bigger guild size = more competitive. You just said "it's competitive now it will be competitive then" Why mention something you don't want to get into? Which is irrelevant to the discussion. This is you seeking attention as you always do. I couldn't care less about the mvp jokes and whatever people love saying about them. I'm done posting.
  6. What makes you think increased guild size = more competitive woe? It could get an already strong guild to be even stronger or some of the guilds to recruit whatever so they can fill the extra slots. This would be trading quality for quantity and I think we should value quality more. Given the PvP scene circumstances and the state of RO, larger guild cap is a recipe for disaster. Elitism? It is natural that competitive woe guilds will recruit players that they consider worthy. This is what their goals and priorities leads them to. It doesn't mean new players don't have opportunities to show their worth so they can join one of the active guilds (Guest for them, BG, Draft) You can have a guild with "less elitism" but the consequence is that you will very likely lose to the guilds that prioritize power and competitiveness. Population doesn't matter much when the majority of the player base dont care about WoE. Guilds arent inaccessible private groups, they constantly need guests and Alliance for example has tried (more than once) to make Red/Blue project and recruit new players (not enough people joined).
  7. Everyone who has leveled a character has already done some PvM. Most people end up leveling multiple characters. This is not about being selfish, it's just trying to make the game better and more enjoyable. Who cares if someone only likes RO for PvP? People have different tastes and giving them the option to progress in a different way is good, not bad. It's not like you can escape PvM completely, plenty of other content and aspects of RO will force you to PvM anyway, including leveling 1~175. afaik all woe gears are tradeable with the exception of the woe track costumes. so people aren't really forced to WoE unless they really want some of those specific costumes, and even then, it's fair that WoE gets some attention and incentive for people to participate. PvP players don't have to woe only to spend zeny on consumables and have 1~2 hours of fun/week. They deserve that reward. That means new players getting in contact with the PvP aspect of the game early on and they can get a feeling if that's something they would be interested in doing more often at a later stage when they're better geared, potentially helping BG population long term. Adoramus AB will at least give agi down to enemies/buff allies. There is always the option to offer a little advice so they get recruits set and play the more "standard" AB, too. If they don't listen to it, at least you tried. People doing pvm get gears/cards as they level or get levels as they farm gear/cards. I think the "problem" is the controversy for this being something new/not natural in RO, but I don't see how this would hurt the game or anyone playing it, only the contrary. If the idea is to finally give RO an alternative leveling method (other than quests, that aren't really reliable 175~185) I think it should only be a bit slower compared to PvM as Shall suggests. It's not like we are playing a super low rate server where the fastest leveling method will still take you a long time to max. What's wrong with being able to level a bit slower but actually enjoying the process? If it's an underwhelming reward imo people would just kinda ignore it and go 100% for the most effective leveling option. This also gives the opportunity for a player who has class and gear PvP focused to level without having to suffer finding a party who will take them in. Agree with minimum 175 to joinbg. Make it so you can only earn experience from BG during BGHH.
  8. I think Swap Gear should be disabled or not as good as it is now for PvP stuff, but at least force it to show when it was used.
  9. If you're gonna post a suggestion then do it properly. When you say something like "one or two players with strong mvp cards can easily cause a team to stomp the other." I expect you to be able to give clear examples of why and how that happens. When I play bg what I see is: people with class, build and gear made to kill people, killing people. And that applies to both mvp users or not. Many different things can lead to unfair matches and stomps. MvP one of them, and not always relevant, because MvP users are not magically immune to disable and damage. (GTB card could sometimes be an extreme example of unfair advantage but there is max 1 in BG and it's not that hard to deal with as already mentioned in topic) With proper gear people will oneshot a full reduction character no thanatos/samurai needed and then it's not the mvp card causing overwhelmingly unfair matches. It's a bunch of variables including the overall state of the game. Disabling MvP Cards won't solve the problem. There is 1 Tao Gunka in the server and as far as I know it's not being used in BG lately. "BG RIGHT NOW barely even reaches 10v10 and one or two players with strong mvp cards can easily cause a team to stomp the other." If Tao haven't been used recently it can't possibly be a real problem of BG RIGHT NOW. Disabling a mvp card that's not even present results in nothing. Now even if Tao is being used, I don't agree it will be the case of "strong mvp card easily causing a team to stomp the other" Sura: the class has 1 shot potential regardless. Not necessarily makes it so strong that it's really above other dps options that DO NOT require mvp. RK: DB RK on BG? RK causing overwhelmingly unfair matches and easily causing a team to stomp the other? Really? SE: Same as Sura, has 1 shot potential regardless. overwhelmingly unfair matches and easily causing a team to stomp the other? The 2 relevant skills here are gravity control and nova explosion. They both have cooldown and clear purpose (disable/kill 1 target) End result with TGK or not will be pretty similar many times the same in BG. If the SE doesn't have sacra not hard to hide NE. If your problem is MvP Cards allowing for DPS classes being too strong but the DPS classes will be too strong with or without them, what's the point of this suggestion? You're not trying to fix the main problem that would be damage is high. You just don't like MvP cards. A no mvp card ranger can use high refine gear and 1shot a chaser 80%dh resist + noxious + 2x alligator. Someone that powerful can and will sometimes cause overwhelmingly unfair matches and easily cause a team to stomp the other. Doesn't mean he's 100% unstoppable and it's not necessarily worse to play against him on small scale BGs. A no mvp card GX can use high refine gear and kill tanky targets with 1~2 CIs. When so many things can already one shot without the need of an mvp card, I don't see why the mvp card causes this change to say "overwhelmingly unfair matches+easily cause a team to stomp the other". My answer regarding FBH is in my last reply, but the emphasis on it was because it at least justifies a bit more the discussion, since it allows for an actually larger scale AoE kill potential and disparity between regular and mvp user. Still don't think matters enough to disable when rest of the game is the way it is and it is possible to accumulate resistance+pot. If you don't think every mvp card breaks BG, make a proper suggestion listing those select few that "we all know" that give "broken" power ups, give your reasons why for each of them. Otherwise you not only just don't like mvp cards, but also suggests disabling mvp cards that don't enter your criteria of unfair matches and easy stomps. I don't have a suggestion to make on those (nor do I care enough), but that doesn't stop me from disagreeing with this one here. The comparison was just the fact that some classes have the ability to deal with Warlocks while others don't and the same applies to bow chaser. Who cares if he can't win by himself, he's there for a reason and if he can't be targetted he's doing his job freely. If that's not good enough to win or his team DPS was less effective than the other team's, go next. Following that logic everyone should just play 1shot characters and forget about anything support related.
  10. Wouldn't this basically be "Disable FBH in BG"? Or "Nerf Warlock potential to carry in BG" and just taking all other MvP cards with it for convenience? What other MvP Cards are considered so strong as to "easily cause a team to stomp the other." That phrase can apply to other stuff not only MvPs. When you think about something that is unbalanced, overpowered or with big potential to decide the result of a BG match, you can't just look at MvP Cards and say disable it (especially when there's so many of them with different uses and impact). There are skills, gear, cards that can be problematic and their value will depend on situation. Something that heavily affects BG is Player/Class distribution, sadly there's no easy fix to that. I see WL/FBH biggest advantage being potential to kill AoE easily. In a low population BG that's good because each individual kill represents a bigger value/percentage of enemy team, in case you get many kills quickly the match is basically over. In a big population BG value can also increase as you have higher chances of hitting multiple targets at once. From a Chaser perspective, it can be easier facing strong opponents in a small scale BG. I have much less to worry about when going in and can find/disable key targets/MvP card users comfortably. If it's 18v18+ I have to be careful with each decision I make because there will be groups protecting each other (and the MvP guy) and I could get disabled/die quickly. On the other hand if I wait too much to do something, the guy will just eventually kill all my team. Less people on BG also means you can invest on that specific resistance more without being as punished by other damage sources. See how it's not team with no mvp cards vs team with mvp cards. It's team with no FBH vs team with FBH. And that's still not the only thing to look at. Rangers, GXs, Suras, Star Emperors (just to name a few of the most important) all have potential to 1shot. Even chasers do now with the new feint bomb, though proper setup is required. All of those are relevant, strong and don't need MvP Cards. Just like other classes will do their job just fine regardless of MvP Card usage. Some of them might have a good matchup against Warlocks, either by disabling or killing them, others dont and that's fine. But that's the game overall mechanic. Just like people sometimes have to play against bow chaser having literally 0 skills to target the guy and no team to help. I consider that worse than dying quickly. When so many skills and gear can make a match unbalanced, I don't know if targetting FBH specifically is a good idea and also think most mvps dont deserve any special attention or to be disabled. Not like the FBH user is untouchable. He can get disabled and/or die just like everyone else. The problem with this is how inconsistent BG participation can be. From week to week or even day to day/HH to HH it can go from dead bg to 15v15+ Even if we have a few days of constant low attendance, it eventually goes back up but sooner or later a big patch comes and it goes kinda dead again. As we saw last year it fluctuate with ups and downs between seasonal events, Bio5 release and Star Emperor/Soul Reaper release.
  11. I don't know why adding Panacea to Telma sounds so bad to some of you. or maybe I do Telma has a wide range of consumables that are useful for BG with different purposes (survivability, damage, movement speed, gear repair and so on). Those are all part of RO PvP just like inflicting status effects AND having ways to clear them. The fact is: curse is a common status effect on BG and Panacea is a consumable that clears it. In my opinion it is a good thing that Telma has most items/consumables a player would think about having when going into BG, and this could definitely include Panacea. That's not about being lazy. Hotkey bars can be very limited on space. It will also get in the way of effective keybinding. Panacea >>>>>>>>>> Green Pot + Holy Water. This is not a "how to deal with/get immune to curse" topic. This is "add panacea to Telma". Ideally, yes, the person will go for curse immunity and forget about it. But people are free to choose what they want as a build and it's not realistic to expect everyone to go for 100/0 luk and that doesn't make their status build bad. People have different priorities when building their status and it's fine. When someone decide not to go for curse immunity they will of course want a consumable that clears it. Those are problems the person who decided to not have curse immunity accept to deal with. It's how they pay the price. They have to decide how many to carry. If it's a low amount, they are more likely to run out of it mid fights. If it's a big amount, masq resistance will drop even more. Even if curse is currently spammed on BG, there are situations where getting rid of it will give you the opportunity to get out or to just clear it after there is no more curse inflicting skills/attacks on your screen, instead of waiting for the full duration or for a teammate to bless. Personally I don't care because I have thousands of Panacea and will probably quit playing before I can use them, but I fail to see why it is such a bad idea to give easy access to a simple consumable that clears a heavily present status effect and is naturally desired for most players to carry. They are just choosing to spend badges on it instead of zeny/pvm time.
  12. The ranger doing that is making his own team enjoy the conquest less. I don't see how Shalltear's suggestion solves the issue. Automatic land clearing effect on a 7x7 area around the spawn will only make the ranger start the traps further from spawn, but that doesn't stop him from putting a ton of traps and blocking the way out anyway, you just get a bit of free cells. Not to mention a situation like Enya's last screenshot, that isn't spawn still he's making it so his own team's only option is to flag 4-1, when certain classes may want to stay behind cades. (enemies literally can't even get to the traps yet there are 40 of them there) This would also affect other skills that are not that bad. Manhole for example has big after cast delay, max use of 3, short duration and even if you fall for it, you will get out when it expires (on officials, duration resets as you enter it, and you stay there even if it gets LP'd/Cweeded). Reduced duration doesn't sound that bad imo.
  13. You mentioned "Asura began to be used also because of a long succession of Sura nerfs" in response to "You can see most suras clearly using it a lot more after the buff cause the damage is stupid now". The only sura nerfs in that time frame are the snap/goh delay. It is very clear for anyone playing BG that there is a difference in Asura use comparing before/after buff and nerfs are not the reason behind it. Snap/goh delay is official and there was a reason to fix it. Asura update is official and there is a reason for us players to give opinions and discuss about it. We don't strictly follow official rules (especially on pvp enviroment) because they sometimes are dumb. The staff is always open to reasonable suggestions and adjustments. If needed they would figure out and implement correct formula for goh/tc. That's currently considered unhealthy. Sura is not the only class with differences when compared to officials, genetics Level 5 fire expansion should be a lot stronger, SCs don't have regular manhole behavior which is cancer[...], the staff works to make the game the best possible for everyone. Now let's wait for the big upcoming patch as Nova proposed. Even though I don't think this Asura situation is going to change it's probably a good idea to wait and see what happens with the game in general before making any decisions.
  14. Just because Asura has always had one shot potential doesn't mean it can't be overly strong. You can see most suras clearly using it a lot more after the buff cause the damage is stupid now. What kind of bronze asura is that
  15. Snap/GOH spam rate are fine and as strong as before. Not everyone can or will wear the new long ranged reduction card. - Asura should definitely be strong with oneshot potential but it does feel a bit too powerful as it's possible to oneshot full reduction GR+Deviling targets, which means suras probably don't need that much offensive asura gear to easily oneshot other "average tanks". It is an easy tool to delete a tanky character from a fight. It gets worse on BG where you can't always rely on your team to help you or punish the sura for doing CC+Asura.
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