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  1. this is what I was looking for. Much appreciated thank you so much
  2. Hello, I have 193 ASPD on my SE and tried the /turbo command with key 1 and key 2, but the combo does not go any better, it seems like I'm doing something wrong or is just my ping / ms and I can't use this class.. Someone knows how to make the combo faster with the /turbo ? "step by step" things to do or something? thanks in advance , hope the english is understandable
  3. great, i'll go for it then. Thanks x)
  4. If you can afford a +9 of that shield I have to believe that Excellion is the best armor right now for the class.. is STR/ATK/ATK ? Also, I can't buy a +15 bible at any time soon, any other option ? is +8 good enough or there's a better weapon ?
  5. I've just tested the Abusive+7 vs Excellion STR/ATK/none , and I do more damage with the Excellion but I need to put more points into AGI in order to use it and hit the 193 ASPD w/o berserk. So I'd prefer Abusive robe over the Excellion if you do Solo instances. If you go with a Minstrel... Excellion is best imo. I haven't test the Abusive vs Flattery 'cause I dont have one:(
  6. There is no way that I can edit my own RO in order to see the MvP visuals with the Lucky day?
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