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  1. The more I read about these complaints about the change of weeklies yadda yadda, the more I realize how much we've been spoiled by the inclusion of BSBs. Shits crazy, dood.
  2. Joey

    New Year's Teaser

    Cheers to another year of Nova, great job, team!
  3. Would this apply to all instances or simply the ones that already have the fixed reset?
  4. Joey

    Patch Notes #103

    Lotsa hype worthy stuff! Keep it comin', team!
  5. I think this is a good shake up to the meta. It's nice to see other classes finally give SE and dorams a run for their money. (Even though the damage doesn't even come close..... Yet!!)
  6. Another kick to the back of the head for the single man army. Feelsbadman
  7. Good luck, Rhino! Hopefully we'll see you again some day!
  8. As it currently stands, when you get one it just eats up your inventory space with no way to sell it to an npc or get rid of it other than by storing it in storage, thus causing you to eat up precious storage space. Can we please implement it into the list of items the item crusher npc can get rid of? That way I don't have to eat up my inventory or storage space and can continue killing things in Nydhoggur's dungeon without having the fear of getting an item I can't get rid of. Many Thanks! https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/6075/crystalized-teardrop
  9. I disagree with the PvP room, but would be fine with them going into the GvG room to test their skills out.
  10. Yes please! The summer mini games were so much fun to play with friends, and having access to a sort of hub to continue playing with them outside of the festival would make those "gamenights" a blast!
  11. As the title states, can we please get a way to spectate ongoing WoEs without having to open a browser or get obliterated by the Guilds? Personally, I enjoy watching people fight without fighting myself, so can we sort of have some sort of status like in the PvP tourney, where we're unable to be seen, undamagable and unable to attack, but have the ability to move. I'd really like to watch some WoE able to sit back, relax and watch two or more guilds beat the snot outta one another!
  12. Howdy all, Now before I get pelted with hate because I want to increase the drop rates of Crimson weps, I'd like to specify that I would like the drop rate for weapons that have A SMALL POOL OF MONSTERS THAT DROP THEM , to make the grind less tedious. What I mean by that is if we could perhaps have an increase to the drop rates of (certain but not limited to) Crimson Huumas, Crimson Bibles, and Crimson Katars. My reasons behind this is to reduce the tediousness of the grind that is required to farm for said weapons with a low pool of monsters being found (looking at you Crimson Katar), plus it
  13. Now, before I get crucified or called a "scrublet" I wanna get into this by saying, I want you to understand these are my sentiments/opinions and if you agree or disagree that's on you. So let's get started shall we? Restrict the use of MVP cards in the PvP tournament, the reason why I wish for this change to be implemented is because it isn't fair that one team gets a "super buff" to gain a ridiculously unfair advantage against all others or those who haven't had the luck to get one to drop. Personally I think getting an unfair advantage due to some luck or crazy rng isn't fair.
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